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Three in the afternoon:Deadline.

Everyone was antic.i.p.ating a show, yet nothing came. Just silence… no news… no press conferences.

Was Jiang Yue bluffing after all?

Of course not! On the outside, no one noticed anything. However, for Angler Tech it was a disaster! Not even a minute had pa.s.sed three o’clock, and all of their systems had detected an intrusion from an unknown source! At the same time, something was trying to destroy their defenses from the inside!

“The second firewall is already breached!” an engineer exclaimed, fear apparent in her trembling voice. Who could have breached the second firewall system of a company like theirs? An expert! The engineer was sure that they had offended the wrong person this time.

“Second?” Qin Fen panicked. The second firewall was breached in less, than five minutes? That was something she had never heard of.

“Miss Qin… the virus is attacking the third firewall… I don’t think we can hold on… we…”

“Shut up! Find the source of this malware!” she bellowed while gritting her teeth. Was this Jiang Yue’s doing? Was she trying to sabotage her? “The source… are you sure that it is not from the outside?”

“Positive, Miss Qin…. one of our own, is attacking us and we can’t seem to find it.”

“What are the possible damages?”

“If our system is successfully breached, then… let’s just hope that no one will take advantage of this situation, and attack us while we are vulnerable. If that happen… then…”

“How much?” she asked. She wanted to know, how much they were going to lose if the situation got out of control.

“Hundreds of millions, at least…”

“Does the CEO know about what is happening?” she asked, panicked. What if Quan Lei didn’t marry her because of that. He wouldn’t be that fickle, right?

“No… not yet… But I can…”

“No… NO! Do not inform the CEO yet,” she couldn’t let Quan Lei know that something was wrong. She couldn’t risk everything. She needed to do something about it as soon as possible.

However, who would have thought that Jiang Yue would not let them solve the current problem before causing another one?

While Angler Tech was busy, trying to avoid more losses… Jiang Yue asked Shen Rong to release news of their demise. It immediately caused an uproar in the stock market.

A company, which suffered a backlash from hackers, was something that needed to be taken seriously. Many investors instantly pulled out their stocks, to avoid any possible losses.

At that point, Qin Fen was not even aware that the chaotic situation of Angler Tech was already being reported on the news and Quan Lei was already seething in rage. Who would expected Jiang Yue to act this fast? It wasn’t even a day since the attack had started, and their losses could already amount to billions!

It was something that even Quan Lei had not antic.i.p.ated. He always knew that Jiang Yue was smart, but this incident gave him a whole new level of surprise. He gritted his teeth as he watched Angler Tech fall on the stock market.

So, that was the reason Jiang Yue was so quiet, he thought.

She wanted to strike them ruthlessly, so they would not even have the time to realize what was going on… Much less, fight back. Quan Lei wondered if Jiang Yue planned all this from the start. Did she know that technology would be stolen? Did she really install something that no one would have been able to detect?

Quan Lei was so busy thinking about Jiang Yue that he failed to notice the nervous Qin Fen next to him. If he knew that Jiang Yue was not even sparing Angler Tech a second thought, then Quan Lei would have been so angry, he would have vomited blood in rage.

With the things that were happening in Angler Tech, everyone immediately made conclusions that the one, who had indeed stolen Jiang Yue’s malware were them. Because of that, many people boycotted their software until they do a public apology and take the responsibility of stealing trade secrets.

The news was a huge blow to Angler Tech. But the most surprising thing was that the invitation from the M Country’s Prime minister’s wife was not canceled. In fact, she supported Angler tech during these times, and showed some support, by buying more, than twenty percent of the company shares, bringing them back at their feet.

That was all too sudden for everyone, they did not even had any time to react.

M Country? Prime Minister’s wife? Who was she? Why was she trying to support someone, who was against w.a.n.g Empire? Was she trying to make an enemy out of Jiang Yue?

“What do you think?” Jiang Yue asked Fu Jin as she read the news, using a tablet.

“I think, I have found something that seems interesting about the Prime Minister and his wife… But I’m not sure if this has something to do with Li Qiang or with what is happening right now,” he answered before facing Jiang Yue. “The Prime Minister is also from the Li Family, and just like the Queen, his wife is also from the Kim Family.”

“So, what did you find out?”

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