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Read The Devilish Immortal Chapter 52 The Martial Arts Contest (2)

The Devilish Immortal is a web novel produced by Liang Bu Fan.
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Without any nonsense, Li Wuyi activated the round plate in front of him and dashed toward his opponent. The tall man also rushed over with the steel fork in his hand.

At this point, the round silver plate that had been flying smoothly suddenly radiated dazzling silver light, which made the tall man feel uncomfortable. Time actually froze. Then the man quickly held the forehead with one hand and retreated at a rapid speed.

“Haha, you felt bad under the Divine Sense attack of my Compliant Plate, right? Come on! Admit defeat right now!” Li Wuyi said with a smug smile for he finally had the chance to show himself.

At the same time, the Compliant Plate turned into a dazzling big net, covering the big man. Lines of silver needles, emitting sharp killing intent, appeared in front of Li Wuyi! Instantly, the needles swept toward the tall man in the net.

“I admit defeat!” A trembling voice rang out. The tall man disappeared into thin air. When he appeared again, he had already sat on the ground out of the arena. Li Wuyi grinned on the arena as he waved at his fellows.

“It’s easy to win! Why do I feel that the opponent is too weak? Did he depend on his team members to come here? Like me, hahaha!” Li Wuyi was not excited. Instead, he started to laugh at himself. After all, the opponent was too weak and defeated in the first confrontation.

Lyu Liang was the second one that was sent for the duel and his opponent was a red-robed youth at the Peak of Gold Core Stage.

On the platform, Lyu Liang launched quick attacks. He performed the first three moves of the Heart Swordsmanship at the same time, Mind Sword Essence Joyful, and Sword Essence Linghuang Sword Essence. His opponent only symbolically resisted and immediately admitted defeat…

Xu Mubai would be the third one to fight, his opponent… Hrm, he had no opponent. After the other side witnessed Lyu Liang’s team was powerful and heard Li Wuyi cry “Big Brother, go for it!” while Xu Mubai walked to the arena, they lost their morale. In the end, after a brief discussion, they gave up the follow-up compet.i.tion and admitted defeat directly!

As for the fights with other teams, their team drew against their opponents for a while before they won.

The only thing that Lyu Liang cared about was that one of the teams actually had five Middle-stage Gold Core cultivators.

This team would be the most powerful. The reason was very simple. They had puppets! Each of the team members owned at least three Peak Gold Core puppets! As for whether they had more than that, Lyu Liang could not tell because their opponents were simply unable to resist more than three puppets!

Lyu Liang could not help but think of the two blue-robed men he had met before. Although the puppet looked different, it gave him the same feeling. He told his fellows about it in private and everyone began to be wary of this team.

After about two hours, the first round of the game ended. After a short break, the second round began!

This time, Shangguan Ying was the first to fight for their team. Seeing this pretty fairy, their opponent scrambled for the chance to fight with her. In the end, a dumpy man with a pockmark face smugly walked onto the platform under the envious gaze of the other four teammates. He fixed his eyes on Shangguan Ying’s graceful figure, greedily scanning up and down.

Shangguan Ying had already been upset about the lecherous look the pockmark-faced fat man wore. She directly waved her Heaven Mixing Cloth when she saw this man step on the stage. Maybe Shangguan Ying’s appearance was so attractive that the pockmark-faced man did not realized he was having a compet.i.tion until the red cloth almost touched him. When he tried to resist the attack, it was too late. He was sent out of the arena by the giant force of the red cloth…

It was Zhu Yan’s turn and his opponent was a white-bearded elder.

This time, the other party got smart. As the elder stood on the platform, all kinds of magic treasures lashed out and whizzed toward Zhu Yan, whose battle tactics made Lyu Liang think of his way of fighting when taking the Sword Character Immortal Palace Entrance Test: winning by using Talismans!

Right, the arena was dotted with more than hundreds of Talismans. Zhu Yan put on an innocent smile. Different from what Lyu Liang had used, all his Talismans were in the Nascent Soul Level! After the five Talismans offset the attack from the white-bearded elder’s magic treasures, a dozen Talisman in different colors flew out and instantly wrapped the elder inside.

A miserable scream was heard. The Talismans disappeared and a black elder in rags, who had no hair, eyebrows, and beard, was left on the ground, moaning. He got injured but would not die from it.

In the third duel, seeing Lyu Liang stand out, his opponent directly admitted defeat. After all, Lyu Liang had shown his great power in the first round. Even the fool could see that he had not used half of his strength!

When the third round began, Lyu Liang and his fellows finally had some decent opponents, who came from different sects and wore sect uniforms, instead of the Rogue Cultivators in the first two rounds.

Lyu Liang came to the arena first and his opponent was a very beautiful lady at the Peak of Gold Core Stage, who flirtatiously winked at him when entering the arena. Lyu Liang’s heart missed a beat for he seemed to have seen killing intents gushing out of Shangguan Ying’s eyes. Then he began to use all his powerful techniques, displaying the Xuanyuan Swordsmanship and Heart Swordsmanship simultaneously and even activating the Devil Immortal Qi.

Sure enough, under the mighty attacks, the lady could not stand it within two breaths of time. If she had not struggled to cry out “I admit defeat!”, she would have died! Lyu Liang’s violent attacks caused the crowd to sigh with emotion.

His only purpose of doing this was to show his feelings for Shangguan Ying. Of course, his efforts were not in vain. Walking out of the arena, Lyu Liang saw that Shangguan Ying’s eyes were full of tenderness. He finally felt relieved!

Li Wuyi was the second to fight and his opponent was a big, tall man at the the Peak of Gold Core Stage, who held the sword, expressionless. Lyu Liang and his fellows narrowed their eyes for they knew that it was the hardest fight they would have.

Sure enough, although Li Wuyi attacked violently, his opponent was not bad and actually activated the “complete state” of a long silver sword. The length of the sword changed at will, extremely long for a while and short for a while. And its shape changed like a spirit snake, which made Li Wuyi suffer a lot!

After one hour, Li Wuyi narrowly defeated his opponent by using lose-lose tactics and won the second duel. However, he was badly injured and might be unable to take part in the final round of the preliminary contest. Li Wuyi did not mind it. Although he gritted his teeth because of pains, he didn’t feel depressed because he was clear that as long as his fellows were here, they would get promotion.

It was Xu Mubai’s turn for the third duel. His opponent was a Peak Gold Core lady.

The moment the lady appeared on the arena, she fixed her gaze on Xu Mubai’s handsome face, like the girls who were infatuated with good-looking guys.

Xu Mubai frowned slightly and politely reminded her that the duel began. As a result, the lady misunderstood him and thought he had a tender heart for her.

Finally, when Xu Mubai could not wait and was about to launch an attack, the lady asked, “Excuse me, this Taoism peer, do you have a Taoist wife? Actually, it doesn’t matter if you have one…” She stroked her hair in coquetry as if she did not come here for a fight but for a blind date…

Xu Mubai raised his sword and did not know how to react. Finally, he sighed, “Fairy, please admit defeat! Would you like to do it?”

When she heard it, her eyes lit up. She cried in a loud voice which could be heard by everyone. “I’d like to! Oh, no, I admit defeat!” Then she shyly ran away with her face covered by her hands before she looked back lovingly with a look that “Let’s have a talk after the contest”, which made Xu Mubai feel uncomfortable.

When Xu Mubai returned to his team, Zhu Yan quipped that from now on, as long as their opponent was a girl, they could let Xu Mubai fight with her, which would bring miraculous effects! Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter and even Shangguan Ying, who had always been reserved, laughed her head off.

Finally, the last round of the preliminary contest came. Their opponent was the puppet team Lyu Liang’s team held in awe. The five team members were at the Middle-stage of Gold Core Level and each of them had at least three Peak Gold Core puppets, which made Lyu Liang doubt whether Dongfang Xiaoyu used her power to seek revenge. “Didn’t she say that the 15 opponents she would arrange for me would be the weakest? Why has such a powerful team appeared here?”

At this time, Lyu Liang was not the only one that felt puzzled. Dongfang Xiaoyu also had such a feeling, puzzled and then depressed. However, she could only purse her lips and did not dare to say a word. In front of her stood a middle-aged man with a lion head pattern embroidered on his chest. He was Dongfang Huo, who was staring seriously at his daughter.

“Dad, I just want them to get into the final 32 teams so that grandpa and you can enjoy watching their fights better. But why did you change one of their opponents?” After a good while, Dongfang Xiaoyu gingerly raised her head and asked guiltily.

“I haven’t seen that you’re so warm-hearted! Don’t think that I don’t know what you did with Lyu Liang. I just didn’t want to blame you, but you were good and actually enticed your Third Uncle to arrange the teams at will? I want them to run into a stone wall. The test of the Thousands Beast Mansion will not be so easy!” Dongfang Huo said in a firm tone.

“Then, then, if they get into the 32 teams, can you make sure that they will fight with the team in black robes in the first round? Dad, please! I don’t want to go back on my word!” said Dongfang Xiaoyu, tears welling up in her big eyes.

“Alas! Silly girl! You don’t know what it did mean! Forget it, I’ll discuss this matter with your grandfather. As for whether we can do it as you expected, we’ll decide it after the preliminary contest!” Dongfang Huo shook his head helplessly, a flicker of soft light flashing in his eyes, and he stroked Dongfang Xiaoyu’s head.

Dongfang Xiaoyu nodded slightly and she was delighted in private. “Let grandpa decide it? What’s the difference between that and letting me decide it?”


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