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Read The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher 341 What’s The Use Of Just Being Handsome?

The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher is a web novel created by Hateera.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher 341 What’s The Use Of Just Being Handsome?

Lu Cheng frowns seeing her climbing the stairs difficultly, feels uncomfortable and walks towards her fast.

Tang Xi who has climbed the halfway of stairs and looks before her whining “I hate stairs!!”. Now I understand why Po hated stairs! *hump!* I miss watching movies with Ananya ….We would watch Kung Fu Panda together with Jing.

She lets out a deep breath and looks at the stairs seriously. She hears footsteps behind and looks at Lu Cheng ‘Shall I ask his help-“.

Before she could finish thinking of the question, he lifts her saying “You should have called me Wifey”.

Tang Xi wraps her arms around his neck and smiles pursing her lips.

He carries all the way to their bedroom and asks “Do you feel back pain?”.

She looks at him, thinks for a second and says “Not much. Only when I stand for a long time”.

Lu Cheng nods asking “How about the exercises? Are you doing some or-“.

She looks at him darkly and says “I do”.

Lu Cheng frowns “But why don’t I see you exercising?”.

She grits her teeth and warns “You better shut your mouth or I won’t go easy on you just because it’s your birthday!”.

Lu Cheng “…” What the h.e.l.l?! I was just concerned…

Tang Xi closes her eyes and sighs ‘As if he has been monitoring my health personally! He literally fled away most of the time and now ordering around?!’.

Lu Cheng asks “Is your blood pressure normal?”.

Tang Xi gulps and looks away “…” What just happened to him suddenly?!. She recalls the blast incident when her blood pressure went abnormal drastically.

Lu Cheng lets her down and asks walking toward the bed to take his mobile. ‘I remember reading her reports that her pressure and sugar level were normal’.

Tang Xi says “Its ..”.

Lu Cheng smiles seeing the report copies in his mobile “Normal” and frowns seeing her worried.

He tosses his mobile on the bed and holds her shoulder “Don’t worry. Its normal. We would be going for the next checkup in few days anyway”.

Tang Xi nods sneakily and goes towards the bed ‘I wish everything gets normal. I wonder if I could find any books to read here’.

She sits with her mobile and looks at Lu Cheng still looking at her. She shrugs “What?”.

Lu Cheng shakes his head, asks “What do you plan to do now?”. She would be bored and without her books she would go crazy!.

Tang Xi pouts and looks around the room “No idea!”. ‘What can I even do?! I don’t have my books-‘. She smiles thinking of an idea and says “Actually… I have an idea!”.

Lu Cheng asks “What?”.

She smiles eagerly “Can you get me some books?”.

He chuckles “So predictable! Tell me. Which one?”.

She stands eagerly and starts searching for something in her bedside table.

Lu Cheng frowns getting a bad premonition “Don’t tell me you have list!”.

Tang Xi laughs taking out a pen and notepad “Exactly!”.

Lu Cheng looks at her helplessly “How could you read so much?! And still be a human?!”.

Tang Xi looks at him in smugly and starts to write.

He walks towards her slowly and sits next to her curiously. He twitches his lips ‘Why does her words doesn’t make any sense?!’.

He raises his eyebrows uncertain and wonders “Do you know how to read their language? Tamil?”.

She smiles blankly “Obviously! I lived there for years and how could I not learnt to read and write?!”.

He sighs and waits for her to finish the list.

Tang Xi starts saying eagerly “And If you have a friend like Ananya, you wouldn’t dare to ignore her suggested books! She would narrate some synopsis of some books in such a way that would tempt you so easily to read them once you heard them! In fact! She would go any extent to make us love the story..So started learning the language first!”.

Lu Cheng sighs disappointed “Sounds interesting”.

She adds in full of enthusiasm “You know what?! I would start reading most of the books just because of her narration! And she never disappointed me with her suggestion. We even had some book goals to achieve but…*sigh* we didn’t had time to read some REALLY long novels. We would read some light novels then. I used to cheer her to save the long novels for our pregnancy periods?”.

Lu Cheng mocks “You women are really far away from us in planning the future! You planned so much for reading books?! How about your ‘life goals’ then?!”.

Tang Xi waves her hand proudly “Ananya had a well planned schedule for everything when to marry and in which year she would be finishing her thesis..when and where she would be going for her know what?! She has a complete research lists of best hotels and the destination villas all around the states of India! Even she has the particular details of the seasons in which she would be travelling!-“.

Lu Cheng looks at her so interested and asks in trance “And what about you? What are your life goals?”.

Tang Xi loses her smile gradually and looks at him ‘I …really didn’t had much’.

Lu Cheng clears his throat cursing ‘F***! What’s the need to ask such an absurd question?! Of course she would have had plans with Jing! I shouldn’t have asked this!’.

Tang Xi looks him looking away avoiding her eyes and clears her throat “I was just enjoying …without any plans…life seemed so relaxed without future stresses. And anyway I had no intention in being in a relationship then”.

Lu Cheng looks at her darkly ‘Liar! I saw you blushing at HIM!’.

She smiles shyly “Except few crushes”.

Lu Cheng “….” Why should I be the one ?! I don’t know if I keep on wondering this in my whole life! Why my jealousy never ends?! Crushes my foot!.

She blushes “I always wondered how the Indian men are shy and brave when it comes to love….Its really ironical…”.

Lu Cheng is almost frying in a hot pan and lets out a deep breath “I don’t think they are handsome”.

Tang Xi looks at him in disdain “Handsome? You have no idea.. What’s the use of just being handsome?”.


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