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Read The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher 85 I G-Got A Flash Of Memory

The Devil CEO And Fairy Teacher is a Webnovel made by Hateera.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Lu Cheng couldn’t help but close his mouth.

The man raises his eyebrow “Husband? Too ashamed to get a husband..who had top most mercenaries in his hand..but still watching a DOG kidnapped and hurting her”.

Lu Cheng walks ignoring him and lifts Tang Xi in his hands.He takes a glance of the man who was wearing his mask “Who are you to her?”.

The man smirks “At least more close to her Than you” and instantly jumped out of the window leaving them.

His voice was so calm and Lu Cheng couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

Lu Cheng walks out with her mumbling in his embrace.


Lu Cheng rubs his forehead and talks to himself “He entered the factory single handedly…”.

He could feel the seriousness of that situation.How could he kill everyone of them just by himself!?

None can do that..But an!?

His eyebrows furrowed and stood.He walks out and orders Tianxian “Find everything about him!”.

Tianxian sighs “Chief..We couldn’t..”.

Lu Cheng looks at him.

Tianxian hands him pictures from the footage “He didn’t left any trail…He showed up only while killing sign of him..nothing!”.

Lu Cheng nods and walks out. He was in urge of saving her so forgot to notice the camera! who is he? What made him to loose his sense of alert? Is she that important to him?

He sits in his car recalling questioning her about her friends and couldn’t find her suspicious , while Tianxian was driving and Lu Cheng staring at his phone for a long time about a flash of memory he got that day.

He takes a deep breath and says “Stop!”.

Tianxian stopped at instant and looks at him.

Lu Cheng says “Get out..”. and steps out of the car.

Tianxian sees him coming to driver seat and sighs “Again..He is going alone…”.

Lu Cheng drives away leaving him behind.

Lu Cheng parked his car and frowning.He takes a deep breath and dials a number.

Feng Nie was taking rest,as he was busy with his patients for 4 hours consecutively. He was exhausted working, gets a call.

Now who the h.e.l.l is that ?!.

He raises his eyebrow “What a surprise? Now what did you lose? A deal? A co-“.

Lu Cheng in a calm tone “I g-got a flash of memory..”.

Feng stunned It was the first time he was sharing about his memory from that day.! and gets emotional.

He stammers “What? When? H-how?”.

Feng could sense Lu Cheng was taking deep breaths “Where are you?”.

Lu Cheng ends the call saying “Forget it!!”.

Feng Nie stoned. Oh Sh**!! Why did he end the call??.

He calls Tianxian “Where is Cheng?”.

Tianxian says helplessly “As usual..left me in road”.

Feng barks “Did you leave him to go alone?”.

Tianxian become sullen “What should I do then?!”.

Feng calms himself and questions “What happened before he left you?”.

Tianxian recalls about Tang Xi’s rescue footage and hesitates but continues “Tang Xi was saved by another person that day”.

Feng frowns “How can be that possible?”.

Tianxian sighs “Its true.We saw a person entering and Chief returning from the factory.Seeing Chief’s reaction….. the man saved her”.

Feng fumes “How can you say that the man saved her?”.

Tianxian sulks “Because Chief didn’t use his S Team.He went in, said to wait for him.But returned with her! I a.n.a.lysed the situation and found the bullets didn’t match Chief’s”.

Feng Nie asks “So the man must be Tang Xi’s…..”.

Tianxian shrugs “I don’t know. There is no trail of him after entering”.

Feng Nie sighs “Find Cheng immediately…I think he is sick..”.

Tianxian surprised “Sick? He was fine before”.

Feng Nie yells “You Stupid!! Sick means not literally sick but he remembered something from That day!”.

Tianxian gets nervous stutters “Y-yes..I-I will bring him to you “.

Feng Nie gets thinking.Did Cheng remember seeing Tang Xi that day? Or that man?.



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