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Read The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

Even though I desire to press Master under my body and ravish you every day, Master still thinks . . .

Hearing those murderous words, Gu Yunjue just looked up slowly and cupped his chin drowsily, chuckling, “I’m also looking forward to it . ”

As those words were spoken, the other paused a while out of shock . Apparently, he hadn’t thought this youngster should react like that . Generally speaking, the threatening words would leave psychological trauma or even internal devil to those faced with a powerful enemy .

Wei Huaitong indulged himself in the illusion, ‘Killing Gu Yunjue directly won’t bring enough pain to Mu Chen . Instead, Mu Chen should be tortured by endless desperation from the annihilation of his little disciple’s talent and vigor, seeing this treasure wither into waste and age faster than Mu Chen himself . ’

He was so dying to ravage Mu Chen’s nerves and to see overwhelming pains appear on the chilling face .

Pitifully, that was just the figment of his imagination . Gu Yunjue sit still in the place, looking at him with a faint sneer, “Ludicrous! How come I fear some stray dog that didn’t even dare to bring your real body into light?”

‘He should see through me not presenting with my real body! The more talented Gu Yunjue is, the more distressed and resentful Mu Chen will be on seeing his disciple destroyed!’

Wei Huaitong wasn’t irritated by GU’s words but sneered with much interest, his hoa.r.s.e voice so grating on ears like a hard object across a jade plate . “Little imp, you are really upstart!”

‘As to a little cultivator of Core Formation Stage, even my divine soul is sufficient to ruin his cultivation . Flippant as he is, this ignorant upstart is after all unaware of the world’s immensity . ’

Gu Yunjue knitted his brows and summoned out Black Egg, uttering in all earnestness, “There should be someone with a voice even coa.r.s.e than yours . The Creator is marvelous indeed!”

“Chirp! Chirp!” Black Egg fluttered its wings pa.s.sionately as if it was telling Gu Yunjue ‘The soul of the black-dressed man must be delicious! Go get him! Go get him!’

Gu’s words had stabbed the most sensitive spot at Wei Huaitong who had become so miserable and pathetic since he had been disclosed by Mu Chen and thrown into the De-devil Cliff in his young age . Thinking of the past decades when he had been trapped under the gloomy bluff, he squinted the blood-colored eyes and stretched his hand toward Gu Yunjue .

At the back of his hand, a long scar extended ferociously into the black sleeves, resembling a haughty centipede as well as a deadly claw .

Seeing the man approaching, Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrows and curved the corner of his mouth . At this moment, the man was blocked by a transparent membrane before he could touch Gu and immediately a cl.u.s.ter of ‘white b.u.t.terflies’ flew out of the membrane .

It turned out the Nine Yin Dark Fire had locked on Wei Huaitong as the target, with one part of it guarding beside Gu Yunjue while the other part pouncing toward the man . Wei Huaitong reacted from the defense quickly and set a boundary around himself at once . But unexpectedly, the fire just burnt the boundary through and twined around him unyieldingly as if it was a resentful creature that wouldn’t stop burning until the man turned into ashes .

Feeling the pains of his divine soul being scorched, Wei Huaitong was astounded for a while because he hadn’t thought the fire should not spare even a divine soul, like parasitic maggots sticking to rotten bones till the very end!

More and more b.u.t.terflies were generated from the burning fire and encircled Wei Huaitong, which was so scorching that his divine soul rolled into a ball with screams but incurred a bigger fire incinerating even more fiercely .

Black Egg coveted the soul as it looked expectantly at Gu Yunjue, ‘Don’t burn it up! Leave it for me!’

Gu Yunjue clicked his tone and stretched a finger when a white b.u.t.terfly fell on the tip . He smiled gently, “The fire connecting with master’s divine soul is intimate with me but is not under my control . Sorry, Black Egg, you have to wait until next time . ” His adorable little master surely cared him most . Master had certainly perceived what happened just now and would fly back in a moment .

Meanwhile, Wei was hiding in a dark room and feeling the burning of his divine soul . But he daren’t to retrieve the soul back because the fire would accordingly attach itself to his real body so long as the soul returned . Bearing the scorching pain, Wei Huaitong felt more resentful toward Mu Chen, ‘Mu Chen is simply a favorite of fate . Not to mention his excellent talent, even such divine thing recognizes him as master . d.a.m.n it!’

Sensing the boundary broken by outsiders, Mu Chen felt his heart tightened immediately and rushed out of the pill concocting room in a blink . Bo Jinyu thumped his chest and stamped his feet, “Come back, you cheeky cad! Restore my furnace . ”

Mu Chen turned a deaf ear to Bo . With his heart full of concerns on his little disciple, how could he spare any attention to the furnace right now?

Bo Jinyu embraced the pill concocting furnace with his whole body and stared at the big hole in it, his face filled with grief!

Turning his sight to the sc.r.a.pped herbs, Bo felt even more woeful . No herbs left, no furnace intact, he could not concoct pills in the end but had to pay for violation of the contract . ‘Such an evil day! Mama! I wanna cry!’

Mu Chen returned to the inn in just a minute, when Wei Huaitong’s divine soul was totally burnt out . Only a faint shadow faded away before Mu Chen had a second to figure out who the intruder was . Actually, he had his heart filled with worries about his little disciple, without any mood to investigate .

Seeing Gu Yunjue sit still at the place without any sign of injury, Mu Chen felt a little relieved . However, the way little disciple looked at him was quirky .

Gu Yunjue remained cold and looked down to conceal the joy beneath his eyes, with exactly a pettish youngster’s appearance . Mu Chen’s chilling face changed instantly as Gu had expected . There was still no expression though, this master’s eyes seemed disturbed . ‘I wasn’t there to protect little disciple when he was faced with danger . ’ Mu Chen blamed himself before he asked, “Yun’er, are you all right? Did it scare you?”

Gu Yunjue looked up at Mu Chen coldly, full of grievance in his eyes, “Would master call me something else? I’ve grown up and don’t want to be treated like a child anymore . ”

Mu Chen felt puzzled, ‘A nickname can devalue one’s age?’

Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s hand and pulled him over, querying, “Where has Master been?”

Mu Chen recalled that he had broken Bo Jinyu’s furnace and blushed abruptly with his eyes dodging away, seemingly bashful and annoyed .

Gu Yunjue intended to tease master but hadn’t imagined the shyness appearing on Mu Chen’s face . His eyes darkening and a feeling of jealousy surging over his heart, Gu Yunjue gripped Mu Chen even harder until finger marks were left on master’s white hand .

Mu Chen was stunned at Gu Yunjue’s cold face and his rather colder eyes . His disciple’s dim eyes became rather dark as ink with even a faint color of blood in the deep, from which anybody could see through his forbearing and infatuated affection . Sensing the substantive and strong feeling that was about to wrap him and draw him into the bottomless abyss, Mu Chen felt at a loss for a while and didn’t know how to react . The eyes of his little disciple had always been clear and transparent . But currently this pair of eyes absolutely belonged to the disciple of last life, who had always worn a chuckling appearance to hide his thought from being perceived .

Gu Yunjue squinted with a sense of killing, “Master looks in quite a good mood and should become bashful as soon as I mention that person . I don’t even know when you become so intimate with him!” His hand muscle tensing up, Gu Yunjue yanked Mu Chen into his arms . He turned over and pinned Mu Chen under his body . Gazing at the cool face and the pure eyes, Gu Yunjue found a trace of bewilderment .  ‘You should still think I’m being childish . ’ His seriousness and sincerity neglected by this person before his eyes, Gu Yunjue became even more furious, “The man in the black robe just said killing me will overwhelm you with deep sorrow because I’m the most important to you . I was so happy to hear that . ”

Seeing Mu Chen at a loss, Gu Yunjue smiled bitterly and looked down at Mu Chen’s eyes, “I’m the most important to you, aren’t I?”

Mu Chen took a deep breath to refrain the disturbance in his heart, “Yun’er, that’s enough . Don’t be mischievous!”

“Master still thinks I am being mischievous?” Gu Yunjue bowed his head and nuzzled Mu Chen’s nose slightly . Although he was smiling, a domineering feeling piercing out of his eyes, “There are some words which I’ve told Master many times, but Master never takes them seriously . I think I must make it clear today . ”

Seeing Gu Yunjue looking quite a different person, Mu Chen frowned anxiously . Gu Yunjue stared at Mu Chen’s eyes and continued seriously, not leaving a chance for Mu Chen to utter a word, “I always conceive an affection for Master, not that kind of childish like, but the strong desire to sleep with you!”

Mu Chen’s pupils constricted instantly . He looked at Gu Yunjue in shock, knowing that he wasn’t kidding .

“It seems Master has seen what I mean . Actually, I have been thinking to press Master under my body and possess you, like what we are doing now, so that you have only me in your eyes . ” Those words were gentle enough to melt a heart but full of fort.i.tude and resolution . Saying that, Gu Yunjue kissed hard on Mu Chen’s lips, between which the narrow gap out of shock just became his breakthrough to force open the soft mouth . He hooked the delicious tongue, immersing himself in the strong desire . He got so possessive and almost lost his mind .

As astounded as Mu Chen was, he suddenly came to his mind and struck a palm on Gu’s chest, who was directly blown on the wall and plunged to the ground . Mu Chen got more irritated, “You evil disciple!”

In the past ten years, he had devoted all his attention to cultivate Gu Yunjue into an adult, with everything about his disciple taken care by himself . As his only hope, Gu Yunjue finally grew up with a bright prospect on the way to immortal but should bear such a treacherous feeling toward him . b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!

Gu Yunjue spitted out a mouthful of blood, with all his viscera displaced by Mu Chen’s soul power . Looking at Mu Chen’s furious eyes, Gu Yunjue licked the corner of his mouth with a smile as if he was still hankering after the kissing . Such a simple act simply brewed an amorous feeling . Mu Chen got livid, ‘Impenitent vile sp.a.w.n!’

“This is the first time Master has beaten me . ” Gu Yunjue’s face was dreadfully pale and the white robe was stained with blood . Seeing this, Mu Chen felt a sting in his heart, the fingers inside his sleeves trembling, as if little disciple’s blood had scorched him .

‘Since when this kid has nurtured such a treacherous thought?’ In the last life, he hadn’t seen through Gu’s mind, thinking what the disciple had displayed was his true self . And Gu’s gentleness had always made him proud . However, the truth was just the opposite . In this life, he brought this disciple up since his childhood but didn’t gain an insight into his mind eventually . Could it be possible for him as a master to be more failed?

Gu Yunjue wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth, gazing at Mu Chen with infatuation, “It’s all Master’s fault . You are always so good to me, which makes me so fascinated to you!”

Mu Chen snapped coldly, “You are just dependent on me . That’s not love!”

“No,” Gu Yunjue propped his hand against the wall and struggled to stand up, with the blood stained on the wall stinging Mu Chen’s eyes . However, Mu Chen completely lost his temper hearing Gu Yunjue’s next words, feeling exasperated for being unable to strike this vile sp.a.w.n to death!

Gu Yunjue retorted, “Even though I desire to press Master under my body and ravish you every day, Master still thinks I’m just dependent on you?”

Mu Chen couldn’t constrain his rage anymore so that the feverish spirit power burst out of his body and blew around . Unable to bear such a blast wave due to the previous injuries, Gu Yunjue spitted another mouthful of blood and simply fell down to the ground dispiritedly .

Gnashing his teeth, Mu Chen tried hard to suppress the impulsion to kill this evil disciple, kicked open the door and left in a rage .

Gu Yunjue didn’t get up until Mu Chen left . He put hands on his chest, a smile of success flashing through his eyes .  ‘He hasn’t killed me, which demonstrates I’m irreplaceable in his heart . The coaxing and pestering in the past ten years are finally worth it . ’

Gu Yunjue licked his lips, the warmth still lingering around like honey that always attracted his taste bud . He wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth and narrowed his eyes with a faint smile, “It seems till now I have no other choice but to take a punt!


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