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Read The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 79

The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend is a Webnovel completed by 诸葛锦, Zhuge Jin.
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Chapter 79: Caught (4)

And this child was created from her current body’s flesh and bone– her biological son.

Her eyes turned moist and she couldn’t help but say gently: “Since Baobei blew on mom’s wounds, it doesn’t hurt at all!”

The little toddler beamed with joy upon hearing this. His black, gla.s.s-like eyes were now filled with confidence: “Luo Luo was able to help mom!”

“En!” Qiao Moyu said seriously: “Luo Luo, you’ve helped mom a lot.”

After lunch, the weather was quite nice, so Qiao Moyu took Luo Luo out to play at the residential area. She plans to bring him back home home for an afternoon nap later after he finishes digesting his food.

This toddler really enjoyed playing with the slide. He was clearly only two-years-old, but he wanted to be like the older kids and learn to climb up the slide. As a result, Qiao Moyu had to hold his little b.u.t.t each time since he couldn’t reach out and grab both sides when he slid down. Moyu laughed at him and he laughed alongside her.

After some time, Qiao Moyu held him steadily while he played on the swing. At that moment, her cellphone rang.

She answered: “h.e.l.lo, Director w.a.n.g.”

Director w.a.n.g appeared to be at the top of a mountain. The sound of rus.h.i.+ng wind overlapped with his voice over the phone: “Master!”

Ever since Qiao Moyu helped him out, his career clearly improved. That was why he had always been very grateful towards Qiao Moyu for her ‘graciousness.’

Today, he and his friend had a rare moment of having extra time, so they went out for a walk in nature. There was an abandoned monastery located in the mountains in the northern suburbs; this was the very same monastery the director would mention whenever someone asked him where they could meet this ‘master.’

When director w.a.n.g arrived at the worn out monastery earlier that day, he saw traces of the place being cleaned. There were a few envelopes neatly placed on the table with impressively written calligraphy: “Great Master, please open the light.”

Through the phone, the director said: “Master, it’s like this. I went to the monastery earlier today at the northern suburbs and found that there were several letters sent to you–”

Qiao Moyu had initially planned to bring Luo Luo to the mountains this weekend for some fresh air and sightseeing. Who knew that Director w.a.n.g would go there first? She pondered for a moment, then replied: “Then I have to ask Director w.a.n.g to tell me what are the contents of those letters!”

Thus, Director w.a.n.g opened each letter one by one and read every single word out loud.

Qiao Moyu pressed the record b.u.t.ton and recorded everyone’s requests, including how to contact them. Then she thanked Director w.a.n.g and hung up on the phone.

Although she didn’t take any of the letters to heart, she did have quite an impression one of the people that Director w.a.n.g mentioned.

There was a reference to a musician who had always been obsessed with writing music, but had lost out on drug addiction five years ago. He now returned to start anew, but he no longer looked the way he did before.

Tomorrow was the opening day of his music studio, but the entertainment industry was always changing trends too quickly. This man had been in seclusion for five years now.

The reason why Qiao Moyu took notice of him was because this musician was mentioned in the original novel as someone who committed suicide. The text said something along these lines: “Qiao Moyu chose to die at the Imperial Capital’s famous Holy Land of suicide, where the famous musical prodigy Lu Beige also jumped off from about a year ago…”

When she first read this, Qiao Moyu had specially gone back to recheck the earlier chapters, discovering that Lu Beige hadn’t taken any drugs at all. This scandal was a setup by someone else.

The music created by this talent was actually very spiritual and clever, but the world was too harsh. He was shunned as someone rigid and unsophisticated, being too unwilling to sacrifice certain principles to fulfil other’s interests. So even after he recovered, he was still bogged down by depression, to the point where he finally chose to jump off the building to end his young life.


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