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The truth was that from the moment Loopy Toad exhibited the Basic Dog Skills, Daoist Bronze Turtle had already sensed a power that seemed to be Heavenly Dao, but he hadn’t dared confirm it. It was only when those hundreds of punches had fallen like meteors on his Turtle s.h.i.+eld Spell chainmail that he revealed a disbelieving expression.

The power of Heavenly Dao mixed into this boxing technique had directly shattered his chainmail and pa.s.sed through his body… It was only because this power of Heavenly Dao wasn’t at maximum strength that Daoist Bronze Turtle hadn’t died!

Daoist Bronze Turtle was in fact right. At present, Dog Two could only exert seventy percent of its power at the most, and still needed to rely on the Bone King. If it could rely on its own strength to exhibit the full ten layers of the power of Sword Dao like Evil Sword G.o.d, Daoist Bronze Turtle would have been long dead.

“Fellow Witch Demon! Let’s retreat for now… There’s something wrong with this green-furred dog!”

Daoist Bronze Turtle had a vague sense that something wasn’t right. This was clearly a spirit dog that couldn’t yet transform, but it actually had the power of Heavenly Dao in its body? Obviously, either the dog was abnormal or its owner wasn’t simple…

Daoist Bronze Turtle, who had calmed down after being pierced by Loopy Toad’s power of Heavenly Dao, could only think of these two possibilities. However, Daoist Witch Demon had already acc.u.mulated enough power and wasn’t prepared to abandon it at that moment. “Don’t be afraid, Fellow Bronze Turtle, come behind me! I’ll make this green-furred dog pay for your injury several dozen times over!”

Daoist Witch Demon wouldn’t be dissuaded at all. When Daoist Bronze Turtle had been blocking Dog Two’s attack, he had already set up the ghost flags and put down a large array on the ground.

He roared at that moment, and the instant he formed a hand seal, endless black clouds surged forth in the sky like a sea, bringing with them a great sense of oppression.

Elder Wen was indescribably shocked. This kind of ghost army wasn’t something Daoist Witch Demon could summon by himself… The ghost flags he had planted in the ground had most likely been combined with the power of Ghost Emperor of the South!

Each one of these ghost soldiers would be close to the Nascent Soul stage, while a ghost general was on the level of a demon king… But the issue was that there were too many ghost soldiers and ghost generals! It wasn’t just ten or twenty of them, as their numbers continued to grow in that black sea of billowing clouds.

“Brother Dog, you have to destroy the Ghost Gathering Array!” Elder Wen warned from the peace consulate. Currently, Daoist Bronze Turtle was already severely wounded. If Elder Wen went out to help this Brother Dog, they would definitely have the upper hand in this situation.

But Elder Wen was afraid that these two crafty people might have other tricks up their sleeves. The Toad clan had many attack spells, mainly for support and defense, and most of them were binding spells. The Toad clan was thus usually pretty weak against opponents with long-range attack abilities. It wasn’t that Elder Wen didn’t want to go out, but he was afraid that if he was rash, he might get in the way instead.

Looking at the current situation at least, even without him, this Brother Dog seemed to have the upper hand.

Elder Wen had already decided in his heart, if the other side launched some finis.h.i.+ng move, he would instantly rush out and do his best to block it for this righteous Brother Dog and help give it time to escape.

Among the other three territory envoys, Daoist Witch Demon had always been the most troublesome one.

“Generals and soldiers, listen up: tear that green-furred stray dog up ahead into pieces!” Daoist Witch Demon guarded the ghost array which he had set up. In his hand was a very small ghost flag which was the vital key for commanding the ghost generals and ghost soldiers produced in the sky after the entire ghost array was set up.

This feeling of resentment was so strong that even though the ghost generals and the ghost soldiers in the sky were tens of thousands of feet away from Loopy Toad, its spirit still felt like it was being heavily stifled.

This was something that the golden light s.h.i.+eld couldn’t protect against; it could stop these evil spirits from invading its body, but it couldn’t stop this type of pressure on the spirit.

Dog Two clenched its teeth. It had to deal with Daoist Witch Demon even quicker than it had with Daoist Bronze Turtle. The number of ghost generals and ghost soldiers could still be counted for now, but if this fight dragged on, tens of thousands of these ghost generals and ghost soldiers would rush down together, and Loopy Toad wouldn’t be able to take care of all of them.


The dense ma.s.s of evil ghosts cried and shrieked furiously, the ear-piercing sound shaking heaven and earth.

Loopy Toad was gathering power.

Its boxing gloves were suddenly densely covered with spikes as it exhibited the fullest extent of the strength of the ten-meter Sword Dao which it was capable of!

“It’s no use, mongrel.” Daoist Witch Demon sneered. “These ghost generals and ghost soldiers have the power of Ghost Emperor of the South; with your strength, there’s no way you can block the power of a demon G.o.d. Your ugly boxing skills won’t work on my ghost generals and ghost soldiers.”

As soon as Daoist Witch Demon said this, two ghost soldiers from the left and the right rushed at the green-furred dog in front at the same time.

Dog Two’s movements were very swift and it unexpectedly dodged this pincer attack by the two ghost soldiers at a tricky angle.

Its quick response was thanks to its previous training with Sheep and Jingke. In Dog Two’s view, these ghost soldiers were really clumsy; they were slower than Sheep and weaker than Jingke.

Loopy Toad sucked in a deep breath, took a tape recorder out of its mouth, and started to play “Dragon Fist”…

My right paw opens the heavens and I turn into a dog; Move the mountains and rivers again and level chasms…

“Oula oula oula oula!!!

“Oh, hit, hit, hit, hit, hit…”

The more Loopy Toad performed the Basic Dog Skills, the quicker it became. The instant the ghost soldiers swooping down from the sky touched these shadow fists, they straightaway cried out in fear and were actually torn apart!

“How can this be?”

Daoist Witch Demon watched this scene in disbelief.

“There’s definitely no mistake… Fellow Witch Demon! This mongrel has the power of Heavenly Dao in its body!” Daoist Bronze Turtle struggled to prop himself up. He had already used several self-healing spells in succession, but they didn’t have the least bit of effect on his internal injuries, which was enough proof that this was the power of Heavenly Dao.

After being hit by the power of Heavenly Dap, it was absurd to try and rely on self-healing spells to heal yourself within a short period of time.

“How can a mongrel which still can’t transform have the power of Heavenly Dao?” Daoist Witch Demon felt a little weak.

Daoist Bronze Turtle: “That’s what’s strange… Fellow Witch Demon, I still think it would be better for us to retreat first!”


The truth was that Daoist Witch Demon had never thought about retreating at all.

They were envoys of two main demon territories, respected beyond measure.

But they were actually helpless in the face of this green-furred dog.

He clenched his teeth. “No matter what, at the very least, we should destroy its golden light s.h.i.+eld and take it down a peg or two!”

But just when Daoist Witch Demon was about to have the ghost generals and the ghost soldiers launch the next round of attacks on Loopy Toad, Loopy Toad suddenly stopped.

Because at that moment, it suddenly occurred to Loopy Toad that it in fact didn’t have to do everything by itself at all…

Didn’t Zhenyuan that guy give it a main immortal seal?! Loopy Toad still hadn’t used it even once!

Thinking of trying it out, Loopy Toad spat the main immortal seal out from its mouth.

The moment it injected spirit energy into it –

A pure and holy angelic-looking light appeared in the sky!

Then… the ghost generals and the ghost soldiers which filled the sky were directly dispersed!

With this pure and holy light fell the figure of a red-haired young man… Adapted from the song “Dragon Fist” by Jay Chou.


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