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Read The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 156 – Ch.156 Original Host’s Wishes Realized (2)

The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend is a web novel produced by 诸葛锦, Zhuge Jin.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Ye Peicheng wrapped his arm around Qiao Moyu’s shoulder and duly replied: “My girlfriend does not have time.”

Xing Yichen moved his gaze, his eyes murderously locked onto Ye Peicheng. He smiled coldly: “Ye Peicheng, you were ruthless on the matter two nights ago! However, as the Second Young Master of the Ye Family, you aren’t very confident, so you think that Qiao Moyu doesn’t like you? Therefore, you are taking precautions against me now?”

Currents rose in the depths of Ye Peicheng’s eyes. Just as he was about to start speaking, Qiao Moyu first raised a question instead: “What does CEO Xing want to ask me?” She already thought about it. By this time, Xing Yichen has probably already clearly investigated the events from the past. There is no point in just dropping hints now, so she might as well say it clearly at all once. That way, she won’t have to be annoyed by him anymore.

“It is not convenient to talk here. Let’s find another place to go talk.” Xing Yichen responded.

“There’s no need. If you mind, then we can go the security camera’s blind spot over there.” Qiao Moyu pointed at some corner nearby.

Xing Yichen could only agree when faced with her insistence.

“Moyu.” As Ye Peicheng saw Qiao Moyu leave, his eyes darkened.

“Wait a moment for me, Brother Ye. Believe in me.” She faced him and smiled before turning around to leave.

Ye Peicheng stood next to his car. Although the two people in the corner were visible to him, he was not close enough to hear their conversation. He was extremely unused to the feeling of not being in control; however, he also understood that this was a problem with his personality.

He is Qiao Moyu’s boyfriend. He should have confidence and respect for her.

In the corner, Xing Yichen states: “Moyu, I broke up with Qiao Ruohuan. In the future, I will also no longer have any connections with her.”

The corners of Qiao Moyu’s lips slightly curved up: “Does CEO Xing want my condolences or something?”

“Moyu, actually, in the past, I had always thought that she was the one who saved me.” Xing Yichen recalled the past events and let out a slight sigh: “So, regarding my actions toward you in the past, I apologize.”

Qiao Moyu had never thought that she would one day hear the words ‘I’m sorry’ come from Xing Yichen’s mouth.

At this moment, perhaps due to the remnants of the original soul’s emotion, Qiao Moyu’s gaze turned sharp: “Xing Yichen, what’s the use of saying sorry? Back when I was 13 years old and I learned that you were inside, with my vision impeded and no adults around that dared to go it, I rushed inside without caring for my own life to try and save you! That was the only thought running through my mind at that time!”

She looked back at the past. Maybe because she was empathizing with original owner of the body, or maybe because she became the poor girl from the beginning at that moment: “When I was about to exit the place, my back got hit by falling embers. However, since I was afraid that you would see and be afraid to leave, I endured the pain, pulling your hand along all the way out without letting go! Once I came out with you, I fainted directly in place!”

“After that, because of the large burn on my body, I had to go to Country Rui for treatment. Do you know how painful the treatment was?” Qiao Moyu’s chest rose up and down. “For the greater part of a year, I couldn’t even move my hand. When I finally recovered, the first thing I did was to go find you. Yet what did I get in exchange?!”

When he heard Qiao Moyu’s voice recounting what had happened, Xing Yichen seemed to see the younger them interacting in mind’s eye.

Her, rus.h.i.+ng ahead without regard for her own safety. Him, his resolute and cold indifference. Her tears, her smile, numerous images flashed in his mind. His heart felt like it was being quartered, and he nearly could not stay standing up.

“To help Qiao Ruohuan, you brought her back to the Qiao Family. In the Qiao Family, she lay out a trap step by step for me, capturing me within it.” Qiao Moyu ridiculed: “But she is the biological daughter. Whose words will my parents believe? Haha, I was driven out. You two paired up to deal with me… Xing Yichen, even if you love her a lot, we still grew up together! You think I am so disgusting, that even after I die, I only deserve to be thrown out to feed the dogs?!”


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