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Chapter 1306: The Great Path Rules

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

However, at the moment there was no time to hesitate. The targeting of Great Path Rules was getting deeper and deeper.

He could sense that thing was sprinting towards him.

Meanwhile, at the Mermaid Tribe, the emperor was in contemplation and his face showed he was in upheaval. He suddenly got up and glanced in the direction of the ancient tomb, his eyes open wide with horror. “The fragment of the Great Path Rules? Does the World Annihilating Dragon actually wield the Great Path Rules? Who does it want to kill that warrants the usage of that power? Is it Su Yu? Impossible. In the face of the World Annihilating Dragon, Su Yu is just an ant. It could either dismiss him or kill him a thousand times over with ease.”

General Blackfish and General Li also hurriedly came forward to report that it was raining divine blood.

General Hu was dead!

The two of them were shocked speechless. General Hu simply went to guard the deep pit and waited there. Why did he suddenly die?

The Mermaid Emperor’s face became dark and gloomy. “We can only go on with the plan. If we wait for the seal to be broken, there will be no escape from misfortune! Immediately send troops towards the Yaksha Tribe and Frogman Tribe!”

“Yes!” The two did not dare to ask more. The death of General Hu made them feel extremely uneasy.

At the same time, the strong men of the Frogman tribe and the Yaksha tribe all looked towards the spirit vein.

The sudden eruption of the Great Path Rules had shaken them deeply.

Since ancient times, only the Divine Warriors of Heavens and Earth could control the Great Path Rules. Even so, they could only grasp it very marginally.

Following the fall of the Nine Divine Warriors, it had been a long time since the Great Path Rules appeared in the Ancient G.o.d Realm.

The appearance of the Great Path Rules had caused a huge uproar.

The news reverberated throughout all the ninety-nine tribes in the Southern Region.

The Great Path Rules had reappeared, hence it was deduced that the power of the Divine Warriors of Heaven and Earth had come back to the world.

While the tribesmen were paying close attention to the Great Path Rules, Su Yu, who was the target of the attack, was facing an unprecedented crisis.

“Su Yu, once the Great Path Rules is locked on, it will not go away unless the target disappears from the world,” the Evil G.o.d said gravely. “It is especially true for the World Annihilating Dragon, as it is a Dragon G.o.d. If it has the slightest tendency to kill, that tendency will not be extinguished, the Great Path Rules will not stop until it is done. ”

Su Yu’s gaze became serious. Things were worse than expected.

With a flick of his hand, Su Yu summoned the Five Elements Mountain and placed it in front of his chest.

At the same time, he also took out the Five Elements Divine Prison.

He had promised the black-green water dragon that after he battled with the Demonic G.o.d of Six Paths, he would let it go. However, it kept silent and lay low but had never left Su Yu.

As he was in grave danger now, Su Yu had no choice but to summon it.

However, it was still not enough.


Su Yu shook the rosary around his wrist and a veiled lady appeared, sitting cross-legged on the ground.

As she perceived the changes in her surroundings, the lady slowly opened her eyes. Her amethyst-colored magnificent pupils could be seen, bursting forth with bright colors.

“Master Su, for what reason do you summon me?” Bi Wanqing straightened her lapels and addressed Su Yu respectfully. There was no arrogance in her demeanor, unlike in the past.

Su Yu said, “How many percent of the Purple-Eyed Demonic G.o.d’s Divine Path have you inherited?”

“Ninety-nine percent,” Bi Wanqing calmly said.

Generally speaking, it was very difficult to inherit the whole of the Divine Path. The fact that she could inherit ninety-nine percent was extraordinary.

“Fine. I need you now to help me seek out something.”

“Master Su, please command me,” Bi Wanqing’s eyes brightened up and smiled slightly. She had waited for this moment for a long time.

She wanted to prove to Su Yu that she was not weaker than anyone else was.

“The Great Path Rules!”

Bi Wanqing’s face immediately froze, and her smile slowly disappeared from her face.

Bi Wanqing looked around. She suddenly stared in the direction of the ancient tomb and the pretty face under the veil a.s.sumed an expression of shock.

“Those are really the Great Path Rules!” Bi Wanqing whispered.

That extremely prestigious and highly regarded Great Path Rules actually appeared.

As beings whose divine path could pry into all the secrets of the heavens and earth, she and her previous master were no strangers to the existence of the Great Path Rules.

Furthermore, their eyes could see the Great Path Chains that ordinary people could not see.

However, this was the first time she saw… no, it was the first time she heard that the Great Path Rules were being controlled and carrying out someone else’s will.

The target of the killing intent was none other than Su Yu!

“Can you get a glimpse into its essence and its weaknesses?” Su Yu asked.

Bi Wanqing’s spirit sets off waves and she looked fearful. To pry into the Great Path Rules was a taboo for divine paths like hers!

Her previous master had told her many times that there were many taboos in the world, secrets that they simply could not pry into, or they would be punished by the heavens.

However, he had already fallen, and her life had no guidance anymore.

She really wanted to do his last will so she inherited the Purple Eyed Divine Path to be pa.s.sed down for eternity. That was the only way to surpa.s.s her previous master.

Therefore, she wanted to try what her previous master had never tried before and break the taboo.

“Okay! I will give it a try!” Bi Wanqing took a deep breath, and her purple pupils became brighter as they gradually emitted two rays of purple light that penetrated through everything and finally landed on the Great Path Rules.

Barely prying into it, Bi Wanqing’s figure suddenly trembled, and fresh blood dripped from her mouth. Her entire body, from the inside to the outside, was burning with flames that came out of nowhere, setting her on fire.

“I saw it! It was a shard with gold characteristics. Indeed, it was a shard of the Great Path Chain!” Bi Wanqing was on fire, but her eyes were determined.

Su Yu was stunned and said, “Alright, that’s enough, stop!”

“Not, it is not enough. I can continue to pry. Even if these are the Great Path Rules, there are inherent weaknesses.” Bi Wanqing was determined to surpa.s.s her master and fulfill his last wish.

At this moment, she was as beautiful as an angel, marching into magnificent flames.

The purple lights from her eyes suddenly brightened up extremely, shaped like two purple stars and lit up the whole place.

Within the heavens and earth, now all hidden secrets had nowhere to hide.

“I saw it! It was a fragment of the chain that was forcibly broken by the World Annihilating Dragon and contaminated with its dragon blood. If we can dissolve the dragon blood…”

As she spoke, Bi Wanqing’s voice stopped abruptly.

She was still talking, but her voice seemed to be disturbed by the Great Path Rules and only she could hear herself.

At the same time, the burning flames around her body suddenly gushed and drowned her in a sea of fire.

When the flames dissipated, only two remaining purple rays remained, gradually dimming.

The Evil G.o.d sighed. “The ancients said that death comes when the path smells its end. She had sacrificed her body for the path, which was both respectable and regrettable.”

Su Yu was silent. Reaching out, he held the two remaining purple rays tightly in his palm.

“Phoenix nirvana fire can be used to bring back life. Your martyrdom is only the start of your nirvana,” Su Yu whispered softly. “Come back to life!”

There was an intriguing undulation, and it came from within Su Yu’s palm.

The two diminis.h.i.+ng purple rays on his palm were s.h.i.+ning again, brightly and majestically, and finally turned into purple light and shadow.

When the purple light dispersed, a moving and graceful body reappeared in front of Su Yu.

Witnessing the scene with his own eyes, the Evil G.o.d opened his eyes wide.

“Is this the power of the Great Path Rules?” The Evil G.o.d asked in awe.

The dead could not be resurrected, and the yin and yang could not be reversed.

If it happened, the Great Path Rules must have been altered.

He had followed Su Yu for a long time, but never actively tried to find out his secrets.

However, his actions today shocked him so much that for once he could not be bothered regarding the existence of the World Annihilating Dragon.

Even though Bi Wanqing was resurrected, she fell into some kind of deep sleep, and many tiny rays of light continued to emerge from her eyes.

Su Yu smiled slightly. “Congratulations, you have transcended the Purple Eyed Demonic G.o.d, and your divine path has entered a new realm.”

The Buddha’s light flashed, and Bi Wanqing was brought into a quiet recuperation.

The next time she showed up, she would be on a completely new level.

Su Yu looked in the direction of the Great Path Rules again, and murmured softly, “The fragment of the chain is contaminated with the blood of the dragon…”

Suddenly there was a hint of hope in Su Yu’s heart.

If he succeeded, there was still a slight hope of survival.

“Milky Way Star Sand!” Su Yu exclaimed. The light of Star River in the palm of his hand broke away from his body and turned into the Milky Way, surrounding him.

Stripping away the blood of the World Annihilating Dragon was the only way to survive.

If the Five Elements Mountain together with the Five Elements Divine Prison could block the Great Path Rules for a moment, the Milky Way Star Sand could give it a shot.

However, this was still far from enough.

Su Yu’s thoughts flashed across his mind and a mighty figure appeared behind him. It had black hair and dark eyes and looked scornfully at everything.

Immediately after that, another mighty figure rose up behind him. One half of a body appeared in various colors. The figure had a red head, a purple hand, an emerald chest, a white right leg, and a black sole.

However, it was not over yet. Behind it, there was another looming figure. This time it was a complete figure br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the Strength of Five Elements.

Luzhu was astounded. “Three types of divine paths? Oh heavens, how have you realized three types in a single body?”

She had never heard of someone possessing three divine paths at the same time.

The second divine path that appeared was the strangest of all of them.

It only had the right half of its body. However, every single part of it oozed a strong sense of divine path, as if any of those parts could represent a kind of divine path.

After the preparations were done, Su Yu took out the Demonic G.o.d Cage again.

After he activated it, the souls that had their divine intellect erased all rushed out.

When all this was done, he could sense that the Great Path Rules were getting closer.

Su Yu closed his eyes slowly. At this moment, he felt that although the world was vast, he was isolated from everyone everywhere.

That little piece of chain fragment seemed to contain the supreme idea that bound the world together.

No one could save him.

Not Yun Yazi, not the Evil G.o.d, no one.

Only he could save himself.

The howling wind stopped.

The clouds stopped.

The river flow stopped.

The Evil G.o.d, Luzhu, they stopped as well.

The whole world stopped.

Time was still.

This was the Great Path Rules. It was all-encompa.s.sing and contained all the mysteries of heaven and earth.

Under the rules, the will of any soul was futile.

However, Su Yu moved.

A pair of deep, penetrating eyes running through the Star River opened slowly.

The moment they opened, a touch of white and red, yellow and blue, black and purple… many, many different-colored fragments shot towards Su Yu from over hundreds of millions of miles.

At the place where it appeared, the world was at a standstill as if it was the only being in the whole universe.

No one could say what it looked like. It seemed like a fragment of a chain, but upon a second look, it seemed like a whole world. If one continued to look at it, it seemed like the whole galaxy.

This unparalleled and indescribable supreme matter of the world shot at Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes were purple with the force of time urging him to take a step forward in the still s.p.a.ce-time dimension.

“I possess the rule of time too!” Su Yu murmured, pointing his finger at the Five Elements Mountain that was standing still.

The Five Elements Mountain revolved for a while and settled on the ground, in front of Su Yu’s body.

The fragment of the Great Path Rules turned a blind eye towards it and continued to shoot forward.


Facing the fragment, the Five Elements Mountain was penetrated directly as though it were made of smoke.


There was a loud noise, and the Five Elements Mountain turned into a pile of dust!


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