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Jiang Yue’s face instantly turned sour when she saw that it was the man who was bugging her at the party.

“What is your deal?” She asked, displeasure written all over her face.

“h.e.l.lo to you too. I was just about to visit the Young Master w.a.n.g’s room when I saw you here.” The man named Quan Lei shrugged.

“Leave me alone.” She said as she inserted her money into the vending machine for the second time.

However, instead of leaving, the man leaned onto the machine, his tall frame towering over Jiang Yue. “I don’t understand you.” He said.

Jiang Yue ignored the man. She hated this man’s vibe. It was something she simply could not explain.

As if the man was a walking secret box… Someone with so many secrets you could practically smell it on them.

“I heard that Miss Wu has already been taken care of?” Quan Lei asked, ignoring Jiang Yue’s indifference. “I mean… I would have helped you if you had asked me nicely.”

Still, Jiang Yue did not answer the man. She had already gotten what she wanted so she turned her back away from him and made her way into w.a.n.g Minghua’s room.

Seeing Jiang Yue’s back, Quan Lei just shook his head as he followed her. It seemed that making a decent conversation with this woman would be harder than he thought.

He wondered why Jiang Yue’s reaction towards him was not like every other girl’s reaction.

Could this woman be abnormal?

“Hey… I was still talking to you.” He said as he made big strides towards her. Seeing that Jiang Yue had stopped walking, Quan Lei smiled inwardly.

Maybe Jiang Yue was not so different after all.

“Mr. Quan.” Jiang Yue smiled before walking towards him, meeting him halfway.

Quan Lei’s smiling face instantly turned serious when he noticed that Jiang Yue was just a foot away from him.

Her face was so serious and beautiful.

Quan Lei widened his eyes as Jiang Yue moved her face towards his. What was this woman thinking now?

Wait, could it be… could this woman have instantly fallen to his charms and wanted to kiss him?

“I would never sell the virus to you or to anyone else… so go back to wherever the h.e.l.l you came from and don’t let me see your face again.” Jiang Yue murmured, just loud enough for him to hear.

“Now… stop following me. You are just wasting your time. Your charms won’t work on me. You are too ugly for my standards.” Jiang Yue added before turning her back to him and walking away.

Quan Lei just stood there frozen. What did she just say?

Too ugly for my standards.

Too ugly!

This woman just called him ugly!

He immediately ran towards the men’s room to examine himself.

Too ugly? How was he too ugly? Had he worn the wrong clothes?

Was it too plain?

Maybe his hair?

“Hey… I was looking for you. What are you doing here staring at your b.u.m?” He heard a chuckling voice behind him.

Quan Lei was about to answer when the man interrupted him. “Let me guess. She called you ugly?”

“How did you know?”

“Judging by the way you’re looking at yourself now, I can already guess that you are wondering which part of yourself is ugly. That… and she had already called you ugly the first time that you met her.” The man explained.

Quan Lei did not answer the man and just stared at his reflection.

He was not ugly. In fact, he was far from that.

He was 6’2 with curly copper hair and symmetrical jaws. His eyes were as brown as his hair. His lips were as pink as that of a baby’s.

How come he was ugly in Jiang Yue’s eyes?

“So, did you even manage to have a decent conversation with her?” The man smirked. “Hah… I was right. She totally does not like you man.”

“So, what are we going to do now?”

“Well… I guess we should talk to her family and ask for their permission before talking to her.” The man suggested.

“Alright.” Quan Lei shrugged. “Let’s do that.”

“Are we going to wait for them to transfer her cousin home?” He added.

The man in front of him shook his head. “Nah… were doing it tonight when Jiang Yue leaves this place.”

“Okay… Are you sure they will agree? I mean what if they won’t agree to our request?” Quan Lei asked.

“They will… they want to keep her safe.” The man answered. “Plus we haven’t used that information yet. I’m sure it will convince her to come with us.”

“Oh, I forgot about that man. Do you think we can trust him as our information source? We can’t just tell her something that’s not true… I’m, sure she will…”

“Oh… don’t tell me our infamous playboy finally cares about someone’s feeling?” The man interrupted Quan Lei.

“I was just going to say that she will know if we are telling the truth… I mean she will find out! With her abilities. I’m sure she will.” He countered.

“Right…” The man gave him a meaningful smile. “Of course our source is trustworthy. Im sure Miss Jiang will see that.”

Quan Lei just frowned at the man in front of him.

Jiang Yue had believed that her mentor died months ago. She had already mourned for him.

Cried for him.

Now that they were using his name to lure Jiang Yue into their organization, Quan Lei was not too sure about Jiang Yue’s reaction.

Wait… why should he worry about Jiang Yue’s reaction?

He shook his head to remove the weird thoughts from his mind.

The important thing was completing his mission. And that was to recruit Jiang Yue into their organization.



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