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Read The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 680 The Death-Courting Path Of A Death-Courting Live Streamer

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It was true what they said: “If you don’t look for trouble, you won’t find it.” Some were born to live, while some were born to die. This live streamer “Singers Inst.i.tute” had a prior record of stealing and lip-syncing songs, and he was up to his old tricks of deceiving audiences again, which really raised one’s hackles. But even then there was a bunch of viewers who were still fooled into continually sending him gifts of support.

This reminded Father w.a.n.g of a skit called “Selling Crutches”– it turned out there really were people in this world who would still help the other party count the money even after being cheated… they were careless and had been duped by this villainous live streamer into believing they were lame.

Actually, it wasn’t like Father w.a.n.g didn’t understand the behavior of these fans. It was obvious that most of them were diehard supporters of their “idols.” In reality, they were probably stubborn fanatics who wouldn’t be willing to admit that they had followed the wrong idol.

In the majority of cases where one looked for and obtained a hammer, or learning from the example of the brother from C Station, it was the idols who ultimately paid the price for their fans’ behavior.

When idols were unwilling to admit their mistakes in particular, the fans’ diehard defense of them was even more frightening.

By lip-syncing “The Starry Sky’s Language of Love” in the live stream room, this live streamer gained a tremendous increase in his number of fans. Father w.a.n.g had yet to officially make this song public. Although it had already been uploaded onto a music platform, the MV was in fact still being made and the song was still listed as “to be released” on the platform.

Father w.a.n.g had only posted the audio in his fan group.

But he hadn’t expected this audio to actually be deliberately filched by this live streamer.

Mm… This was where the live streamer had run into the worst luck. This live streamer “Singers Inst.i.tute” who stole songs probably never thought that this online song, which couldn’t be found through an online search, would be the work of a guru in the authors circle who had written it for his own wife.

Now, this live streamer was about to face a bombardment from Father w.a.n.g, who was going to attack Pingan county to save his wife Xiuqin…

At six o’clock in the evening, the live streamer “Singers Inst.i.tute” was about to start live streaming on Langya Broadcasting Platform.

Langya Broadcasting Platform was a live streaming platform that was about to be listed. Not only did it have a large number of fans, it also had a considerable number of daily live users. Of course, it was still a level lower than the Cultivation Broadcasting Network which Daoist Guang was on and which was recognized as the best live streaming platform on the whole Internet.

However, most of what the Cultivation Broadcasting Network offered were outdoor and game programs. Singing couldn’t take off at all on this live streaming network. In contrast, Langya Broadcasting Platform’s entertainment enterprise flourished.

Both platforms had their own distinguis.h.i.+ng features, which were also points of compet.i.tion between them.

When Father w.a.n.g had writer’s block, he usually liked to watch live streams for inspiration. That funny female live streamer Little Xuan from before was on the Cultivation Broadcasting Network. Although Father w.a.n.g had his own “bigwig” account on almost all of the live streaming platforms, he spent the most time and gifts on the Cultivation Broadcasting Network.

The battle this time was at Langya Broadcasting Platform. To be honest, Father w.a.n.g really didn’t know what to do at first… After all, the enemy’s battlefield was different!

But his fans pooled their knowledge and strength together, which gave him a lot of confidence.

Before he started live streaming that night, this live streamer put on a half-mask as usual to cover the top half of his face. It made him look slightly mysterious, and the mask also covered his bulbous nose and its sunken bridge.

After putting on the mask, Yang Zhong looked at himself in the mirror in front of him. His entire being and even his energy seemed different; he instantly straightened and radiated lively vigor.

It was as if this mask could bury all of his hypocrisy, vanity and corrupt spirit to achieve a psychological brainwas.h.i.+ng effect.

No one knew what kind of person this little brother, who looked pretty good with the half-mask on, was; no one also knew how ugly his appearance was behind the mask.

Before the live stream officially started, Yang Zhong used his own live streaming account “Singers Inst.i.tute” to check the background stats.

He had lip-synced the song “The Starry Sky’s Language of Love” in front of the camera the day before yesterday; checking the background stats today, he never thought his overall numbers would shoot up, with his fans increasing by thirty thousand! And one thousand more subscriptions! The most important thing was the gifts from the live stream room – his gains from lip-syncing this song was actually more than what he usually earned in a month!

It had just been a few days!

Staring at the background stats, Yang Zhong couldn’t help but feel thrilled.

Before even going on the computer today, these stats already put him in a good mood.

Just as he was about to start live streaming, he received a call from the guild.

This was a phone call from Lang Bei, the president of the Shadow Fool Guild which Yang Zhong belonged to. As soon as Yang Zhong picked up the phone, President Lang Bei smiled broadly from ear to ear. “Little Yang, beautifully done! You actually earned three hundred thousand after your performance the day before yesterday! More than you make in a month!”

“Ha ha ha!” Yang Zhong laughed. “I accidentally stumbled onto this audio, and it sounded very similar to the stand-in singer I found before! The audio file was t.i.tled ‘The Starry Sky’s Language of Love,’ but I couldn’t find this song when I did an online search. It was probably some singer who dropped it accidentally…”

“That’s great! Since it hasn’t been uploaded on any other platform, let’s release it and say it’s ours!”

“Sounds good! In any case, since it hasn’t been released, even if someone wants to say something in the end, we have the advantage since we got there first!”

“Mm, now that we have the advantage with this song, our priority should be to look for a record company to release it. No one can charge us!” Yang Zhong smiled sinisterly in his heart. In this current era of fan economies, it was too easy to make a profit off fans, which made him incomparably happy.

He had earned a lot in these two days. Moreover, he had a very strong feeling that he was going to become hot!

He had been live streaming for so many years, but he had never had such a strong premonition like today…

After the phone call, Yang Zhong sat back in position, turned on the camera, and turned the beauty function up to the highest setting. He then adjusted the angle of the Crazy Mike so that it blocked his Adam’s apple, because his throat hardly moved when he was lip-syncing; if his whole neck was exposed, it would be very easy for people to suspect something.

“I wonder how much money I’ll make today?”

Smiling slightly, Yang Zhong clicked the “Start Broadcast” b.u.t.ton.

As expected, numbers in the live stream room started to soar.

Then he looked at the bullet screen.

“Net friend” Captain of w.a.n.g Situ’s Demolition Squad: Light incense!

“Net friend” Sergeant of w.a.n.g Situ’s Demolition Squad: Light incense, light incense! The live streamer is already done for!

“Net friend” Company Commander of w.a.n.g Situ’s Demolition Squad: Light license warning!

“Net friend” Regiment Commander of w.a.n.g Situ’s Demolition Squad: A toast of sweet potato wine to comfort the spirit of the deceased live streamer…

Yang Zhong: “???” From China’s 2001 Spring Festival Gala, where a man is tricked into believing he’s lame so that he will buy a pair of crutches.This is a literal translation of the online catchphrase 求锤得锤, which refers to a phenomenon, usually in the entertainment industry, of someone spreading news and only releasing evidence to support it after calls are made for them to do so.Referring to pro gamer and live streamer Lu Benwei who was blacklisted by the CCTV program “Focus Report.”Referring to the wife of Li Yunlong, the protagonist of the novel ‘Drawing Sword,’ who was captured by j.a.panese soldiers, and so Li Yunlong gathered the troops to attack Pingan county to save her.


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