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The Craftsman is a web novel made by WickedDinoRuler2.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Craftsman 149 Plans

That night Daedalus could not sleep. He was worried about the possibilities of the future, and more specifically the future of his children. They where so talented that even G.o.ds would want them to be their disciples.

By the time it was early morning Daedalus was still awake. Soon after he realised he would not be sleeping, Andromeda woke up. As she did she looked at his face and immediately said “So what are you worried about?”

Daedalus sighed and said “I checked their talent. I have never seen someone with talent like that before let alone both of them. I am worried that someone will try to kidnap them or something.”

Andromeda raised an eyebrow and said “Okay let me check their talent then.”

A short while later Andromeda to had a worried look on her face. She then said “I guess it is time to really start working harder. Let’s tell our parents and have them combine the empires more quickly than originally planned.”

Daedalus nodded solemnly agreeing, however before he could speak crying could be heard from the cots making the two smile happily.


A few hours later Daedalus and Andromeda where sitting at the table with Reginn, Rose and everyone else. Daedalus and Andromeda where each carrying one of the two babies while talking to their slightly distracted parents about moving the empire combination plan forward. After a while Daedalus and Andromeda realised that they would not be getting any where with the three grand parents. Though slightly unwilling Daedalus and Andromeda placed Reginn and rose in to their parent’s arms.

After around an hour of oohing at the adorable babies the two new parents took their children back. Andromeda looked a lot happier with Rose in her arms. While Andromeda then snuggled with Rose, Daedalus talked to their parents about moving the plan forward. Luckily they where not distracted this time and listened to everything in a serious way.

They where all shocked when they checked the babies talent and swiftly agreed to move the plan forward. Daedalus himself even offered to build the city just to be more safe about it. Everyone of course agreed and Daedalus started planning in his mind.

After breakfast was finished Daedalus excused himself and told Andromeda that he would be in his crafting room. His decision was made, Daedalus was going to build specialised tools to build this city faster than ever before. It started off simple at first however slowly Daedalus began using cogs or similar things to make a more efficient tool.

These tools eventually started getting too big and Daedalus realised they needed a better source of power. This of course was a difficult process and so for a few days Daedalus was going between working harder than ever before to simply relaxing and playing with Andromeda and the kids. Daedalus quickly realised that the two little ones where actually rather intelligent and so he took them in to the craft room to see him building and crafting various different things.

This turned in to a sort of routine, half the day spent working then the other half playing games and showing off his crafting skill. Andromeda did a similar thing and read books on the different crafts with them. This continued on after a while for more than a year.


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