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The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate is a Webnovel produced by Ying Zhao.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate Chapter 9

t.i.tle: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate

Chapter: 009 of 087

That day, it would have been too much of a rush to return to the capital before nighttime. So, they stayed overnight at the Buddhist temple. Great Master Kong Kong had dispatched a disciple to prepare and help them settle in a scenic side room. The dispatched disciple was the young monk that had opened the gate door during the day. He was twenty-three years old. He hadn’t lost his childish nature, but his att.i.tude towards QingQiao had changed. His previous arrogant behavior had disappeared. He became considerate and asked about her health.

Looking at the young monk in front of them being extremely deferential, QingQiao couldn’t help jesting, “little shifu treated us so nicely.” Oh, even you have times when you kiss up to someone.

Dong Xi snorted. Her heart held grudges over his previous haughtiness.

The young monk didn’t respond.

After he had brought them to the side room and was about to leave, he turned around to say, “Miss Gu, it was my master that said to treat you better. He said that if later you still have that idea, please remember to be merciful to the people here. After all, they are innocent.” He left after he finished speaking.

This time, it was QingQiao that was surprised.

“Miss, what did that baldy mean?” Dong Xi came closer. Her face showed her confusion.

“&h.e.l.lip; I think they read a comprehensive collection of time traveling books. Those books were full of keywords like ‘G.o.ddess’, ‘heaven’s disagreement, ‘celestial maiden’, and descendant of G.o.ds’. These books talk about a tragic story of a strange girl enduring a predestined fate of countless beautiful men pursuing her, which triggers a world catastrophe,” Miss murmured.

“Wow,” Dong Xi’s head felt foggy after listening. She could only do this as a gesture of goodwill.


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