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Read The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 1000: Sacred Region, Black War Tiger

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Mu Qingyi originally didn’t want to let Chu Mu join in on this. After all, Chu Mu already helped her a lot.

However, Son of heaven Wu Kuang and he had exchanged hostile words. Presumably, even if Mu Qingyi didn’t want Chu Mu to partic.i.p.ate, Chu Mu wouldn’t choose to back off.

However, Mu QIngyi was uneasy. If son of heaven dared to propose this method, he must have some certainty; he wouldn’t just go through the formalities and let her kill Mo Ling.


In the courtyard, Ye Qingzi was telling her soul pet to heal Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi was alone and had to face that many enemies; it was inevitable that the soul pets were wounded.

“Stop exacerbating things to the worst with a few sentences, at least wait for your soul pets to come back first before being brash.” Ye Qingzi gave him an eye roll, and felt that Chu Mu was overly extreme.

“He came to find trouble with me and can’t even avoid it, so why be kind? Also, I can’t allow other men to hang around you or else I won’t be able to be safe.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi pinched Chu Mu and secretly glanced at Mu Qingyi, who wasn’t far away, and grumbled that he never spoke according to the occasion.

However, seeing Chu Mu treat his rivals in love so seriously, ye Qingzi felt very happy.

“That person may be very powerful, if you only have a white nightmare, how will you defeat them?” Ye Qingzi said.

“Don’t I have Mu Qingyi too?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow and glanced at Mu Qingyi, who was tending to her soul pets.

“So you were just counting on her…… I thought you had some trump card, or else why would you be this confident?” Ye Qingzi said.

“Eh……I do have a trump card, but it’s inexplicable…..” Chu Mu scratched his head and said.

“What do you mean ‘inexplicable’?” Ye Qingzi asked hastily.

Chu Mu felt like he couldn’t explain it well and just shook his head.


At this time, little dead dream woke up and called out in Chu Mu’s soul pet s.p.a.ce.

Dead dream’s phase was rather low and needed a lot of time outside. Chu Mu told little Mo Xie to go back to her s.p.a.ce and summoned Dead Dream out.

Dead dream’s purple feathers were clean and pretty. Its little and delicate appearance garnered everyone’s favor. Ye QIngzi saw Chu Mu summon little Dead Dream and immediately extended her hand to offer her palm up.

Little dead dream often ate Ye Qingzi’s soul items and nutritious foods and so it often stuck around Ye Qingzi all the time. Many times, Chu Mu was skeptical at whether this greedy little phoenix was even his soul pet, and not Ye Qingzi’s.

“The little guy is one phase six stage, does it have any techniques?” Ye Qingzi rubbed its fur and said in a soft voice.

“Yi~~~~ Yi~~~~” little dead dream immediately flapped its wings and circled around Ye Qingzi multiple times. Along its flight path, dark purple lightning hoops appeared that dispersed into small arcs, resembling mini dead lightning crowns.

Ye Qingzi looked at little dead dream showing off its dead thunder energy crystal. Little dead dream’s own species rank was high, or else Ye Qingzi didn’t really know how she would create a dead lightning type soul item to strengthen little dead dream in the future.

Chu Mu didn’t want to add other types to dead dream, so in its training, Chu Mu could use soul items to quickly power low phase dead dream with soul items. He wouldn’t need to find multi type soul items like he had to for little hidden dragon when he added ghost type.

“Chu Fangchen, I feel Wu Kuang should have some trump card too. Be careful then, we can think about how to kill Mo Ling some other time.” Mu Qingyi slowly walked over and said to Chu Mu.

Mo Ling was just a lackey in the grand picture. Mu Qingyi wanted to take his life as an example. If Chu Mu came into danger for this conflict, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

“In reality, I only wanted to know what strength Wu Kuang has. If we don’t force him to show his hand, it would be even harder to defend against. He’s always going to be a threat in the future .” Chu Mu said seriously.

“That makes sense, but you should treat it with caution. If things aren’t going well, we can give up.” Mu Qingyi wanted to play it safe.

Chu Mu nodded. He had a dominator ranked defense, so Chu Mu wasn’t worried if he was in danger. In terms of victory and defeat, Chu Mu wasn’t too worried. If he really could understand Wu Kuang’s strength, Chu Mu didn’t mind losing; it wasn’t embarra.s.sing at all.

Let alone, the overpowered Mu Qingyi was right aside. Chu Mu didn’t think he had no hope.

“I’m going out the city, Qingzi, will you accompany me?” Chu Mu didn’t like wasting time. He wanted to go out of the city to the plains and forest to find low phase soul pets to train dead dream.

“En.” Ye Qingzi wasn’t busy recently. Training small soul pets was very relaxing to do.


Soul pet palace

Soul pet palace, like soul palace and nightmare palace, had its own sacred realm.

What was different was the sacred region’s soul pet species was incredibly complicated. Soul pet palace couldn’t create something like the nightmare species or the seven diagram sacred pets, so soul pet palace members have varying soul pets with no clear inclination towards a species.

Soul pet palace’s young pet resources also came from its sacred realm. Members who often went to soul pet palace also treated this place as a training ground and entered and left frequently.

Soul pet palace’s sacred realm was very expansive and created a ma.s.sive organism ladder!

From the lowest servant rank to emperor rank, or even the dominator rank deep in the sacred realm, soul pet palace’s sacred realm could fulfill the needs of almost any soul pet trainer.

Soul pet palace’s entry barrier was always very low, choosing to bring in soul pet trainers of all levels. However, sacred realm wasn’t some place anyone could enter. Because of the resources were so rare, soul pet palace had a rule that stated only inner members could enter.

Inner members meant the direct family line of tenth rank t.i.tles. As for other members, they could only go to other realms that belong to soul pet palace to train unless they stepped into that inner member list.

In the past, Pang Yue usually trained within the sacred region. This time, after going to demon realm with Mu Qingyi and Chu Mu, Pang Yue’s rewards were much better than multiple years in the sacred realm. For this, Pang Xing was extremely excited. Presumably in no time, his daughter could become the next senior elder!

“Pang Yue, once your soul pet improves, you can go deeper into sacred realm. We only have a few people in the palace who dare to go that far.” Pang Xing said to Pang Yue.

“En.” Pang Yue nodded. Remembering something, he asked, “Speaking of which, did the old man that saved me come back from sacred realm yet??”

“Yes, it brought the Mo Ye deep into sacred realm and has been gone for a while. He said he needed one more soul item to improve the soul pet, and wanted to see if sacred realm had it. They’ve been gone for a year and a half.” Pang Xing said.

Pang Xing originally thought Old Li and Zhan Ye stopped around soul pet palace to give them some help and anchor. Who knew that they entered a sacred realm right after they reached soul pet palace and didn’t come out for a year. They sent someone to track them but found their tracks went even deeper into sacred realm than anyone dared to follow.


In the large sacred realm, countless soul pet palace members never brought back news from the end of sacred realm.

Many people have guessed countlessly whether sacred realm was another world, one even vaster than the one humans were on. However, it wasn’t any less dangerous than forbidden realm and couldn’t be fully researched.

Sacred realm was split into three regions, outer, middle, and deeper region.

The outer region was very vast and inhabited countless low level soul pets. Low cla.s.s soul items could also be seen anywhere and young soul pets were everywhere; it was the heaven for rookie soul pet trainers.

Every soul pet trainer had to go through a low phase, and no matter which era, this rank soul pet trainer was always the largest……

“That black tiger-like organism, is it a commander rank Mo Ye?” A young man brought his warrior rank soul pet and companion behind a bush and looked at a powerful organism from far away.

“Indeed, its a Mo Ye, and it definitely is tenth phase. Why is there such a powerful soul pet in the outer region.” The middle aged man who came with the young man furrowed his brow.

The middle aged man was only a spirit teacher. With his remembrance, he could at most tell it was a tenth phase organism, but he couldn’t tell its exact rank from the aura.

“Why does it have no aura.” Young boy said curiously.

“This……it may be because this organism is extremely powerful!” Middle aged soul pet trainer said in a low voice.

The young man nodded with half-understanding.


On the gra.s.s, the black and mighty Mo Ye stepped forth slowly and headed towards sacred realm.

It had been a dozen days of constant running. It was now tired, which was why it slowed down and moved forward slowly. In the normal case, the young man and middle cla.s.s soul pet trainer couldn’t even see a shadow of it.

“Sometimes, the more you want to find something, the less you can find it!” Old Li sat on Zhan ye’s back and said angrily.

Zhan Ye remained calm and silent and listened to Old LI constantly complain.

“This soul pet palace sacred realm truly is unreliable. Such a large place, and we went through over half of the deeper region yet we found nothing good.” Old Li continued.

“Ai, whatever, let’s go back. Three palace and soul alliance seemed pretty chaotic. Let’s go find female supreme to see if we can help in any way….. Who’s female supreme? Stupid, Chu Mu’s mother……. Of course, we have to help…. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t get surrounded, you should be able to handle any situation. If you are surrounded, just run. Didn’t I teach you this simple strategy countless times……”


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