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At the same time that night on top of the Holy Pillar in the demon world, Second Generation Demon Saint was looking into his crystal magic ball when all his scales stood on end; a bad feeling shot straight through the depths of his soul, and with a crack, the magic ball in Second Generation Demon Saint’s hand suddenly broke apart.

“Demon Saint’s magic ball actually broke… This is an ominous sign!” On the side, Sage Master Shen Wuyue had an astounded look on his face. As the Sage Master who had a.s.sisted successive generations of Demon Saint, Shen Wuyue naturally knew what this meant.

The magic ball had cracked once before during First Generation Demon Saint’s time. It had just been a minor crack, but First Generation Demon Saint had gotten hemorrhoids the next day, and the toilet bowl had been filled with his blood.

The last time the magic ball had cracked was during the appearance of that powerful mystery person who had sent out the kun on a fis.h.i.+ng line to explore each s.p.a.ce. The angler’s ident.i.ty at that time had been quite mysterious, but now they had already confirmed who he was: w.a.n.g Zhen, from the Domain of the G.o.ds.

But this time, the magic ball was even more thoroughly broken, and actually split into eight parts…

“Old Shen… what’s going on?” Second Generation Demon Saint was a little panicky, fine beads of sweat instantly trickling down his forehead; he had never encountered this situation before.

Staring at the broken magic ball, Shen Wuyue was lost in silence for a while. To be honest, he too had never encountered this situation before – now, they could only rely on the handbook left behind by First Generation Demon Saint to diagnose the situation.

Shen Wuyue hastily flipped through the Demon Saint Codex from cover to cover.

Second Generation Demon Saint was clearly anxious as he watched on the side.

Second Generation Demon Saint: “How is it?”

Shen Wuyue muttered, “Ball in eight parts, chrysanthemum will be ruined.”

Second Generation Demon Saint: “…”

For a time, the palace at the top of the Holy Pillar fell into a long silence.

Whether this “chrysanthemum will be ruined” was true or not, what was certain was that they couldn’t escape the misfortune.

“If my chrysanthemum is going to be ruined, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” Second Generation Demon Saint smiled. “My lower half is a fish tail; I don’t have a ‘chrysanthemum’ at all.”


Shen Wuyue furrowed his brow. “But Lord Demon Saint, you must take this seriously. Since ancient times, the magic ball breaking has never been a good thing. Because the former Demon Saint didn’t take it seriously, he suffered a huge calamity in the end.”

In the end, as soon as he said that, the temple in Demon Saint’s palace shuddered fiercely all of a sudden, and web-like fissures appeared in the air!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was accompanied by a powerful aura!

This was an extremely familiar scene for both Second Generation Demon Saint and Shen Wuyue! They recalled when that multi-fanged kun appeared in the palace previously!

“Lord Demon Saint, watch out!” Shen Wuyue kicked him away and stood in front of him as a s.h.i.+eld.

With a “pu,” Second Generation Demon Saint spewed out a mouthful of blood.

At that moment, as the crack opened in the air, a three-headed, nine-tailed phoenix flew out.


Second Generation Demon Saint stared at it.

Shen Wuyue shook his head. “No! This phoenix has teeth and nine plume feathers in the colors of the rainbow. This is a prehistoric Three-Headed Phoenix!”

“… Another extinct divine beast?” Second Generation Demon Saint was stupefied – he never thought that his palace would be a magnet for divine beasts!


Before they came back to their senses, this three-headed phoenix that had come out of nowhere straightaway spewed raging flames from its mouth!

“The Rainbow Divine Fire!” Shen Wuyue was so frightened that all his hair stood on end, and he kicked Demon Saint away for a second time. “Watch out, Lord Demon Saint!!!”

“???” Second Generation Demon Saint was sent flying by the kick as he coughed up more blood. His sternum was already cracked after the two flying kicks…

“How dare you, evil creature!”

Having dealt with a prehistoric vicious kun before, Shen Wuyue was unafraid when confronting the Three-Headed Phoenix this time. He took off his antlers and threw them!

The antlers spun rapidly and turned into two sharp boomerangs which hurtled at the phoenix like electric saws.

Shen Wuyue used his mind to exercise maximum control over the antlers – these were a trait of his clan, which had been refined into his life bonded magic artifact and couldn’t be destroyed by water or fire.

However, Shen Wuyue was still a little intimidated by the fact that his opponent was the Three-Headed Phoenix.

In legend, the Rainbow Divine Fire was a powerful divine fire created from the divine fire in the sun’s core merging with the Three-Headed Phoenix clan’s power of the phoenix. Even if you were immortal or indestructible, as soon as you were touched by this fire, nothing would put it out until you were burned down to ashes!

“But why would the Three-Headed Phoenix appear here?” Shen Wuyue racked his brain but couldn’t think why. The sudden appearance of both this Three-Headed Phoenix and the prehistoric vicious kun from last time could be described as utterly unfathomable.

Their Demon Saint’s Palace was quickly becoming a protection center for rare beasts…

“Shen Wuyue, this phoenix…”

After being kicked twice, Second Generation Demon Saint gradually came back to his senses at that moment and slowly got to his feet. He wanted to ask about the Three-Headed Phoenix, but given the urgent battle situation, Shen Wuyue had no attention to spare Demon Saint.

The Three-Headed Phoenix swooped down with a cry which swept over everything with a terrifying, unearthly force, and the antler boomerangs were straightaway forced out of their original path.

“Watch out, Lord Demon Saint! The phoenix’s cry can enthrall you! You have to shut your ears!” Shen Wuyue bellowed. But it seemed that Second Generation Demon Saint had already been affected. He gripped his head and took some wobbly steps as if he was imitating some actress’s performance in the famous skit “Haiwa Died”!

“Lord Demon Saint!” Seeing this situation, Shen Wuyue gave a third kick.

Given how critical the situation was, it would take too long to use magic to get rid of the effects – rather, physical correction would work wonders.

Kicked a third time, Second Generation Demon Saint sprayed out a mouthful of blood once again.

This was the largest mouthful, which was like a fountain that was horrifying to see.

After the third kick, Shen Wuyue realized that this fight couldn’t be dragged out and he needed to settle it quickly! If things went on like this, Lord Demon Saint wouldn’t be able to hold on before they dealt with the Three-Headed Phoenix!

This useless Demon Saint… Shen Yue was the one fighting, but ultimately Demon Saint was the one spitting out the most blood.

Forget it…

Shen Wuyue sighed in disappointment.

Fixing his gaze on the Three-Headed Phoenix in front of him, his expression finally turned serious.

Shen Wuyue seldom revealed his true appearance. However, at this critical juncture, he had no other option. Demon Saint’s Palace had now become the number one target of foreign invaders – how shameful was this for his mighty Demon Saint’s Holy Palace?

Whether or not there was anyone behind the scenes looking to attack Demon Saint’s Holy Palace, intentionally or otherwise, Shen Wuyue thought that as the Sage Master who had been a.s.sisting all the Demon Saints until now, he had to take a stand.

It wasn’t as if there wasn’t anyone in the demon world!

There was Lord Demon Saint!

And him, Shen Wuyue!

At that thought, Shen Wuyue directly swallowed the antlers that he had taken off to use as boomerangs.

An aura of a prehistoric beast came flooding down, which abruptly scared the Three-Headed Phoenix into actually dropping a few of its tail feathers.Referring to Huang Shengyi’s exaggerated acting on the variety show “The Birth of An Actor.”


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