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Chapter 1606: When Legend Meets Bronze

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Adams looked at Kieran in shock.

After a while, his shock was replaced by realization. He was released from his troubled thoughts.

“I see, you possessed gifts beyond the normal, that is why you could become ‘her’ husband! Everyone was wrong! They thought you were weak but actually… Hehe, I guess even if ‘she’ did not interfere, those people would still suffer a devastating end should they jump on you forcefully, right?” Adams exclaimed, as though Kieran’s reaction had unlocked all the questions in his head.

When he mentioned his enemies, he sounded like he took heavy pleasure in their misfortunate.

Adams then looked at Kieran with a pa.s.sionate gaze, as if he had seen something that he longed for very long time.

“2567, you are not a commoner but you are still a stranger to this world, right?” Adams asked.

Kieran nodded honestly. It wasn’t just the fact, it was also hard for him to conceal it.

He came into this world less than 3 days ago, everything was new to him.

He didn’t just fail to understand the common world, a series of events disrupted his pace and prevented him from starting to understand the hidden world.

In simple words, if Kieran had the slightest idea of the hidden world that Adams mentioned, he wouldn’t be in front of him right now.

Judging from Adams’ tone, his ex-wife should be some important figure in that hidden world.

“I am willing to become your guide. Don’t worry, I’ll just guide you there, you do not have to join any organizations, sides, or bear any responsibility and duty,” Adams said sincerely at the nodding Kieran. He’d even filled in the details for Kieran but it did not wipe away the doubts in Kieran’s mind.

A guide!

Even though it wasn’t necessary to join the organizations or sides that Adams mentioned, Kieran would still be labeled together with Adams.

Sometimes, being labeled together would be enough for disaster to strike.

As for others?

Kieran knew the saying ‘having his hands tied’.

Once the matters broke out, the upcoming incident would have an obvious trail leading to him.

So Kieran shook his head.

“Didn’t you already choose an ideal candidate?” Kieran said.

If Adams was just a normal man, Kieran wouldn’t think much because it seemed so normal for him being McRose’s teacher.

However, Adams was from the mystical realm and choosing a pathologist with a spiritual medium trait was something worth ruminating over.

“You are saying Rose? She is a good girl. She’s strong, kind, have her own bottomline but she has limited potential—If she was tested from the boarders, no one would notice her and she could live her life peacefully but once she steps into this hidden world, danger will descend upon her. She can’t save herself in the face of danger, but you, 2567, you are different!”

Adams’ pa.s.sionate gaze on Kieran grew denser.

“I understand how powerful your fire was! It’s the power that frightens me and if you can develop it properly, you can be in the same rank as ‘her’! I will do my best to help you!” Adams said as though he was making an oath.

Kieran remained quiet.

Based on his words, the hidden mystical realm Adams spoke off shouldn’t be that high in levels.

Adams should have already attained a certain position in that mystical realm with his abilities but even with that, he did not truly understand the ‘spiritual medium’ traits of McRose. Instead he was captivated by a mere Powerful rank Devil Flame.

Kieran admitted Devil Flame was special but he’d still rank the mentioned mystical realm as a low one.

“I’m used to working alone,” Kieran emphasized.

Adams sighed quietly at the second rejection.

“Since you are able to become ‘her’ husband, I can see your strong characteristics in this. You have to be careful though, being alone is very dangerous. Even with ‘her’ powers, she lost her life in the endless ambushes. Facing something powerful without a steady organization as a backbone is very hard. If you run into any problems, call me, I’ll do my best to help.”

Although Kieran did not agree, Adams still gave his reminder and a namecard.

Kieran glanced over the phone number on the card, made sure there wasn’t anything fishy before he kept it in his pocket.

“Can you tell me about Mary?” Kieran asked.

He needed more on her to perfect what he already had.

“Of course. Since you have gifts beyond the commons, you should know how powerful she was,” Adams nodded and pointed at the sofa further away.

Both of them sat down and Adams began his story.

“She came from a common background. When she was in high school, a car accident awoken her powers. No one knew what they were because no one witnessed powers like hers before. Her powers grew rapidly in a very short period! The first time I saw her, she was just a little girl stepping into this hidden world. She was lesser than a lot of my students but she was bold. She was bold enough to oppose the small organizations with her newly found powers and she’d never back away from a fight. With each fight, she grew stronger. On our second meeting, she had far exceeded a lot of my students, quietly on par with the famous ones in the hidden world. Just when we thought she would stay quiet for a bit, she went again to the influential Night Council because of an ancient item. Everyone looked down on her when the fight broke out, but the result proved everyone wrong. She slashed her way through the bramble path and destroyed the influential Night Council to bits. When everyone else reacted to the news, she had already surpa.s.sed the famous ones, Even the masters no longer had the powers to oppose her; she vanished after that. While everyone was waiting for her return and looking forward to her new heights, she got married instead!” Adams’ face looked weird when he mentioned the marriage.

“You know, when the news got out, a lot of young men who admired her suffered heavy heartbreaks,” Adams winked at Kieran, showing a ridiculous expression.

“So when Mary and I divorced, the young men must be so happy?” Kieran asked.

“Yes. They celebrated for 3 days straight with fireworks and… got beaten up like rats by her. She declared no one shall disturb your life or otherwise face h.e.l.l from her. Everyone thinks you are just a weakling commoner.”

Adams couldn’t hold back his laughs when he reminiscenced the scene.

“However, after she was ambushed, your peaceful life was disrupted. Everyone had their eyes on her power because it’s too scary! We never imagined such powers existed before her and when the people raided her house without any results, they had their eyes on you. It’s just that they never thought that even after she died, she would still be so powerful. They paid the price and I guess they won’t knock on your door for a while,” Adams exclaimed again.

“So you kept in touch with my ex-wife?” Kieran asked the concerning point.

“Yes. She’d always leave me messages,” Adams nodded.

“Do you know where she is now?” Kieran continued.

“Yes, she’s at…”

“Aaaaah! The body moved! The body moved!”

Just when Adams was ready to tell Kieran Mary’s location, a sharp scream came from the lower floor.

Holding his crutch, Adams walked towards the window. He saw the 7 dead bodies standing up in a shaky manner and their faces looked extremely ugly.

“Night Council!” Adams said with gnas.h.i.+ng teeth.

“It’s great to see someone still remembers us! It’s been a while, Adams. It’s good to see you in your half-dead state.”

A dark, sinister voice came from outside the door and when it was heard, the door opened.

A middle-aged man in a robe walked in. His face was thin, with almost no flesh at all, as if he was a skeleton wrapped in skin. Plus, that large robe on him made him look like a walking skeleton.


Adams’ eyes were overflowing with hate as he looked at the skeleton-like man, but the hate did not rob him of his sanity.

He instinctively stood in front of Kieran, blocking him behind as negative energy gathered in his hands. Adams also pushed Kieran backwards with his body, slowly moving towards the window.

Kaydi showed nothing but disdain at Adams’ action.

“Adams, do you really think you are still young? I know you have the t.i.tle of master but your powers are just slightly stronger than your students, am I right? Do you think I would care about these kinds of petty tricks? Or do you think you can escape?” Kaydi smiled coldly, looking past Adams and locking his gaze on Kieran.

“You are that woman’s husband? Looks normal. That woman is really something else, why the h.e.l.l did she marry a normal man? Or do you have something up your sleeve? Nevertheless, this is a great news to us,” Kaydi’s weird laughter was filled with sinister intent.

“Aren’t you worried about retaliation from her?” Adams yelled.

“Retaliation? Of course I am afraid! That is why I created a diversion to distract her gaze! When I get my hands on the secret of her powers, I won’t have to be afraid anymore, I will only be stronger than her! Now! Handover her things!”

A scary, ferocious look hung over the skeleton-like face of Kaydi, a faint black mist starting to appear around his body. As the black mist formed, the temperature in the room plummeted.

The black mist then threw itself towards Adams and Kieran.

Adams waved his own energy at the black mist, stopping it for a while before it was quickly defeated.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out of Adams mouth before he wobbled and fell.

Adams showed despair as he understood how powerful the opposing black mist was.

Even though Kieran behind him was unusual and quite powerful, he would still be falling short against someone from the Night Council, right?

Since ‘she’ was distracted and unable to come back in time for the rescue…

“Am I going to die here?”

Adams was unwilling to submit to fate, to death. H e still had dreams to accomplis.h.!.+

Kaydi laughed even more frenziedly when he saw the despair and unwillingness on Adams’ face.

Wasn’t this the scene that he had been antic.i.p.ating?

Since the day he was chased out from Moon City by that woman, it has been a while since he felt like this.

1 year? 2 years, or more?

Kaydi couldn’t remember it clearly, but now the woman was dead!

Even though her soul has transformed into a special spiritual being and still very powerful, he was on the brink of getting his hands on her secret. Once he did that, he would be stronger than her!

He would bring the Night Council back to Moon City!

Those who talked bad about them would fear the ‘Terror of Night’ again!

They would…Huh?!

While Kaydi was fantasizing about the future, he suddenly realized something wasn’t right.

The woman’s husband was too calm, even before his special power.

Not just calm though, the blankness in his eyes was raising discomfort.

Kieran looked at him like looking at some toddlers in kindergarten.

“You are really p.i.s.sing off like she did! I thought of granting you a quick death as long as you gave me her things, but I’ve changed my mind! You will wish that you were dead instead!” Kaydi yelled and raised his hand.

The black mist around him gathered and swarmed over Kieran.

Higher than Powerful but not even Extreme rank?

So this is the power of the so-called master in this world?

Seems like it’s weaker than expected.

Kieran a.n.a.lysed the black mist objectively. With a thought, an Extreme rank Devil Flame burned from thin air.

Scorching heat streams swirled in the room and… that was the end.

Kaydi, together with his black mist, was burnt to cinders by Devil Flame.

A green glowing item appeared on top of the ashes, but Kieran purposely turned a blind eye and helped the dull Adams up.

“The fire… the fire…”

Adams tried to say something but after a few stutters, he was at a loss for what to say. He ultimately showed a bitter smile.

“You are already as strong as her?” Adams asked Kieran.

Kieran didn’t reply, looking at the exit instead.

An illusory figure was floating at the door.

It was a young beautiful girl. Even in its illusory form, it still captured eyes and Kieran was quite familiar with her.

He saw her before back in the morgue: she was the ex-wife of his ident.i.ty.

“Adams, can you give us some s.p.a.ce?” the figure said.


Adams exited the room and closed the door without a second thought.

Kieran was left alone with the lady in the room. The figure’s gaze on Kieran looked rather agitated, hesitating for a while before asking as a test, “Player?”


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