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Book 15, The Sword Eradicates Celestial Immortals, Chapter 17 – The Rahu Bow At Full Power

The red-haired FiendG.o.d’s power caused Ji Ning to feel shock. He was far too powerful! That longspear…it moved like a ghost or an illusion. No matter how he used his hands to attack, be it with sword-fingers or various sword-arts, the longspear was able to easily break through his techniques. While breaking through, the longspear would also strike out in pierces, thrusts, or sideways swipes!

In short…Ning was at a complete disadvantage!

The longspear moved like a dragon, danced like a spirit through water. It carried inconceivably profound mysteries with it, causing Ning to feel like nothing more than a punching bag.

“No more, no more!” The red-haired FiendG.o.d finally came to a halt. Shaking his head, he sighed. “I lost.”

“Senior Redsnow, you clearly are far more powerful than…” Halfway through his sentence, Ning suddenly understood.

It was most likely that his opponent’s divine power was almost exhausted!

“Each time your palm clashed against my longspear, the force of the collision consumed a large amount of my divine power.” The red-haired FiendG.o.d looked at Ning, then said with a sigh, “The [Sta.r.s.eizing Hand] divine ability truly is formidable. This clone of mine has far too little divine power…after clas.h.i.+ng against your [Sta.r.s.eizing Hand] ten-plus times, the divine power has almost been used up.”

“If your true body was here, senior, you’d probably wipe me out in one blow,” Ning said. Although his body was extremely powerful, the red-haired FiendG.o.d’s spear-a.s.saults were even more savage than the strikes of Celestial Immortal Infatuation of the Youngflame clan. Each time Ning’s hands clashed against the tip of the spear, he felt as though his hands were about to be pierced through. In truth…his skin was already covered with countless white spots! If the red-haired FiendG.o.d’s true body was present, he probably would’ve been able to completely destroy Ning’s physical body! Fortunately, Ning had just trained in the Fourth Cycle of the [Sta.r.s.eizing Hand]; if it had been pre-breakthrough, he probably would’ve been too weak and the red-haired FiendG.o.d’s divine power would have lasted longer than Ning’s divine power, which would’ve been used up first.

Once his divine power was used up and he was unable to use his divine ability, Ning would end up losing!

“Losing is losing.” The red-haired FiendG.o.d smilled merrily as he looked at Ning. “I hear that you’ve trained for less than a century?”

“Yes.” Ning nodded.

In his heart, he was murmuring to himself. Why did the giant yellow bear tell this Empyrean G.o.d everything?

“Less than a century…your sword-arts are quite excellent,” the red-haired FiendG.o.d said in praise.

“Facing you, all I could do was rely on [Three Heads, Six Arms] to increase the size of my palms and use them to block your longspear like miniature bucklers.” Ning shook his head, quite ashamed. He had been forced to use his hands like bucklers, and yet they had been broken past repeatedly; the difference in power was simply too great.

“Haha. Even as far back as the Primordial Era, I had already mastered multiple Grand Daos, to say nothing of my current level. If your sword-arts weren’t so powerful, you probably wouldn’t have been able to deplete my divine power.” The red-haired FiendG.o.d let out a sigh. “Your sword-arts are quite well-suited for defense.”

Ning laughed. Of course! He had the most insights in the element of Water; ever since he was young, his sword-arts had focused on defense.

“Train hard and become an Empyrean G.o.d soon!” The red-haired FiendG.o.d laughed. “Otherwise…you won’t be able to get those fellows to be loyal and submit to you.” After saying these words, he completely disappeared, melting away into the void.

“Be loyal and submit?” Ning murmured these words to himself.

Ning left, returning to the main hall of the underwater estate.

“Congratulations on overcoming the ninth floor,” the giant yellow bear said, a merry smile on his face.

But Ning had a frown on his own face. “Empyrean G.o.d Redsnow. Who is he?”

The giant yellow bear was momentarily startled. He then said calmly, “He was an Empyrean G.o.d under Master’s command…but that’s nothing you need to ask about for now. You are still far too weak; even here, in the world of the Grand Xia, just a single one of the three thousand major worlds, you still have to tread carefully. You aren’t qualified to get involved with the major powers that exist within the Three Realms.”

“All I can tell you is this…the Three Realms aren’t as simple as you might believe them to be. Not even Patriarch Subhuti will tell you everything before you become truly powerful. For the weak, the less you know, the better. Too much knowledge will be the death of you. The abilities of the truly major powers of the Three Realms are beyond what you can imagine. Even Master…in the face of the storm that swept the Three Realms long ago, he was nothing special. Even Patriarch Subhuti, who was even more powerful than Master, was afraid to take part in that war. So…how much of a chance do you think you have?”

Ning said softly, “The destruction of Pangu’s World…a major secret is concealed within it? Can it be that everything I learned was wrong?”

“What you and your friends know is merely what the Daofathers wish for you to know. Do not ask anything else; only after you become a True Immortal or an Empyrean G.o.d are you qualified to know. As for Celestial Immortals…major powers can kill countless Celestial Immortals with a wave of the hand,” the giant yellow bear said.

“Do you wish to go to the Treasure Hall to choose a treasure? You aren’t an Empyrean G.o.d yet; there’s actually no point for you to choose a Pure Yang treasure, you know.”

“I will. Of course I will!” Ning said hurriedly.

“Rahu Bow.”

Ning sent out a spiritual call.


A black-robed youth instantly appeared next to him.

“I’m about to procure a bowstring for you. Choose what type of bowstring you would like,” Ning said.

“Ahahaha…you are finally going to get a new bowstring for me?” The black-robed youth was instantly delighted. He then turned his head to look towards the giant yellow bear. “Big bear, where’s that scroll I wrote out earlier?”

“Here.” The giant yellow bear waved his hand, and a scroll appeared out of nowhere, hovering in the air.

“Master, this scroll includes the three types of bowstrings that are the best suited for me. Of course…they aren’t cheap. The three of them are of three different levels; naturally, the higher the level, the better,” the black-robed youth said excitedly. “G.o.dbows…the body of the bow and the string of the bow are two separate parts. For a Protocosmic spirit-treasure like myself, a powerful body is the most important part, while bowstrings are easier to create and procure. The most important quality is their tensile strength and ability to store power, allowing the maximum amount of power from the formations engraved into the body of the bow to flow through them.”

Ning accepted the scroll. Opening it, he said in surprise, “All are fire-attribute bowstrings? But your body is water-attribute, right?”

“Fire and water, body and bowstring; that’s what is necessary for the power to be tremendous. Can it be that you have forgotten that when you discovered me within the Crescent world, I used the power of heaven and earth to form arrows of flame? In addition, the two arrows that you discovered; weren’t they also fire-attribute?” The black-robed youth said.

“Understood.” Ning laughed, then nodded. “Don’t worry; I’ll definitely procure a superb bowstring for you.”

The main headquarters of the Heavenly Treasures Mountain. High noon.

“Uncle White, have you prepared the list?” Ning looked towards the white-robed, white-haired man before him.

“I prepared it long ago. Since we are going to act against the Youngflame clan, we naturally need to spare no expense.” Uncle White handed Ning a leather scroll.

Ning lowered his head to read through it, nodding slightly.

To deal with the Youngflame clan…

Ning already had a plan for doing this. But of course, plans rarely survived contact with the enemy. Since he wasn’t sure about the trump cards which the Youngflame clan had in their possession, Ning naturally had to make multiple levels of preparations.

“Ji Ning.” A voice rang out.

A silver-haired man, Skyfox, came walking in. Smiling, he said, “Do you have some more good news for me?”

“I do indeed,” Ning said with a laugh. “Let me show you a few things.”


Ten globes suddenly appeared in the air around Ning. One of the globes was a watery green, while the other nine globes were a fiery red. Every single globe was emanating incomparably terrifying ripples of power.

“These are…” Skyfox’s eyes turned round and huge. “Can these all be…”

“Sole-Ki Nine Element Pearls!” Ning nodded as he spoke.

Skyfox cleared his throat, glancing towards Ning in disbelief. These Sole-Ki Nine Element Pearls…they were a set of Pure Yang treasures that were quite famous, even back in Pangu’s World. They could transform into nine entire worlds! When a pearl smashed into a foe, it was as though an entire world was smas.h.i.+ng into that person. But of course, that was when these Pure Yang treasures were used to their maximum potential.

“I need a set of top-grade Immortal-ranked f.u.xi Staff Formation staffs.”

“I need twenty top-grade Pure Yang spirit-pills, or an equivalent amount of low-grade Pure Yang spirit-pills.”

“This list has a bowstring on it, as well as some cheaper alternatives.”

“I also need the objects written on this leather scroll.”

Ning handed over two different leather scrolls.

Ning was unable to use Pure Yang treasures for now. By the time he was able to use them, his power would probably be far greater than his current level of power, and in addition, his palms were already comparable to supreme Pure Yang treasures. Thus…he naturally chose to sell off this treasure, so as to increase his power right away!

“Ji Ning, you really are…” Upon seeing the leather scrolls, Skyfox’s face turned ashen. “Your requests are too excessive.”

“If the Xia Emperor isn’t willing, I won’t force this trade,” Ning said. “I can go seek out my fellow senior disciples.”


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