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The City of Terror is a web novel completed by 猛虎道长 (Měnghǔ Dàocháng).
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Chapter 482: Chapter 482 – Punk

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

 After settling everyone down, Andre came over to Wei Xiao Bei and talked to him about some things. In essence, his family all knew about the Dust World. As such, Wei Xiao Bei didn’t need to be concerned about letting that information slip.

Wei Xiao Bei was much more relieved upon knowing this. Otherwise, Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi would have a much more inconvenient time practicing their special abilities while Andre’s family was in the dojo.

Having said that, Wei Xiao Bei glared at Andre. This guy’s words were not to be trusted.

From all the things he had said, Wei Xiao Bei’s impression of Andre’s wife was always as a rough and muscular lady.

However, Wei Xiao Bei almost thought Andre had brought his sister with him when he first saw his wife Angela.

She was in her thirties, but she looked like she was in her twenties. She was really direct in the way she spoke, but she wasn’t as ferocious as Andre had described her, as if she would run about chasing people with two cleavers in hand.

Angela could be considered a foreign beauty in her own right.

Andre was arranged to start working in the security company.

This was a way to improve the image of the company.

Many rich people liked hiring foreign bodyguards. In particular, middle-aged handsome bodyguards like Andre were in short supply amongst rich women.

Wei Xiao Bei felt like something was off in the dojo after settling all these things. He looked around and realized that Zhao Guang was nowhere to be seen.

More accurately, he had not seen Zhao Guang a single time since he arrived at the dojo.

 Where did this kid go?

Wei Xiao Bei started to worry. He took out his phone and called Zhao Guang’s number.

His phone was off.

Just as Wei Xiao Bei prepared to bother Shan Bing again and ask him to triangulate the position of Zhao Guang’s phone, the doors to the dojo opened and a punk appeared within the radius of Wei Xiao Bei’s [Response Search].

That’s right. A punk. He had over five different colors in his hair and his face was caked in make-up. He was wearing a ripped outfit so full of ‘personality’ that even his red underwear was showing a little.

 Since when did even punks dare to break into his dojo?

 Here to pick a fight or to learn some martial arts?

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but feel anger rise in him.

It’s easy to beat someone up when you were angry. Wei Xiao Bei was already feeling frustrated at Zhao Guang being missing, so he decided to let this punk have a good taste of his fist.

“Uncle! Second Uncle, you’re back? What’s with your eyes?”

However, just as Wei Xiao Bei prepared to beat this punk up and throw him out of the door, the punk spoke. Moreover, his voice was familiar, like a child or a girl.

“You are Zhao Guang? There’s nothing wrong with my eyes. Don’t touch them!”

Wei Xiao Bei was shocked and slapped Zhao Guang’s hands aside.

“Of course it’s me. Uncle, why do you have that look on your face? Why am I feeling a chill down my spine right now?”

Wei Xiao Bei opened his eyes and confirmed that this was indeed Zhao Guang.

The name listed on the status panel was indeed Zhao Guang. No one could falsify the information on the panel.

Naturally, Zhao Guang couldn’t bear the effect of [Enlightenment] and quickly moved away.

“What is with you?”

Wei Xiao Bei felt as if the world around him was changing too fast. Zhao Guang had been a good boy before he left the country. How did he become like this after he returned?

“Are you talking about my style, uncle? Not bad, isn’t it! My bros all say it’s super cool! Super cool!”

Wei Xiao Bei could no longer sense any trace of the antiquated nice young man on Zhao Guang. The boy turned around giddily and pointed at the two colorful pieces of tattered cloth on his knee, exclaiming that this was the most popular fas.h.i.+on of the year and that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Wei Xiao Bei almost wanted to cough up blood on the spot. He immediately started repenting his sins to Zhao Yun in his mind.

Brother, I let you down. You left Zhao Guang to me and I didn’t take care of him.

Of course, this thought only lasted in his mind for a single instant. The next second, Wei Xiao Bei picked Zhao Guang up and ran straight to his room. He threw him into the restroom and gave him ten minutes to wash away all the make-up and change his clothes.

After a whole lot of trouble, he dragged Zhao Guang to the hairdresser and had his hair dyed black again.

Finally, they returned to the dojo. Wei Xiao Bei sat on his chair in the indoor training room, Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi behind him, with Zhao Guang stood honestly in front of him with his head lowered.

Wei Xiao Bei’s sudden bout of anger and fury had terrified Zhao Guang.

He might have the rank of a 3-Star Terror Creature, but in the end, he was still a 12-year-old boy at heart.

Though he had come into contact with many things since he came to the real world, the many things that Zhao Yun had taught and shown him were still imprinted deeply in his mind.

To Zhao Guang, Wei Xiao Bei was his Second Uncle. Thus, he had the same authority as his father on the outside. Zhao Guang didn’t dare to complain even if he were to beat him up, let alone have him wash away his punk style.

Wei Xiao Bei finally let out a breath of relief after seeing Zhao Guang return to normal. He then asked Zhao Guang what had happened.

The boy’s reply made Wei Xiao Bei’s head hurt.

It seemed like Zhao Guang had been getting bored after staying in the dojo for too long. Thus, he would occasionally go out to play. A few days earlier, he ran into a bunch of gangsters.

The gangsters wanted to extort money from Zhao Guang, but Zhao Guang remembered his uncle’s advice to beat people up when they were bullying him.

Fortunately, Zhao Guang knew not to kill anyone. Even so, with his little bit of strength, he still beat the gangsters to the verge of tears.

In the end, seeing how exceptional Zhao Guang was at martial arts, the gangsters hailed him as their big brother.

Any other ordinary person would probably have chased the gangsters away.

However, Zhao Guang’s mind was filled with all the stories and morals of ancient times. Things like Guan Yu submitting to Zhou Cang, Liu Bei submitting to Gong Du, and Liu Pi once being of the Yellow Turban Robbers abandoning evil for good.

When this thought appeared in Zhao Guang’s mind, he decided to have the gangsters convert from evil to good and thus, he accepted them as his minions.

However, these gangsters only wanted to rely on Zhao Guang’s martial prowess. Zhao Guang wasn’t an idiot, but he was slightly misled by the gangsters’ intentional fawning and praise.

In just a few days, he was turned into a punk.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but look out and let out a sigh. He almost forgot that Zhao Guang was just a twelve-year-old kid in the end. It was only natural that it was easy to sway him with words.

“Mm, go call your little brothers over. Since they hail you as their big brother, that makes them my juniors.”

Zhao Guang happily agreed upon seeing Wei Xiao Bei’s anger fade away.

The gangsters couldn’t help but mumble in their hearts when they saw Zhao Guang return without his punk get-up and heard him talk about how his Second Uncle wanted to see them. They didn’t dare go to some dojo. All of them started to find reasons to flee.

Zhao Guang wasn’t an idiot. After seeing his Second Uncle fly into a rage over his appearance, he figured out that going punk was not something that ordinary people did. He had most probably been fooled by these guys. Now that they wanted to run, well, they could only wish they’d succeed.

Everyone that tried to escape was knocked unconscious by Zhao Guang. He then carried them over his shoulder back to the dojo.

Fortunately, it was already night now. Otherwise, some pedestrians might just call the police on him.

Wei Xiao Bei nodded in satisfaction upon seeing Zhao Guang bring the gangsters back. It seems like this child wasn’t stupid either. He probably understood what had happened.

Wei Xiao Bei behaved kindly when the gangsters woke up and asked them about their family situation. It seemed like their families were still all around. They simply didn’t like studying and quit school early.

Wei Xiao Bei even personally made supper for them. It was such a good feast that the gangsters, who had originally been behaving honestly, started to show their true colors.

However, at this moment, Wei Xiao Bei behaved as a proper elder. He had Zhao Guang lead his little brothers to practice martial arts in the training field. At the same time, he had the gangsters call home and say they were learning martial arts and thus, not going home.

Of course, these gangsters didn’t usually go home. They wandered outside aimlessly and their families had given up on them. The family didn’t have much to say even when they got the call.

 Practice martial arts?

The gangsters were a little surprised, but they didn’t dare to disobey him.

 Are you kidding? Their big brother was already so powerful. Wouldn’t his Second Uncle only be even more powerful? Just look at this dojo! There’s no way it’s been built just to scam people.

In the end, the gangsters trained until two in the morning. It was then that they finally got to sleep. Even so, they only got a ma.s.sive tent, a mattress, and a blanket. They were s.h.i.+vering through the night.

At five in the morning, the gangsters who had been used to nightlife were still in their sweet dreams. They felt something cold lick their faces and opened their eyes, almost peeing their pants at what they saw.

A legendary Zombie Dog was sitting ferociously by the side, licking their faces gently with its disgusting tongue.

“Mom! Save me!”

Three of the five gangsters instantly fainted. The other two shrank into a corner and started calling for help in sharp voices.

Zhu Xin Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the sight of this.

She had come here to wake the five gangsters on her master’s orders. Failing to wake them, she summoned the Zombie Dog.

In the end, three of them were scared unconscious and two of them were terrified beyond their wits.

By the time Xin Yi dismissed the Zombie Dog and chased the five gangsters to the training field, Wei Xiao Bei and the others were already training their punches.

Huang Kun was standing beneath a tree. The tree was covered entirely in frost. Every time he tackled the tree with his shoulder, frost would come falling from above.

This was Huang Kun practicing his Iron Mountain Lean, while also practicing his control over the frost.

Andre was doing squats with a ma.s.sive stone lock in his hands.

It was a different story for Wei Xiao Bei. Daily training like this was hardly useful for him at his level.

However, for Andre and the others, daily training could gradually increase their strength and agility. The rate of improvement wasn’t as fast as killing monsters, but it was superior in terms of consistency and improving endurance.


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