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Read The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 152 – Don’t Reject Me (1)

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Not long after, Father Ye was able to obtain strands of hair from Luo Luo and Ye Peicheng. He carefully placed the two people’s hair into individual plastic bags, then brought over two cups of tea: “Miss Qiao, I apologize for my absence just now.”

Qiao Moyu smiled and received the cup: “It’s okay! Uncle, you are too polite!”

“It’s what I should do.” Father Ye sat down. “I heard from Ye Peicheng that you two are dating?”

Qiao Moyu was startled and almost spilled the cup of tea in her hands. Why was it such a frightening question? However, this shouldn’t be too troublesome of a matter. After all, she had already come clean about her son!

She swallowed a mouthful of tea and thought about how to answer: “Actually, when we were in the same crew, he helped me out a lot and was concerned for me. However, I have always thought of him as a brother…”

Not a brother, a small uncle. QIao Moyu commented in her heart.

Father Ye sighed in his heart. It looks like his son still hasn’t managed to get the girl!

He replied: “Peicheng, this child, though he usually doesn’t speak too much, his heart is good. If he ever bullies you in the future, come tell Uncle, and I’ll beat him for you!”

Qiao Moyu blinked a few times. Why wasn’t this anything like the expected lines? She felt that the other party seemed to take her in as their own person?

Was it that Father Ye was too entrenched in feudal superst.i.tions and felt that she had the ability, but since she couldn’t become his son’s girlfriend, he wanted to take her in as a daughter?

The more she thought about it, the more convinced she was. She obediently faced Father Ye and nodded: “Mhm, but Brother Ye is pretty good, he won’t bully me.” Of course, his att.i.tude was one of forcing people to buy or sell!


At this time, there was a knock on the door of the study room. Ye Peicheng’s voice travelled in from outside: “Moyu, Luo Luo is looking for you.”

Qiao Moyu took Luo Luo from Ye Peicheng’s arms and smiled: “Luo Luo, what’s the matter?” Did you have fun playing with Uncle just now?”

Luo Luo nodded, then leaned in close to Qiao Moyu, whispering: “Mom, Luo Luo wants to pee!”

After all, the little guy was not that familiar with Ye Peicheng, so, regarding this kind of private thing, he still went to go find Qiao Moyu for it.

Therefor, Qiao Moyu asked: “Uncle, the bathroom in the house is…”

“There’s one next door.” Father Ye pointed to the side.

Waiting until after Qiao Moyu left, Father Ye asked Ye Peicheng: “Peicheng, have you met with Miss Qiao before?”

“The first time I met her was at the “Shengs.h.i.+” set.” Ye Peicheng had some doubts: “What’s wrong?”

Father Ye kept his conjectures to himself. After all, for these kinds of things, it was still best to wait for the appraisal report first.

He kept his tone the same: “Bring them over more often in the future.”

Ye Peicheng heard his words and his eyes turned warm: “Okay.”

At this time, Qiao Moyu exited the bathroom while holding onto Luo Luo and encountered Ye Peiqing.

He was leaning against the wall and seemed to be waiting for her. He glanced at her from the side, his lips curved up: “You like Lao’er?”

***T/N: Lao’er means second oldest sibling; he is referring to Ye Peicheng

Qiao Moyu was on guard against him and didn’t speak.

Ye Peiqing didn’t care. Then, his gaze fell on Luo Luo. He lifted the toy car in his arms and waved it around: “Luo Luo, come. Uncle will teach you how to drive a remote control car!”

Luo Luo’s big eyes look forward at the man in front of him. He looked like he was smiling; however, the little guy instinctively felt a bit scared so he shrank back into Qiao Moyu’s body.

Qiao Moyu hugged Luo Luo and turned away, prepared to leave. Ye Peiqing suddenly opened his mouth: “What good is there is going with Lao’er? Isn’t he nothing but a pretty face? Follow me, and you’ll gain more!”

Qiao Moyu did not know why Ye Peicheng was talking like that. Could it be that as long as it was Ye Peicheng’s, Ye Peiqing would want to steal it?

She has never been afraid of anything. Regarding this person however, she always felt that he was trying to stir something up. She was afraid that he would act without care for morals.


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