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Read The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 2035– Encountered Crisis (2)

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss is a Webnovel made by Su Xiao Nuan, 苏小暖.
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Chapter 2035: Encountered Crisis (2)

At this time, Seventh Brother Hua was complaining to someone.

“Eldest brother, it’s them! They took away the Gluttonous Poisonous Green-Eyed Devil!” Seventh Brother Hua loudly complained as he scorned Big Sister Wei at the same time.

He had not seen it with his own eyes, but when he met Lu Fangming, he only heard a sentence from him and believed it.

Lu Fangming did not expect that he would be able to avenge himself only by saying a single sentence.

Eldest Brother Hua was dressed in a blue robe, had a cold complexion, and a pair of domineering eyes.

At this time, Eldest Brother Hua was staring at Su Luo with a pair of cold eyes and said, “Give us the inner core and we will let you guys live!”

Su Luo sneered, “Are you guys stealing in broad daylight?”

“Stealing? That’s the wrong word, why don’t you try saying ‘robbing and killing you’ ?” A figure wearing a white robe standing behind Eldest Brother Hua came out and sneered.

This person was… Qing Yi!

Su Luo clearly remembered that Qing Yi and Lu Yi had tried to shame Zi Yan after the Genius Training Camp a.s.sessment. Because of Luo Yi Chen, this person had run away. She didn’t expect to encounter her here. Enemies really do meet on a narrow road .

Qing Yi was a disciple of the Third Elder, so she shared the same hatred toward Su Luo. When Su Luo saw her, Su Luo knew that she was really in danger.

After secretly saying a few words in Eldest Brother Hua’s ear. Qing Yi descended to the ground, arrogantly lifted her chin and glanced at Su Luo.

Eldest Brother Hua’s original cold and proud eyes slightly changed and when he looked at Su Luo again, his anger shot up even more!

Eldest Brother Hua sneered, “You dare to oppose the Third Elder and even angered the Serene Fairy? If I had not met you, then it’s fine but, little girl, you are out of luck today.”

Su Luo felt anxious in her heart. Based on the a.n.a.lysis of their strength, Elder Brother Hua was at Saint Rank and much stronger than her. Even if she and Big Sister Wei attacked together, they wouldn’t be able to defeat him. In addition, Qing Yi was also here.

Seventh Brother Hua proudly glanced at Big Sister Wei, and Qing Yi sneered at Su Luo repeatedly. At the same time, they silently changed positions and surrounded Su Luo and Big Sister Wei so that they could not flee.

Qing Yi coldly sneered at Su Luo. “Next year, this date will be your death anniversary, Su Luo. You can’t run away this time. Haha. There is a saying that goes, ‘Heaven has a road, but no one travels it. h.e.l.l has no gate, but men will dig to get there!’”

Eldest Brother Hua flexed his muscles and wildly waved while shouting, “No one will know if we kill you in this Magical Beast Region! Come on, let’s kill them!”

However, before Eldest Brother Hua’s last words even rang out, Su Luo had already signaled Big Sister Wei to fight.

Big Sister Wei’s body just moved slightly but Qing Yi had already flown to her.

Big Sister Wei and Qing Yi were almost equal in strength, so the battle was unpredictable.

Su Luo did not hesitate and rushed toward Eldest Brother Hua. Because she knew that if she wanted to get out of here, it all depended on Eldest Brother Hua as his strength was the key to this battle.


As soon as Su Luo and Eldest Brother Hua’s palms collided, Su Luo felt an indescribable wave of power sweeping her, knocking her entire body back!

She flew over a dozen feet before falling to the ground.

As soon as Su Luo’s feet fell to the ground, she felt an urge to vomit blood rising from her chest.

No way!

It was just one move but it made her almost vomit blood. If she vomited the blood, it would be bad for their morale, therefore, Su Luo tried to swallow the blood back in.


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