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Chapter 132 – A pair of people for life

After all, Wushang was just a hidden guard. If they really got too close to Guo Xiang, Prince Guo would definitely think that it was Helian Yi’s scheme.

For this reason, Wushang was regularly worried that Helian Yi would misunderstand and deliberately kept his distance from Guo Xiang.

Mo Li poked Guo Xiang’s arm and dragged her into the room. The two of them sat at the table.

“Don’t be too hasty about this. Wushang is, after all, a subordinate of Yi Yuan. Since Master has yet to speak of it, how can he affect the affection of his children?” To put it harshly, they cannot fall in love with women, or else if they really meet with danger, then women will be their lifeline! “

Guo Xiang’s eyes were filled with puzzlement, but after recalling Mo Xie’s words, she nodded her head as if she understood something. Anyway, time was still long, so she was willing to wait for him.

It was noon when the crown prince, Xiao Zhai, arrived. The two of them chatted in the private room for a long time before coming out. It just so happened that Mo Long and Guo Xiang ran into him when they were looking for Helian Yi.

This was the second time that Xiao Zhai had seen Mo Xie’s male attire. It looked very comfortable and charming. His heart tightened, and he pursed his lips into a smile, “Mo Jiu xiaojie, long time no see. We’ve met again, I didn’t expect that Mo Jiu xiaojie would become more and more outstanding.”

When Helian Yi heard Xiao Zhai’s words, he glanced at him and reminded him, “Brother Xiao, you can call me Princess Jing in the future!”

Xiao Zhai was stunned. This Helian Yi had already become his. He was actually jealous. Shaking his head, he smiled and said, “I wonder if Jing w.a.n.g would mind if I speak with Princess Jing?”

Helian Yi blurted out without thinking, “Of course I mind!”

Mo Xiang and Guo Xiang stared at the two of them speechlessly. Could it be that the words spoken by these two men were normal? Mo Long looked at Xiao Zhai with his eyes wide open. Because of Helian Yi’s att.i.tude, he didn’t say anything. Since Helian Yi was concerned about her contact with other men, she a.s.sured him.

A strange emotion flitted across Xiao Zhai’s eyes as he landed in the sight of Helian Yi. Helian Yi reminded him, “I heard that a few secondary wives have been sent to Brother Xiao’s residence …”

Before he could finish his words, Xiao Zhai interrupted Helian Yi, “We do not need you to worry. Since you are rushing over, I will not disturb you any longer. Take care! “

Saying that, she could not bear to take a single glance at Mo Xie, then turned and left without looking back.

On the way back to Ming You Country, Mo Li asked Helian Yi with his eyes wide open: “Why didn’t you mention that pot just now? [You actually took out Xiao Zhai’s family affairs to talk about! Seeing Xiao Zhai’s expression just now, how awkward was it? “

Helian Yi, who was sitting opposite Mo Long, dozed off. Hearing Mo Li’s words, he suddenly opened his eyes, stared at her with her deep eyes, and replied,

“This King naturally wants to tell my beloved concubine that in this world, there is no man more suited to you other than This King that can be your loyal concubine.”

After hearing Helian Yi’s words, Mo Long was stunned for a moment. He meant that in this life, there would be a pair of people, right?

Seeing Mo Xie staring at him in surprise, Helian Yi naturally guessed her suspicions, and he lowered his eyes slightly, “Just like what my beloved concubine thought. A pair of men for life! “

As he saw Mo Xie staring at him dumbly, Helian Yi pulled her to his side, leaned her head against his shoulder, and caressed her soft hair with a smile on his face. At this moment, it was as if they were the only ones in the world who did not need to be talked about or disturbed.

Helian Yi thought of what he had said with Xiao Zhai in the private room. Lily had already taken action against Xiao Tian Ba, and in less than a month, Xiao Tian Ba should have given up his position! All he needed to do was to exert a little bit of strength and help Xiao Zhai win the throne.

Thinking about the marriage with Mo Liangyi, Helian Yi’s face suddenly changed. Mo Liangyi could feel the aura of the man getting colder and colder, she raised her eyes and asked curiously:

“What’s wrong?”

“Hurry up and head back to Ming You Country tonight. This King will marry you tomorrow!” There’s no need for General Mo to return. This king will send someone to inform General Mo and have them rush to Jing King Manor tomorrow! “

“But …” She wasn’t prepared for anything …

Seeing this, Helian Yi opened his mouth and said, “You don’t need to prepare anything. The embroidery lady is already in the process of making a new wedding dress.

Mo Li nodded slightly, agreeing to Helian Yi’s words. This time, she should settle the score with Li Rong and Hua Lan! Did they think that she would be so naked after the in the Purple Bamboo Forest? Let them go, and let them go. Since they are heartless, then don’t blame them for not showing any mercy!

In the Li Kingdom, Xiao w.a.n.g Manor, Xiao Ruojun sat in the study with anger written all over his face as he stared at his subordinates kneeling in front of the table. He coldly asked: “What did Helian Yi and Xiao Zhai say?”

“Prince, please calm your anger. Subordinate’s people can’t get close, so they can’t hear what they’re saying.”

Xiao Ruojun angrily flipped the table over, walked up and ruthlessly kicked that person. From last night to today, how many times had he suffered under Helian Yi’s hand?! After going through so much humiliation, the subordinates they raised were all more stupid than the ones before them! He couldn’t even find out what the two of them were talking about! If he wanted to move to the Crown Prince, it would be even harder than ascending to heaven!

After a moment of anger, Xiao Ruojun roared at the person: “Scram! Get out for This King! “

Just as he was about to leave, someone came to report, “Your Highness! There is a peerless beauty seeking an audience outside the door. “

Hearing his subordinate’s words, Xiao Ruojun suddenly remembered that Mo Xie was naked and thought that the person who came was her. He hastily ordered, “Quickly call her in.”

With that, he quickly tidied his clothes and stood at the door waiting for the peerless beauty. However, when Xiao Ruojun saw the person’s familiar figure, his eyes instantly dimmed. He was just a concubine. What was she doing here?

Lily walked out of the study and extended her hand to signal the servant girl to stay, then she walked straight towards Xiao Ruojun’s study alone.

Xiao Ruojun looked at the seductive woman in front of her, and thought of how she would be happy under her father. A loathing flashed through her eyes, but she endured the unhappiness and greeted her with a smile:

“I don’t know why my wife is here, but I hope to welcome you.”

Lily covered her mouth and laughed: “King Xiao is not as polite as you are to me. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”


The two of them entered the study room, Xiao Ruojun closed the door and ordered people to stand guard outside. He went straight to the point and asked, “What are you here for, concubine?”

“Since King Xiao is a straightforward person, then I won’t beat around the bush.” I have come here for the sake of the Emperor. “

Xiao Ruojun was stunned for a moment, and asked curiously: “Father? Ever since royal father had a concubine, his days have been very happy. I wonder if this concubine was talking about you, Royal Father, what do you mean? “

“Has King Xiao ever thought about becoming emperor by himself?”

“Insolent and bold! Are you trying to rebel?”


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