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Starbeck: No need for 2, just 1 will be enough!

Just one?

Kieran frowned.

Even though he was not a qualified merchant, at least he knew how to make a deal in a proper trade. It should be built on terms that both sides were agreeable with or on even grounds.

In simpler words, both sides wished the other side to put forth more effort so they could receive more out of the deal.

Yet, Starbeck went away from the norm and lowered his part of the bargain.

It made Kieran frown hard.

The unusual reaction could only mean one thing from Kieran’s perspective, Starbeck must have some special request!

Kieran didn’t reply right away, he waited patiently.

As expected, after a while, Starbeck’s message verified Kieran’s guess.

Starbeck: I need you to sign a confidential agreement with me, only then I can proceed.

2567: Fine with me.

Since Starbeck had the initiative, Kieran had no grounds to reject. In fact, he was quite curious himself, what kind of dungeon had Starbeck come across?

The agreement was witnessed by the system when they signed. After Kieran agreed to never expose Starbeck’s secret in any form or means, a follow up screenshot appeared before Kieran.

Instantly, Kieran was shocked beyond words, his eyes widened and his face went dull.

[Blade of the Daybreaker (Main Scroll)]!!!!

The screenshot even captured the description properly.

[t.i.tle Dungeon: Blade of the Daybreaker (Main Scroll)]

[Blade of the Daybreaker: The Burning Dawn, who was stationed at the Supreme Road, was a.s.saulted by an unknown enemy and was heavily wounded. He is desperate to find someone that could inherit the spirit and will of the Blade of the Daybreaker!]

[Dungeon Cooldown Time: 5/10]

[Note 1: t.i.tle Dungeon will not be calculated in player’s dungeon count.]

[Note 2: t.i.tle Dungeon has a specific difficulty and is not related to the dungeon entry difficulty.]

[Note 3: You have the only main scroll of the dungeon, you can decide when to initiate the dungeon but you can’t trade, discard or expel it by any means unless you choose to die.]

[Note 4: You as the main scroll owner will have a higher difficulty than the other sub scroll owner, but at the same time have more conveniences to aid you.]

Kieran would never have thought that Starbeck was the one who possessed the main scroll of [Blade of the Daybreaker].

Kieran viewed the dungeon cooldown which was stuck at 5 for a long time and never seemed to have any signs of increasing. From his original guess, the owner of the main scroll must be someone with utmost vigilance, careful and was a player that never wasted a single moment to strengthen himself, that was the reason why the cooldown number never increased.

Kieran even went as far as guessing the owner might be someone with a tempering skill similar to [Knights of Dawn Body Tempering Art] like him, which cost more time to level up.

However, following Starbeck’s message, Kirean realized he was overthinking.

What vigilance, what carefulness? What similar skill to [Knight of Dawn Body Tempering Art]?

Everything was c.r.a.p except Starbeck’s cowardness!

“What in the h.e.l.l…”

Kieran muttered, trying to find words to describe his current mood but he couldn’t find any appropriate words.

Whuu! Whuuu!

Kieran took in deep breaths to try to adjust his complicated feelings that he was unable to describe, then he inspected the screenshot before him in detail once more.

With the system guaranteeing the deal, Kieran had no need to worry about the screenshot being tampered with or any similar means, so the validity of the scroll should be real.

But because of that, he became more cautious.

[Blade of the Daybreaker (Main Scroll)]’s third and fourth note was enough to tell him that the mission won’t be easy.

The main scroll and sub scroll had different difficulties, which means…

“Will the main mission be different as well? Or we might even end up in opposing factions?”

Kieran couldn’t keep his mind from coming up such speculations, and if such speculations were valid…

Kieran frowned even harder. He then spilled his own speculations to Starbeck.

However, Starbeck replied with some more screenshots.

[Name: Faction Change Card]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: Grant player the option to choose his/her desired factions, including the enemies.]

[Remark: This card’s usage is unpredictable, yet it is nothing when compared to the human heart!]

[Name: Alliance Card]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attribute: Two players could form an alliance between two different factions.]

[Remark: The enemies from yesterday might be your ally today!]

[Name: Loyalty Card]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attribute: Used on hostile natives to change their thoughts and turned them into a potential cooperation target.]

[Remark: It is not a 100% success rate item but at least it will give you a chance!]

[Name: Escape Card]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attribute: This card will a.s.sure your safety and allow you to escape dangerous situation at hand.]

[Remarks: Life is worth more than gold!]

Kieran took in more deep breaths after he saw the following screenshots.

The impact to his eyes agitated his mood again.

He couldn’t imagine what kind of dungeon could prove to be a problem to Starbeck in the game if he wasn’t a coward by nature.

Starbeck has this many rare items in his possession!

Kieran was sure this was not even all of it!

If these were in the hands of other players, their progress in the game might already thriving and prosperous!

Yet, look at what Starbeck was doing…

Starbeck: Not enough?

Starbeck: I’ll put in more funds and ask my men to search for more tools!

Starbeck: But even though I don’t mind throwing in more cash but these are the best rare items that I could get my hands on. Those even better items, even if I am willing to pay, the other players aren’t willing to sell.

A dense one-of-kind generosity grazed Kieran’s face through the screen.

He covered his face with his hand, s.h.i.+elding himself from the imagined pain.

After a couple seconds later, Kieran only replied. He didn’t want to linger on the topic anymore, hence he went directly to the main point.

2567: You have 5 more dungeon cooldowns to go. When you start the t.i.tle dungeon, I will give my best to a.s.sure your safety and a clear dungeon run.

2567: We can sign the contract now.

Starbeck: Good!

The system acted as a witness again in signing the contract, then Starbeck sent out his questions.

Starbeck: So how should I contact Lawless?

2567: I will leave him a message, he will contact you with his own ways.

Kieran’s reply was a little vague but it was the fact. Because of Lawless’s ident.i.ty in the real world, it was destined that Lawless couldn’t request help from others through common means, even if it was Starbeck that he was looking for.

After ending the conversation with Starbeck, Kieran left a message to Lawless and briefly stated the situation.

A while later, the train conductor sent out a notification to Kieran.

[Player 2567, you have arrived at your stop, please disembark the train!]

Kieran stood up and went off the train, heading back to his old broken garage.

Though, just as he approached his place, the figure that stood before his door surprised him, causing him to halt his steps.


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