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Read The Charm of Soul Pets Chapter 590: Honor Palace, The Focus of Everyone

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Chapter 590: Honor Palace, The Focus of Everyone

Under normal circ.u.mstances, one spirit was the amount of food a pseudo monarch ate in a day. Shockingly, the value of one spirit was no less than 100 million gold. Most importantly, it was rare that a soul pet trainer would trade an uncommon and limited resource spirit for gold.

Normally, spirit were traded for gold, but gold could not purchase spirits.The value of gold would always multiply. Moreover, as the number of spirits fluctuated, its price would change. When the supply was scarce, there were some times when even 1 billion gold could not purchase 1 spirit.

After hearing these shocking numbers, Chu Mu was slightly dumbstruck. That meant that in order to feed Mo Xie, he would have to spend 100 million gold; moreover, there were occasions where he wouldn’t be able to trade for it equally! 

Chu Mu was only considered richer amongst soul pet trainers because of the Battle of the Realm. Normally, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to obtain so many resources. Moreover, now it was up to one spirit a day!

“This is just to make sure the emperor rank soul pet has enough food. If you often fight or want your soul pet to rise by a level, the expenses will be even larger. Therefore, as I said before, there are many soul pet trainers that are held back by emperor rank soul pets. They will be restricted their entire lifetime to this level, and are unable to advance.” said Old Li.

Old Li’s words caused Chu Mu to start dripping with sweat.

One had to know that he was going to have three emperor rank soul pets soon. This meant that even if these soul pets didn’t fight, Chu Mu would have to spend at least 300 million gold each day! Not too long ago, Chu Mu was still struggling for just a few hundred million gold. Now it was about to become a daily expense!

“Young master doesn’t need to worry. Every soul pet trainer is like this. Their expenses are huge. However, young master is very adaptable, and you’ve earned a lot yourself. Inside that woman’s spatial ring are about 60 spirits. You won’t have to worry about obtaining spirits for two months. After two months, young master should deal with the food problem first.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Clearly, Old Li’s warning towards him earlier wasn’t just fear mongering.

After the emperor rank, resources became extremely lacking. This was something that truthfully was common when one’s strength grew stronger. Otherwise, anybody could possess an emperor rank soul pet and how would there be such a large gap in between the monarch rank and emperor rank?


Old Li saying so much was pretty much a reminder to Chu Mu.

Since the food problem wasn’t easy to solve already, then the chances of an emperor rank soul pet obtaining some spirit item to strengthen itself was even lower. Presumably, Chu Mu would have to engage in even more merciless fights in order to strengthen Mo Xie to the middle cla.s.s and eventually high cla.s.s emperor. It would be very difficult. After all, the people Chu Mu would have to face were true experts and also hegemons in the wild!

Chu Mu temporarily didn’t worry about this problem, because the issuing of the tenth realm’s ultimate honor had arrived..

Regarding Chu Mu obtaining the ultimate honor reward, there were still a few rumblings. A few people among the Tianxia authorities were planning on barring Chu Mu from the compet.i.tion and not giving him the honor.

Ultimately, after being pressured by Soul Palace, they had no choice but to give it. This was all due to the senior elder who Chu Mu had never met. 

The Battle of the Realm’s ultimate honor symbolized the young generation’s most outstanding people. After stepping onto the honor palace stage where everyone’s eyes were on him, he looked at the sea of people in Tianxia Plaza. He watched the countless expressions of zealous admiration. Even though he possessed a cool-head that surpa.s.sed normal people, Chu Mu was still somewhat stunned. 

In Tianxia Realm, there were dozens of kingdoms and each kingdom had several regions. Within each region, there were innumerable eighth rank cities. 

Chu Mu himself had emerged from the most unremarkable eighth rank city, and slowly made his way to today. He had reached the summit of the young generation and even if it were someone else, there was no way he or she would not be emotionally moved. 

He was able to stand out from the rest of the young generation. Didn’t that mean in the future he would be able to ascend the golden palace and obtain a throne seat?! 

The thunderous sounds of cheering rang in Chu Mu’s ears. Chu Mu could hear hundreds of thousands of people talking about him!

“What ident.i.ty does Chu Chen have? Could it be after so long, n.o.body still knows? Could he be some ultra expert from Wanxiang City?” 

“I’ve heard that Chu Chen has no backing. His emperor rank soul pet is from a forbidden region. In the second realm, I heard that Chu Chen pa.s.sed through the first grade difficulties bewildering world alone. He completed the hunting round, so he is an ultra expert in the wild. I heard that he entered a tenth rank bewildering world and stayed there for several years, obtaining a spirit treasure that can strengthen a monarch rank soul pet to the emperor rank… Originally he had time to use this emperor rank soul pet to raise the strengths of his other soul pets, but because the Battle of the Realm was about to begin, he hastily made his way back. It wasn’t until the very end that he pulled out this trump card!”  

“Keep talking out of your a.s.s. The young generation cannot travel through emperor rank territories. Moreover, emperor spirit items are rare. Even if one did exist, it would definitely be protected by an emperor rank soul pet. Chu Chen could not have obtained one. Even if he laid in hiding for so many years, it would be of no use. His emperor rank soul pet is definitely because an elder generation person helped him strengthen it.” 

There were countless versions of how Chu Mu had an emperor rank soul pet. Moreover, there were several people that created a biography for Chu Mu and had all put Chu Mu’s other soul pets that had appeared into their story. It seemed so lifelike that Chu Mu himself was somewhat shocked.

Most of these were rumors in the streets. After all, the majority of people were just common people. As for the young generation from Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Soul Alliance and Soul Palace, they had backgrounds and authority while also being very strong. However, the ultimate honor was obtained by someone not among them.

In Soul Palace, those that recognized Chu Mu and had interacted with him were Shang Heng, Ting Lang, Zhao Cheng and Li Zhan. When these people that saw Chu Mu ultimately stand on the tenth realm honor, they all let out cheers. 

“When I saw him for the first time, his strength was only somewhat outstanding in the third grade. Now he’s stepped into the first grade…” Ting Lan was the first to know Chu Mu. His incomparably insane strength growth could only be described by exclamations of admiration. 

“Haha, at the beginning I never thought that leader was a person who went against the heavens on the same level as our crown prince. Our crown prince is a legend. But Chu Chen obtaining the ultimate honor this time has also created another legend for our Soul Palace. In the future I need to curry more favor with him.” laughed Zhao Cheng.

Soul Palace’s Eighth Young Master Fang Ze certainly was outstanding himself. However, compared to Chu Mu who had even summoned an emperor rank soul pet, he could only look on with bitterness. 

One had to know that Soul Palace’s Eighth Young Master Fang Ze had been low key for a very long time and in truth, his strength was stronger than Nightmare Palace’s young prince, Jiang Yiteng. He had hidden himself till the very end in order to explode with strength in the ninth realm and obtain the second grade’s ultimate honor in one fell swoop.

Ultimately, Chu Mu had appeared. Even he, as someone who had to obtain the ultimate honor, could only stand off to the side and watch as the second grade’s ultimate honor was delivered to another unremarkable soul pet trainer.

“I must become good friends with this Chu Chen.” watching someone else standing in the honor spot which originally belong to him, Fang Ze held back on speaking for a while before finally saying something.

Zhan Hong who was standing next to Young Master Fang Ze had a face full off dissatisfaction. Obviously, this was because he had failed to recognize Chu Mu’s talent when he met him earlier. This made him afraid. He had already planned on specially paying a visit and giving his apology.

Zhan Hong had always been arrogant. Aside from Eighth Young Master Fang Ze, he didn’t respect anyone. Now, even the eighth young master had to get on good relations with Chu Mu. Thus, he didn’t dare have any disapprovals towards Chu Mu.

As for Nightmare Palace, after their three great second grade experts had been brutally defeated by Chu Mu, the three of them had conspired together to plan on teaching Chu Mu a lesson after the compet.i.tion ended.

However, now that Chu Mu had stepped into the first grade, and moreover didn’t even have an opponent in the first grade, this was like a club to the heads of Nightmare Palace’s three experts, Jiang Yiteng, Xing Yang and Lu Shanli.

“You guys can do it. I won’t partic.i.p.ate. I don’t want to make enemies with someone with an emperor rank soul pet.” Lu Shanli was the first to indicate he didn’t want to partic.i.p.ate. 

When the opponent had only used a single White Nightmare, he was able to easily defeat Lu Shanli. Although Lu Shanli was full of anger towards Chu Mu, he still had this bit of self-knowledge. 

“Detestable. With our authority in Nightmare Palace, do you really think we can’t get the Palace Lords or elders to deal with him?” Jiang Yiteng hated Chu Mu to his bones. Now that he was watching Chu Mu step onto the first grade’s honor platform, he was so angry his lungs were going to explode!

“Young prince… this… I won’t partic.i.p.ate either.” Xing Yang said in a very low voice. 

Seeing that Xing Yang didn’t want to play dirty, Jian Yiteng angrily said: “Gutless! It may be difficult, but if we don’t get rid of this person, he will definitely become our biggest obstacles!” 

Lu Shanli swept his gaze over Jiang Yiteng. It was pardonable that Xing Yang, who had a relatively weak backing, would fear Jiang Yiteng. However, Lu Shanli’s status wasn’t low either and he wasn’t afraid of Jiang Yiteng. Coldly, he said: “Our obstacle? Then you truly overestimate yourself. It won’t be long before you reach the thirty year old bottleneck. Now your soul has been seriously injured. Any hope of entering the spirit emperor rank or even obtaining emperor rank soul pets is already the greatest charity already. It’s impossible for him to become our obstacle because there’s no chance of us standing on the same level as him.”   

Lu Shanli wasn’t raising his morale while forsaking his own dignity. Instead, he understood that the meaning of an emperor rank versus a monarch rank was completely different. Especially now that Chu Mu was soaring to the skies and had two emperors, it probably wouldn’t be long before Kingdom Lords, Palace Lords, and a few scattered spirit emperors would not be Chu Mu’s opponents. Moreover, these people probably only had soul pets hovering around the peak monarch rank.

The three of them had fallen from the second grade into an abyss. They had to reascend to the second grade before making their way to the first grade’s strongest and then surpa.s.s the enormous and merciless gulf between emperors and monarchs. 

There was such a huge gap with Chu Mu. Unless Chu Mu had a huge fall, there was no way for them to stand on the same level as Chu Mu. 

With such a huge discrepancy, why was the matter of revenge being raised? 


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