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Read The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher 226 She Was Supposed To Be Safe And Sound

The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher is a web novel created by Hateera.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Lu Cheng looks at Feng blankly while hearing Bran and his face turned horror in a second.

He asks in rage “What!?”.

Feng s.n.a.t.c.hes his phone and turns on the speaker.

Bran continues in call “Its Gong..the sc.u.mbag..don’t worry we took care of everything. She is in Tang Villa now”.

Feng couldn’t understand anything and asks “Who?”.

Tianxian already started the car.

Wow! What a considerate a.s.sistant!? He knew what would be Lu Cheng’s reaction.

Lu Cheng sprinted towards the car and Feng too chased him subconsciously. Seems something serious.

Lu Cheng couldn’t understand anything and s.n.a.t.c.hes his phone from Feng.

He asks anxiously “Did she get hurt?!”.

Feng is now alerted ‘So..Tang Xi?’.

Bran become silent for a second making both men nervous and says in low voice “Huh…We needed she tried to drag sometime for-“.

This guy! Can’t he answer the question directly!?

Lu Cheng hisses with murder intent “Did.she.get.hurt!?” Stressing each word.

Bran gulps and says “I ..heard a slap” and become silent.

Feng asks “Can anyone explain me?”.

Bran declares “I will send the conversation of ours”.

Feng can sense Lu Cheng’s killing intent and pats his shoulder “Don’t worry!-“.

Lu Cheng growls madly “Worry?! Feng! She was supposed to be in old house! Just before 8 hours I left her! She was supposed to be safe and sound! Did you hear him?! She risked herself to save some sh*** a.s.sistant! She went in to drag time!? I know she would never stop herself from saving others! But! She is not alone now! Why doesn’t she get that!”. He kicks the seat frustrated.

His mind is completely engaged with the image of her getting slapped by some stinky b******!

Feng too become silent


Lu Cheng jolted at instant and plays the conversation.

‘I am coming! Please don’t-!’

Lu Cheng’s heart twitched hearing her first sentence and her shivering voice made Feng too frown.

‘Lu Cheng?’

Lu Cheng’s heart skipped a bit. Hearing his name, her voice turned a bit better..surprised?.

‘Can you call Lu Cheng? I need his help!’

Feng and Lu Cheng exchanges a worried look but looks away.

If not for this trip! I would have been with her! She never asked help…except finding LUV!.

‘I too really don’t wanna take risk!’

Lu Cheng grits his teeth and his face is void of emotions. But his heart …she cared for the child…even in this condition! She tried! Tried to avoid going there! But I failed her this time!

‘Seriously!? How could I have one you dumb***! -Pause – I am sorry!’

Feng and Tianxian almost burst into laughter. Did she just curse Bran?! The Almighty Hacker of world? That’s how Bran would address himself to others!

Lu Cheng wonders ‘So she knows even to curse?’. His face had a gentle smile.

‘Ouch!why didn’t you tell me it will fall on my head!!’

Feng let out a gentle laugh. Seriously?


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