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Chapter 431: Chapter 431 – Wild Plants

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales


w.a.n.g Li Di originally thought that it was one of his brothers playing a joke on him and did it too excessively, but he never imagined that the one who grabbed his head and smashed it on the table was the b.a.s.t.a.r.d driving the Volvo that they were discussing how to deal with.

 This b.a.s.t.a.r.d appeared here?

 But the security door is locked!

 How did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d come in?

In that indescribable moment, unease appeared in w.a.n.g Li Di’s mind.

w.a.n.g Li Di had been knocked silly, but his brothers were not. Two of them had quickly gone to the wall and picked up steel pipes and aimed at Wei Xiao Bei’s head.

They simply did not care about other’s lives, and their hands had already been drenched in blood. Moreover, w.a.n.g Li Di’s household has so many people. When the time comes, everyone can just testify that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was a thief and things would be settled.

Toward their actions, Wei Xiao Bei decided to not move and let the steel pipes smash at the back of his head.

If he did not do so, how could he make them feel despair?

Wei Xiao Bei had many methods to deal with them. Just the Core of the Thousand Eyed Devil was enough to make them wish for the sweet release of death.

Bang! Bang!

As two drum-like sounds echoed, the two people thought that they had succeeded. Who knew that after smas.h.i.+ng down, they felt as if they had hit thick leather. Not only could they not use their strength to suppress the recoil, but the steel pipes had also been sent flying as the pair cried out in pain.

The power that was transmitted through the pipe not only made them unable to hold the steel pipe, but even the webs between their fingers had split.


After receiving these two attacks, Wei Xiao Bei felt displeasure. It was not pleasurable to pretend like this. He did not even think as he grabbed onto the two’s necks and threw them at the other bottom-dwellers that were coming over.

Cries of pain rang as the group of people were forced into a pile.

Wei Xiao Bei took out the Core of the Thousand Eyed Devil and fed it ten Eye of Terrors.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s actions, w.a.n.g Li Di’s men could not help but s.h.i.+ver as they wondered what kind of person they had provoked.

Just the thing that he pulled out was something that a normal person should not possess.

With this understanding, w.a.n.g Li Di and the others all got up despite the excruciating pain they felt and charged towards the door.

I must escape first!

Naturally, two braver people charged into the kitchen and took out kitchen knives.

There was one way to settle this.

No matter how great your martial arts were, people would fear knives! Even outstanding martial arts would have a hard time destroying brick walls!

Wei Xiao Bei did not pay any attention to the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who got knives, but he did not permit the rest of the people to leave. With a sweep of his left hand, a rock instantly hit the door’s lock.


In just one attack, the lock had been destroyed!

No matter how much w.a.n.g Li Di and the others kicked the door, they could not open it at all.

Now that they had lost their escape route and been pushed into a wall, they summoned up their courage and took weapons in their hands to charge with the other two at Wei Xiao Bei.

The speed that the Core of the Thousand Eyed Devil ate the Eye of Terror was fast. Before they reached Wei Xiao Bei, it had already finished, and in the next instant, yellow light scattered from the core, instantly putting w.a.n.g Li Di and the others into an illusion.

“Ahhh! Don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! Spare me!”

“Ghost! It’s a ghost! Stop pulling my leg!”

“Anybody there? Old w.a.n.g! Old Li! How could everyone have disappeared?”

As these people got swallowed up by the illusion, their reactions differed from each other.

The cowardly b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had their minds broken very quickly, while the braver ones were extremely frightened.

Some had even peed in their pants, causing the air in the room to stink.

However, as these people entered into a state of terror, Wei Xao Bei noticed that the Core of the Thousand Eyed Devil was slowly getting stronger. Although the speed was slower than when feeding it the Eyes, there was no doubt that the illusions were becoming stronger, which in turn also made the core stronger.

This was something that Wei Xiao Bei never imagined. The core was able to become stronger through people’s emotional fluctuations.

Since terror could increase the core’s power, then pleasure should also do the same.

It was just that Wei Xiao Bei’s attention was not on the core while in the bar before, thus he did not notice it.

Extreme terror was something that could truly scare someone to death.

This was quickly proven.

Who knew what they had seen, but the people who had their minds collapse immediately became pale as they died from fear.

 So powerful!

Seeing the ground full of p.i.s.s and smelling the stench in the air, Wei Xiao Bei was a bit regretful. If he had known this would happen, he would have just let the Life Altar directly eat them. That would have been more convenient.

As he extended his left hand, a crack opened as countless thin tendrils shot out toward the corpses like bloodsucking leeches, drilling inside the corpses.

Soon, the corpses quickly dried up until only ash remained. Even the bone marrow had been sucked clean.

Once, twice, thrice……

In the end, even those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that had not yet been frightened to death were devoured as Wei Xiao Bei did not show any mercy.

After all seven people were eaten, Wei Xiao Bei looked at the Fledgling Life Altar and saw that its storage had been replenished.

With the current efficiency of absorbing flesh, the Fledgling Life Altar had exceeded its past performance.

Afterward, Wei Xiao Bei placed all the corpses into his storage bag. Then he cleaned up the remaining blood and other evidence such as fingerprints and footprints.

After doing all this, Wei Xiao Bei went out the window and kicked the wall as he was about to hit the ground, sending him flying out of the compound.

After eliminating the danger to his family, Wei Xiao Bei happily walked away.

After ten minutes, Wei Xiao Bei took a taxi toward Bai Ta Hills.

In truth, it was almost midnight and the taxi driver was a bit afraid of this being a robbery.

Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei’s face did not look ferocious. Moreover, this driver had brought a friend so he was not that afraid of Wei Xiao Bei.

After pa.s.sing by Bai Ta Hill and reaching a small town nearby, Wei Xiao Bei got down and waited for the taxi to leave. He did not go into town, and instead, walked toward Bai Ta Hill.

As he reached the foot of the hill, he lied down on thick underbrush and drank wine, slowly falling to sleep.

Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes and sat up. He observed his surroundings and relaxed when he saw the familiar trees and creek.

In truth, he was a bit worried that once he entered he would appear at the foot of the mountain.

There was no doubt that it would be problematic if that happened.

Now, he was still in the outer zone of the barrier so it was fine.

Perhaps because he had just entered, the Ming Lun Envoy had not yet appeared.

Wei Xiao Bei did as before and gathered firewood. He lit a bonfire, took out his pot, and began to work.

Wei Xiao Bei noticed a problem. The dishes that he cooked in the surroundings of places like the Local G.o.d Temple or Bai Ta Hill were a lot better in quality.

He looked into his storage bag and understood that he still had a lot of ingredients like the Fiendish Man Fish, Bi Fang Viscera, Thousand Eyed Devil Tentacles, etc.

After circling, he found a tall chili tree, Sichuan pepper tree, and many other plants.

This was the first time Wei Xiao Bei had seen such a huge chili tree.

The chili pepper plant had become a tree. Things inside the Dust World were truly different from the real world.

However, even if the chili tree had grown so big as if it had mutated, the chili peppers that Wei Xiao Bei picked were not treasures. With his [Status Appraisal], he knew that they were not even high-quality goods. They were only wild chili peppers and were only a bit better in quality compared to the real world. The other plants were also the same.

However, this was already enough to make him excited.

It must be known that ingredients in the real world could not be brought into the Dust World. Thus every time he needed to cook food in the Dust World, he needed to think of ways to cook ingeniously.

This was why every time he cooked it would either be roasted or made into congee.

Without the corresponding seasoning, many dishes could not be made.

However, it was good now that he had found various seasonings, which saved him a lot of trouble.

He swept the entire area clean of ingredients.

This was something that he must do now. Who knew if he could find them again the next time he came in?

After he finished picking the plants and placing them into his storage bag, he returned to his fire. The fire had already extinguished and the Ming Lun Envoy was already there sitting on a rock. Seeing him return, she stared at him, “I’m hungry!”

It could be said that the Ming Lun Envoy’s appearance made it look adorable, but Wei Xiao Bei did not have the thoughts of appreciating it at the moment.

Since he was about to ask her something, he could not offend her.

After heating a few pieces of roasted meat and giving it to the Ming Lun Envoy, Wei Xiao Bei pondered how he should do things.

He had Bi Fang Viscera available to him. The only problem was that the Bi Fang Viscera had an innately high temperature. If he stir-fried it with other ingredients, then the only result would be a burnt dish.


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