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The Devilish Immortal is a web novel created by Liang Bu Fan.
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Two hours later, the group gathered together again. Everyone’s eyes were fixed attentively on Xu Mubai, waiting for him to a.s.sign tasks to each of them.

“In a minute, the three of you will work with the puppet to block the border. For the rest of our team, two of you will go with me to acquire the Crazy Devil Blade”. Xu Mubai’s instructions were simple and clear.

Half an hour later, under his leadership, a huge cyan light curtain appeared in front of everyone.

The group stood quietly outside the light curtain. Xu Mubai said in a low voice: “Once we enter the light curtain, we will be ambushed. The three of you will have to work hard. Now we need to choose the two to go with me, because once we are inside, we won’t have time to do it”.

Lyu Liang and Li Wuyi looked at each other and both of them stepped forward. Actually, Zhu Yan and Shangguan Ying also wanted to volunteer. However, Lyu Liang felt guilty and since it involved his eldest brother’s affair, he a.s.sumed the responsibility to do his best. Li Wuyi’s reasoning was simple; since they were three brothers in life-and-death, and the eldest brother and the third brother had already signed up, how could he retreat?

Actually, Xu Mubai suggested that Zhu Yan and Shangguan Ying stand outside to help the sloppy men and others. However, Zhu Yan decided to stay and help, but asked Shangguan to accompany Lyu Liang and the others; in the event that there should be any unforeseen incidents, she would be able to help.

Shangguan Ying agreed with this decision. Having had a strong presentiment that the separation that had been predicted previously seemed to be getting nearer and nearer, she wanted to stay close to Lyu Liang!

So after a simple discussion, the four stayed outside and the other four went inside. Before entering, Lyu Liang left the last life-saving puppet to the sloppy man.

As soon as they stepped into the light curtain, the mysterious voice from before, cried out: “The Creator is entering the second protective barrier and the Supreme Guardian starts!”

In the next minute, five puppets with heights of more than ten meters appeared in succession in the s.p.a.ce, each of them emitting a dreadful aura of a Fairy Immortal. The face of the sloppy man was somber and he said in a low voice to the two beside him: “Bihuo, Chishui, don’t hold back. If you don’t want to be left here forever by your martial grandfather, activate the hearts of puppets immediately!”

Then, a face-less puppet with a height of more than 15 meters emerged beside the three of them, the previous two five-element puppets were among them, but their cultivation levels had now been promoted to the middle of Fairy Immortal stage and the puppet beside the sloppy man had the aura of the peak of the Fairy Immortal stage!

The three did not waste any time; while releasing their puppets, they put their left hands over their chest and shouted loudly. The bodies of Bihuo and Chishui grew more than 20 meters in height and the sloppy man’s growth was even more profound, he was almost 30 meters tall already!

“Let’s go! The faster they settle the affairs inside, the higher their chances of survival!” Xu Mubai also roared and quickly disappeared in front of another layer of light curtain with the three behind him.

Seeing Lyu Liang and others going in, Zhu Yan sighed and his shiny eyes turned into scarlet flaming evil pupils with green strips. After uttering a clear cry, a huge fire bird appeared where Zhu Yan stood before. It was his original state, Suzaku Saint Beast!

With Zhu Yan’s help, the slightly predominant sloppy man’s party immediately destroyed the five enemy puppet; it was like snapping apart rotten twigs. But there was no relief on their faces; there was obviously a deep restraint on their means here.

As expected, there were ten puppets in the sky and they looked exactly the same as before. A barefooted old man with a grey robe appeared concurrently and as he looked the people, he smiled and said: “It’s so lively here, even the four Saint Emperors are present. It seems that your determination to return home is extraordinarily great! Hao’er, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Your puppet’s heart is so close to the peak of the eleventh level, it is worthy of being my best mantle disciple! Haha, good, good! How are Fang’er and Rou’er?”

“Master, they are all well. The three emperors’ puppets have been successfully created, but they lack the host of the Mysterious Soul Body. However, at present, one of the three in front of the Crazy Devil Blade, has the Mysterious Soul Body. Moreover, I am sure that he will be included in the Wanxiang Sect! Oh, the Wanxiang Sect is one of the finest in the whole human world!” The eyes of the sloppy man even sparkled with tears. He knelt respectfully and then with a wry smile, said “Will you pity us and let us go?”

The barefooted old man looked kindly at the man and with eyes filled with pride, nodded his head in approval and laughed boldly: “Well! The Wanxiang Sect is better in your hands than in mine. My part.i.tioned soul can also return to the heaven realm without regret and hand over to the original body! However, you are in the same group as the Creator in the judgment, so this war is inevitable! Bring it on and destroy these ten kids, I won’t embarra.s.s you anymore! Oh, yes, Hao’er, you fight directly with me. The two juniors and the little Suzaku should be able to handle ten puppets effortlessly!”

Lyu Liang was shocked by the scene before him when he entered the second light curtain! This was a world filled with stars. There was a huge circular vortex with seven colors before their eyes. There was a silver crescent scimitar that appeared from time to time in the middle of the vortex.

“Second brother and third brother, you two stand side by side in front of me. Shangguan Fairy will move according to the situation. Second brother, release your defensive shield. Third brother, help to resist the black sword qi. Take note of it and never let the black sword qi touch the light barrier!” As if synchronizing with Xu Mubai’s voice, numerous colorful sword qi mixed with a little amount black sword qi whistled at the group.

Lyu Liang and Li Wuyi quickly rearranged their positions according to Xu Mubai’s instructions. Li Wuyi released the protective barrier while Lyu Liang concurrently initiated the Xuanyuan Swordsmanship and Heart Swordsmanship. Shangguan Ying also brandished the Heaven Mixing Cloth in order to help withstand the endless sword qi as much as possible.

At this time, Xu Mubai raised his hands and said muttered something.

As time went on, the endless sword qi was becoming more and more intensive and powerful. At first, Lyu Liang could slowly resist the colorful sword qi, but now, he had to deal with the black sword qi as well. Although he was not sure of the outcome if he were to touch it, but every time he hit against it, Lyu Liang could feel a bit of a spiritual tremor!

Half an hour later, Li Wuyi’s whole body was covered in sweat and his shoulders had started to tremble slightly, but he gritted his teeth and persisted with the fight.

Lyu Liang was also sweating. Except for the trick of “Inspiring the Ghost Devil Head”, all the other tricks that could be used had been already been launched! Shangguan Ying fared better, but she was also sweating profusely.

Suddenly, a deafening loud noise echoed all around. Then the voice of Xu Mubai was heard, crying out with great joy: “Hha, it is done! Crazy Devil Blade! Come on!”

Both the colorful and black sword qi disappeared at the same time. An enormous oppressive aura descended upon the scene in an instant. Lyu Liang, whose spirit was so thick and strong, could not move at all. Li Wuyi was flat out on the ground. Shangguan Ying’s Heaven Mixing Cloth surrounded her like a protective shield, so she was slightly better off than Li Wuyi, but she had to grit her teeth and did not appear to be well.

At this moment, Xu Mubai was still holding his hands up. The Crazy Devil Blade, which had been looming from time to time, had emerged and drifted slowly in his direction.

After the initial excitement, Xu Mubai suddenly turned unusually calm. His posture remained unchanged, but he turned to Lyu Liang and Li Wuyi and said: “Second brother, third brother, it’s been the greatest happiness of my life that I, Xu Mubai, was able to meet you. In a moment, if I disappear, please do not worry. We, brothers, will see each other again! ” ”

The moment the Crazy Devil Blade touched Xu Mubai’s hands, Shangguan Ying suddenly felt a palpitation that she had never experienced before. Suddenly she realized that, maybe that could be a sign of her prediction coming true.

Immediately, without much thought and rushing forward, she pushed Lyu Liang, who was not far away and who appeared to be immobilized, away. At the same time, without any warning, a big grey hand appeared where Lyu Liang originally stood, grabbed Shangguan Ying and pulled her into the seven-coloured whirlpool in an instant!

All this happened within an electro-optical flint and everyone present was stunned. Xu Mubai was shocked at first and then later seemed to realise something. Suddenly, he covered his head with his hands as if he had gone mad and roared: “So that’s it! You actually lied to me! Uncle Xuan, how can you help him do such an evil thing? How ashamed I am to see my brother? Ah ah ah!!!!”

At this point, a small blood-red bead rose from the top of Xu Mubai’s head and shone brightly. Two figures flashed. One was the tall black-robed man with a face-less mask in the Blood Divine Sect team that Lyu Liang had feared before and the other was a black-robed, hunchbacked, grey-eyed old man.

When the tall man reached out and pointed to Xu Mubai, the Crazy Devil Blade came into his hands. Then he released a bout of crazy laughter: “Hhha, finally! At last! I have it! Feng Li, did you expect this! You painstakingly put down the seal, even abandoned the life divine weapon and finally let me have it!”

Xu Mubai did not move at all. Suddenly, his body turned blurred and white, which was visible to the naked eye, and quickly merged into the tall man’s body.

Looking at Lyu Liang, who could not move but had shrunk and Li Wuyi with the same expression, the black-robed man laughed heartily and then reached out to take off his mask. When they saw the familiar face under his mask, Lyu Liang and Li Wuyi showed incredible surprise in their eyes.

A handsome face which was the same as that of Xu Mubai appeared in front of them. The only difference was that, there was a grim, definite and resolute expression on this person’s face. From his body, there was a strong aura not weaker than that of the Devil Thunder Wing and it emitted pure and incomparable True Devil Qi!

“Second brother, third brother? This second part.i.tioned soul of mine is quite deceptive and actually made you two fools work so hard! I will introduce myself again. I am Xu Chongzhi, one of the five Creator leaders, also the king of Blood Divine Sect in Sishui Country, Wufang Territory, Human realm today!” The voice of the tall man sounded exactly like Xu Mubai’s voice. At the moment, he was looking at the two men in front of him with a sarcastic gaze.

The same time that Xu Mubai received the Crazy Devil Blade, in some parts of the Chaotic World, some other people were immediately aware of the situation.

In the Jiepan Country in Wufang Territory, an old white-browed kind monk was squatting on the ground and feeding a thin dog. If Zhao Tianding was here, he would be thrilled to find that this man was the vagrant old monk who had taught and rescued him previously.

Suddenly, he frowned, shook his head and sighed: “It has happened. Five-element, did you guess there would be such a day?” After that, a white light flashed on the old monk’s body and the monk instantly turned into a dark golden bell carved with primitive patterns and disappeared into its original place.

In Tianshui Country’s market place, the Herb Geezer was enjoying a pot of tea on the third floor of Xianfu Teahouse. Suddenly, his face changed and in the next moment, he had disappeared from the place.

In a cave in the heaven realm, an old man dressed in a green robe and with a dragon horn, was playing chess with another old man with red hair and in a red robe. Suddenly, both looked at each other at the same time, showing a dignified expression.

The old man in the green robe sighed softly: “The ancient covenant seems to be coming to an end! I don’t know if our old friends and kids in the lower world are ready to go back to their homeland.”

The old man in the red robe shook his head and laughed: “Old dragon, let’s not worry about it! If the covenant is broken, let it go. Why do we always try to cover up what already exists?”

In the Virtual Land, the black-robed man suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and then turned his head and said in a voice filled with sadness and reluctance: “Feiwu, I’m leaving. I don’t know when we will meet again. Take care!” Immediately, he turned into a dark sword and disappeared into the mound, leaving only two very shocked peopele, Xuanli and Feiwu.


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