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Outside of Wen Mountain, Chu Mu and most of the other spectators were silently waiting for the outcome. 

Suddenly, Chu Mu creased his brows because the small Dead Dream on his shoulder told him that the Fairy b.u.t.terfly with Mu Qingyi had just been crushed. 

Mu Qingyi’s small Fairy b.u.t.terfly would trigger when Mu Qingyi encountered danger. Now that he had discovered the Fairy b.u.t.terfly’s disappearance, it proved that Mu Qingyi was in danger and it could endanger her life.

Chu Mu glanced at Official Tang. He knew very well that this Divine Sect member wouldn’t let him enter Wen Mountain, therefore he had to secretly infiltrate his way in. 

“Big Brother Chu, where are you going?” Liao Yu looked at Chu Mu and asked with a face full of confusion. 

“She’s in danger, so I have to go over.” said Chu Mu.

“But how are you going to enter?” asked Liao Yu. 

However, the moment Liao Yu finished asking his question, Chu Mu mysteriously disappeared from where he was. Liao Yu faintly saw the silhouette of nine tails flit through the dark clouds before quickly disappearing in the only entrance to Wen Mountain. 

Liao Yu stared with his eyes wide open. He couldn’t believe that Chu Mu was going to enter Wen Mountain in front of everyone’s eyes. Although Liao Yu couldn’t see Chu Mu, he was certain he had already entered the mountain. 

He quickly turned around and looked at Official Tang’s reaction. The strongest person here was Official Tang so even if he couldn’t see anything, that didn’t mean that this Divine Sect member didn’t see anything either. 

However, the moment Chu Mu disappeared, besides staring intently at that location for a short while, Official Tang evidently didn’t notice someone secretly rush in just now. This greatly shocked Liao Yu, and he was even more certain of Chu Mu’s terrifying strength. Even Divine Sect’s examiner hadn’t discovered him.

After entering Wen Mountain, Chu Mu didn’t stop as he rushed into the depths of the mountain. 

“Dead Dream, go. Find her!” Chu Mu ordered the Dead Dream.

The Dead Dream flew into the air and its dark purple body split into countless graceful feathers. There were millions of these feathers and they all transformed into dark purple Fairy b.u.t.terflies, each with their own life force.

These Fairy b.u.t.terflies flew in different directions through Wen Mountain. They were like numerous black clouds that covered the mountain. Probably even the smallest creatures on Wen Mountain wouldn’t be able to escape the Dead Dream’s field of vision. 

Without knowing where Mu Qingyi was for the moment, Chu Mu could only blindly charge forward. 

However, as the millions of Fairy b.u.t.terflies covered the mountain, Chu Mu was able to deduce a direction. 


In the undulating black hills of the mountain, the wheel of golden and angry flames was particularly conspicuous. 

Underneath the flames, the hills had been frozen by a thick layer of ice. Everyone around, the ice had been shattered into countless pieces where the exhausted White Tiger stood. It fiercely stared at its opponent. 

The White Tiger was near the low cla.s.s dominator rank, but its present enemy had already reached this rank. It was an Ice Steel Devil Bear that was the size of half a small mountain. 

This time, the White Tiger had burst forth with all of its potential to fight against the slightly stronger Ice Steel Devil Beart. The fight had lasted a long time as well. 

The White Tiger could not lose because it knew that once it did, it would bring Mu Qingyi immense pressure since the Crown Phoenix King’s own opponent wasn’t inferior to it. If the Ice Steel Devil Bear, which had the attribute counter, joined the fight against the Crown Phoenix King, the latter would quickly lose. 

“How tenacious, but what I, w.a.n.g Chongshan, have is time. I’m very happy to spend more time playing with you. I’m pretty sure that the others won’t have finished off their opponents this fast anyways.” the man called w.a.n.g Chongshan cracked a smile. 

Mu Qingyi didn’t respond. From the continuous stream of words uttered by this fellow during the course of this fight, she realized that this fellow was probably a Darkness Sect member.

Mu Qingyi didn’t know anything about Darkness Sect and had only learned of this organization’s existence a short while ago. But from what she could see, Darkness Sect’s members could indeed match Divine Sect. They unexpectedly dared to set a trap in the selection exam. This was absolutely not something a normal faction would dare.

Mu Qingyi was also bewildered. Why was it that when she had just happened to partic.i.p.ate in this Divine Sect exam, she encountered this group of fugitives that dared find trouble for Divine Sect. Moreover, they didn’t seem to be weak either. 

“Pu pu pu pu pu…” a figure beating its wings rang out in her ears. Mu Qingyi was very familiar with this noise. 

She turned around and saw several Fairy b.u.t.terflies that blended in with the night appear around her. These Fairy b.u.t.terflies were flying around Mu Qingyi as if they were telling her something. 

Mu Qingyi knew that Chu Mu’s Dead Dream had found her, so it wouldn’t take long for him to catch up. Therefore, she only needed to stall for a short while, and the self-proclaimed Darkness Sect member in front of her wouldn’t be able to laugh again. 

Mo Xie’s running speed was abnormal. After the Dead Dream found Mu Qingyi’s location, Mo Xie, for the first time, erupted with her full speed. 

With an innate demon attribute, Mo Xie’s speed was unparalleled with those of the same rank. Added on the path paved by the moonlight, Mo Xie was able to run straight through the air. 

They pa.s.sed by countless large hills and through the darkness, Chu Mu was able to see a gorgeous golden flame burning behind a mountain hill. 

This was clearly used by Mu Qingyi to guide the way for Chu Mu. Following the golden flame’s location, Mo Xie held up her long tails and flitted through the night sky over the undulating hills. Her aura was imposing and boundless. 


“Are we playing a hunting game right now? That’s fine. Be careful and don’t get caught by me. You probably understand that, as an evil criminal, I won’t have self-control in front of a great beauty.” w.a.n.g CHongshan rode on his soul pet, neither fast or slow, following behind the Crown Phoenix King. 

In truth, w.a.n.g Chongshan’s speed was not much faster than the Crown Phoenix King. Moreover, if he didn’t use his full strength, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would be able to keep Mu Qingyi here. The reason why he didn’t stop talking was to trigger Mu Qingyi and incite fear in her heart. This way, he would be able to find a gap in her defenses and take her down. 

Lord Duo had instructed that all members partic.i.p.ating in the Divine Sect exam had to die. What surprised w.a.n.g Chongshan was that the female soul pet trainer he encountered had such outstanding strength. If she had another dominator soul pet, he would have trouble dealing with her. 

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Chongshan discovered that this female soul pet trainer had slowed down. Seeing as the fight had lasted for so long, her soul pet was probably out of physical strength. 

A smile rose on w.a.n.g Chongshan’s face. He had wasted such a long time and it was about time to end things. This way, he wouldn’t be the last one to report back after completing his mission. 

However, just as w.a.n.g Chongshan was about to approach Mu Qingyi, he abruptly felt a cold aura wash over his back. 

A pair of silver eyes flas.h.i.+ng with demonic lights was hidden in the dark night. The eyes were staring at him. w.a.n.g Chongshan didn’t know what they were, but he began to flee out of fear and shock. However, he was unable to shake off the eyes and it seemed like the entire dark night was watching him. 

“You enjoy playing hunting games? Then you had best hope that I don’t manage to hunt you down, otherwise you’ll taste the feeling of wis.h.i.+ng you were dead!” Chu Mu’s cold voice echoed in w.a.n.g Chongshan’s ear. 


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