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Chapter 222 – Have You Heard of the White Dragon Gang?

This is the strategy on how to make the enemy retreat : make a loud noise when you are on the right side and but when the other side is right — of course you must be modest ,otherwise the other side will get upset immediately.

“I apologize if I have offended you, Baron…” Swan’s face was covered with a veil and her expression couldn’t be seen clearly, but her eyes dodged Liszt’s. “..but if I have heard correctly, you said you do not object to the reunion of loved ones… I just want to be with my sister.”

 “Do you really have a sister who was trafficked to Flower Town or do you have bad intentions coming here?” Liszt’s eyes were on fire and moved a step forward.

Swan went down a step. “Do you think I would come to such a remote town on a remote island of such a remote island country if my intention is wrong?”

Liszt pointed to several lounges on the training ground. “We will head to the lounge and talk.”

Thomas,the servant, added firewood to the stove in the lounge, got up and retreated, and stood outside the door with Tremblingwoods . In the room, only Liszt and Swan were sitting by the fire.

“Flower Town is my territory, and you are the first uninvited guest in my castle. Do you expect me to believe that you are just looking for your sister? So why did you dive into my study and spy on me?”

“I already said before that I was going to kill the serf-selling leader and take my sister away.” Swan said calmly, but when she saw the disapproval on  Liszt’s face, she added, “Don’t give me that look. Once my power breaks through, even your father, Wave Swordmaster Lee William, won’t be able to stop me.”

Liszt was really surprised. “Are you a sky knight? Or a great magician?”

If she was really that powerful, her so-called strategy would make Liszt tread a tightrope. Fortunately, Liszt glanced at the door and remembered that Tremblingwoods was outside and he felt calmer.

“No.” Swan smiled suddenly but with a teasing flavor, “Have you heard of the White Dragon Gang?”

“White Dragon Gang?”

Liszt has never heard of it.

Swan smiled again. The smile was jokeful, but it felt like she was laughing at herself.

With a smile, she continued,”I already saw my sister in the kitchen. She was very happy here and she praised you even when she was alone. So I went upstairs to see what kind of lord would get the true heart and praise of the people. I was going to take a look and leave, but I didn’t expect you to see through my stealth. “

So she did plan to kill him, but just gave up.

Liszt was still a little uncomfortable, and he didn’t know if the other party was really telling the truth. Fortunately,a n.o.bleman can restrain his emotions and respond generously. “So, it is just a misunderstanding, is the misunderstanding resolved now? Which castle maid is your sister then?”


” So it turned out to be the little girl Maggie.” Liszt was relieved, at least the sisters would meet. He shouted outside the door. “Thomas, tell Romm to have a little girl named Maggie come over here.”

“Yes, sir.”

Shortly after, Romm brought Maggie in.

Maggie took a curious look at Swann, and then saluted Liszt. “Master, do you want something?”

Liszt waved his hand to let Romm leave. He glanced at Swan again, signalling to the other side whether she should speak or he should.

Swan nodded and motioned that she would.

She took a deep breath, stretched out her hand, and lifted off the face scarf to reveal a beautiful face. Based on Liszt’s aesthetics, he would give the face a perfect score of 10 or maybe an 8.5. Both the face shape and facial features were very delicate. The main flaw was that there were a few freckles, which kind of destroyed the beauty.

Such a face was not a surprise, and could not be an illusion of some kind.

As soon as she took off her scarf, Maggie’s eyes opened wide, she could not believe it.

Swan began to speak using the wind language, “Maggie …”

“Sister!” Maggie shouted in wind language.

The two then hugged each other tightly.

The picture was very touching.

But Liszt seemed speechless. “Can someone translate it for me? Maggie called her sister, I understand, but what did Swan say?”

Looking at the two sisters, it seemed as if the words could not be finished, all the words had already come out. He regretted it. He should have asked Old Grandet to come over. Without an interpreter, he didn’t know what they were talking about.

But soon.

Not knowing what Swan was saying, Maggie suddenly hesitated.

Liszt quickly inserted, “Maggie, what is your sister talking about?”

 “Sister, hope, I’ll follow her and go home.” Maggie explained intermittently in snake language. “But, Master, Mrs. Harriet, she is my mother.”

Swan also turned to Snake Language. “But I am your sister. My dear sister, Mrs. Harriet is just your contractual mother.”

“I……” Maggie couldn’t speak anymore.

Liszt immediately rushed out the door and shouted, “Thomas, please ask Mr. and Mrs. Harriet to come over.”

Then he said to Swan, “You are Maggie’s sister, no one can change that, but I think it may be necessary to inform Mrs. Harriet who truly considers Maggie as her own daughter.”

Swan stared at Maggie  and nodded slowly.

The atmosphere became silent, neither Swan nor Maggie spoke, but Liszt just kept smiling. When Maggie peeked at him, his smile was even brighter–you can see that the little maid liked Flower Town, but she also wanted to be with her sister.

Without waiting long, the Harriet family arrived, including their son and daughter-in-law.

Mrs. Harriet, who had already been filled in by Old Grande, burst into tears as soon as she appeared, “Maggie, my daughter, oh my G.o.d, are you leaving me?”

Maggie lowered her head in shame and touched her, “I won’t, Mom.”

Mrs. Harriet took hold of Maggie: “Really, you won’t leave mother? That’s great, yes, this is your sister, you said, the mage sister?”

“Well, she’s my sister, Paris.”

“h.e.l.lo, Master.” Mrs. Harriet hurriedly saluted.

Swan didn’t know what to say. Thinking about it, she was only nineteen years old this year, the same age as Lvera. She could only nod her head, “Yes, I’m Maggie’s sister, Paris, but I’m not a mage. “

“Oh, Master Paris, you want to take Maggie… I can’t object… but I really can’t bear to have Maggie away, see I’ve always wanted a daughter. I heard that Maggie’s biological parents have died.. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have mentioned that, but I hope I can fulfill a mother’s responsibility to take care of Maggie.”

Mrs. Harriet, who runs the grocery store, was very articulate, full of talk. It made Swan, or Paris, feel like taking Maggie was a crime.

Liszt stood by and smiled.

He thought to himself, “Paris, a good name. If there is no problem in her background, and she is as strong as she said, then she must stay … Then again, what kind of profession is a White Dragon Gang, mysterious and secretive? I’ll have to ask carefully later. “

Now, the question was not how to get Paris, but whether he would be willing to accept her.


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