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The Dark King is a web novel completed by Ancient Xi.
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Don’t move

The Dark King – Chapter 294

The silent cave may become the last battlefield in his life. But regardless of the outcome Dudian was planning to go all out.

Sounds of rough friction approached from a far. The young splitter stopped in front of the corpses of monsters. It began to chew and swallow the dead bodies. ‘Kaka’. It seemed that the young splitter was biting onto a hard bone as it tenaciously chewed it.

The young splitter was using the bones of the prey to hone its own teeth!

Dudian deeply breathed as he carefully turned his head. He looked out from a small gap. The young splitter was eating the dead body of a monster. Its body was swaying like seaweed. All of its limbs were similar to front of limbs of a mantis. At the moment, its front small scythes were picking up a corpse. The lower part of young splitter’s body looked similar to a crab sh.e.l.l. It looked like a hard armor that protected the young splitter.

Dudian identified its head.

He quickly visualized the battle in his mind. He was thinking about how to get near to it and cut its head with the dagger. He was ‘exercising’ in his head and simulating the process.

At this time, the young splitter who was eating the corpse suddenly stopped chewing. It slowly turned around and looked at the place where Dudian was hiding. It hesitated but after few seconds the young splitter began to slowly move over. All of its scythe like limbs were raised as it stood in an offensive position as it looked at Dudian.

Dudian didn’t expect that the young splitter would be so sensitive. He hadn’t moved at all and was just quietly looking at it. It was strange that it was able to detect his presence.

Suddenly, he thought of another problem. Since this young splitter was aware of his own existence then the adult splitter should also know that he was hiding here! But it didn’t kill Dudian.

“Was it…Did it planned to use me as a whetstone for its child?”

Dudian knew that there were beasts which discarded their children at the early days. But it seems splitter took another approach. The mutated crocodile’s body armor was tough so it would be hard for the young splitter to chew it at beginning. There were some monsters that were highly toxic for the young splitter at this point. So the child had to experience all of this and find what is good for itself.

As he thought about the details Dudian understood that his survival was not the blessing of the heavens. He was just a weak food source from splitter’s perspective. Dudian was left alive so that the splitter’s child could practice before eating bones of other monsters.

Many thoughts flashed in his mind as the young splitter approached him step by step. It’s posture was still the same as one of its front scythe like limbs wandered over his body.

It’s scythe like arm pierced over the corpses but there was no movement.

The young splitter was confused. It lifted its other front limb and moved it towards Dudian. It’s rough and wide scythe mercilessly cut off flesh of other monsters that were close to Dudian’s body. The temperature in the cave was very low. So the place was cool and the corpses of monsters didn’t seriously rot.

Dudian was almost cut in half but he still didn’t move. There were cuts and scars all over.

The young splitter stopped as it seemed puzzled. It was inexperienced and Dudian was the first lifeform which it had seen alive after its mother.

The young splitter stretch both of its front limbs and pierced onto the body of the monsters. Puff! Awl like sharp points of the scythes pa.s.sed through the body of the monster.

Dudian felt pain in his chest. One of the sharp scythes had pierced a bit into his body. The hunter armor was easily punctured. Fortunately, the body of the monster in front of him was thick and he wasn’t deeply injured.

Dudian tightly clutched onto dagger as he patiently waited.

The young splitter took back its front scythes and grabbed the body of the monster. It wanted to turn over when a silver light flashed and shot at it.

The young splitter was shocked as it didn’t think that ‘dead’ would suddenly come alive and attack it. It was caught off guard. The young splitter tried to move its front scythes to block the silver light with the body of the monster. However it was late.

The young splitter was startled.

At the same time Dudian rushed out through the front limbs of the young splitter and his hands tightly clung to the place where he had identified as its mouth.

He was glad that he had chosen to throw dagger instead of stabbing it himself. Because if he tried to go with the second option most probably he would be cut into clots by now.

Dudian hugged onto the head of the young splitter as it screamed in horror. Dudian no longer planned to take the possible injury to his left arm into account. He roared as he used all the power possible to twist its head.

Dudian was aware that all parts of young splitter were weapons. He didn’t know whether its scythe like arms could turn 180 degrees and reverse attack him but intuition told him that it was possible. Once the young splitter reacted it would be instantly cut. Outcome of this battle was lying in his hands in this moment. Because of strong fear his left arm burst out with the greatest power he had used in his life. He twisted as hard as he could.


The sharp sound which was coming off the young splitter stopped instantly. Puff! Blood splashed out as if it was water. Dudian felt that his body was light the next moment. The young splitter had tried to throw him off at the last moment so its body was uplifted before its death. Dudian flied out and fall onto ground. He somersaulted for seven or eight times to decrease the momentum and stop his body. His body hit the wall of the cave. His head was heavily knocked onto the stones. He almost fainted on spot.

He struggled to keep himself conscious as he knew that if he felt into coma then it would be his end. Soon the buzzing in his head stabilized. His mind was clear again. He saw that the body of the young splitter was stiff and frozen in front of the other corpses. The blood kept flowing down from its body as it stood motionless.

Dudian couldn’t help but looked at the traingular organ in his hand. It was extremely hard and there was soft meat inside.

“Is it the head of the splitter?” Dudian whispered.

“Did I just break away its head?”

Dudian sat on the ground as he stared at the body of the young splitter. In about ten seconds its body lost balance and slowly fell down.

He believed that the young splitter would never disguise itself and it was really dead.

Dudian held its head and slowly got up. He saw that blood kept flowing out of its head as bright red blood kept oozing down to the ground.

“It is dead …” Dudian’s tight muscles loosened. The whole process was completed in an instant. If he had fighted the young splitter head on then he would never be able to win. His body was weak and there were many shortcomings in comparison to the young splitter. Fortunately, G.o.d has given the humanity intelligent brain to make up for that.

He recalled the lightness he felt at the moment of life and death. The blood in his body was boiling.

He gradually calmed down as he ran to through the corridor towards the exit. He saw that boulders were packed closely. He looked around as this may be the only chance he would ever have.


“I gotta find a gap!”

Dudian’s eyes were wide as he stared at every possible place.

He looked from top to bottom, from left to right. He looked once again but wasn’t able to find gap big enough to squeeze out his body. Dudian’s heart sank as his body went cold.


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