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Read The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 147: Battle Of Life And Death

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Chapter 147: Battle Of Life And Death

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Li Hao was momentarily stunned. “Achieved a breakthrough?”

Following which, his hideous grin became even worse. “Who do you think you are, to fight till death with me? For someone like you who has just achieved a breakthrough into Third Level Peak Tier, before me, you can only run away in fright, nothing has changed!

“Cloud-Piercing Kick!” Although Li Hao’s remarks were filled with contempt, his movements were extremely vigilant. He had switched from his palm techniques to the leg techniques which he was more adept at.

He kicked out his foot, which was accompanied by a series of afterimages.

Terrifying spiritual energy heavily concentrated on his leg, billowing as though it was like the clouds of fury in the skies.

The clouds vibrated agitatedly, as the power to splinter the skies was shot out!

Legacy Level Stage One Top Cla.s.s cultivation technique, paired with his Fourth Level Holy King cultivation base, caused an absolutely overwhelming force to explode forth!


A strong energy wave a.s.saulted Su Yu, causing his purple robe and silver hair to be blown around. A pair of vast and starry eyes that seemed to s.h.i.+ne forever like the stars in the sky, was filled with an ice-cold killing intent.

“Heavenly Punishment of Ice and Thunder!” Su Yu shouted as he materialized an Ice and Thunder Blazing long spear in his hands, and stabbed forth.

One leg and one spear collided in mid-air!


After a deafening sound reverberated through the air, Li Hao was pushed back several steps!

His hideous grin froze, as his face could no longer contain the shock and bewilderment he felt. “To think that your spiritual energy is not beneath mine!”

Such a turn of events was unthinkable. For a Third Level Peak Tier Holy King, to actually be evenly matched with a Fourth Level Peak Tier Holy King, in terms of the amount of spiritual energy that he possessed!

A flash of killing intent flashed past Su Yu’s eyes!

Not uttering a single word, he charged towards Li Hao and attacked!

Li Hao’s shock and bewilderment were restrained, and they were replaced with rage and fury, evident from his facial expression. “Hmph! You wretched thing! The more you resist, the more I want to let you die a horrible death!”

“Just now was merely half of my actual strength. Now, I’ll put an end to everything!” Li Hao took in a deep breath, rousing the spiritual energy buried in the depths of his body.

To think that in a mere instant, Li Hao’s spiritual energy had exceeded that of those who were of the same cultivation base as him by ten percent!

Within the Faction, the Thousand Thread Mantra which aided in the expansion of spiritual energy was trained to Stage One Lower Cla.s.s!

At the same time, the spiritual energy which he had reserved previously, was now completely infused into his leg.

A terrifying wave of spiritual energy was emitted, causing one to get gooseb.u.mps just from feeling it.

“Cloud-Piercing Kick!”

It was the same kick that shook the clouds, yet its power had increased by fifty percent!

The kick which could completely shatter the clouds contained the destructive power to obliterate everything. That caused Su Yu to feel an imminent threat of death!

However, both of his eyes remained calm as water. Not only did Su Yu not prepare another powerful move to counter it. Instead, he put down his palm and said indifferently. “Indeed, it’s time to put an end to everything!”

Hm? Li Hao’s heart slightly clicked. What was Su Yu’s meaning behind those words?

However, without any time to ponder, Li Hao attacked with the intentions to kill. “You, the people close to you, and Yun Yun. I want them all to suffer a horrible death!”

Even when Li Hao charged right before Su Yu, Su Yu only moved his finger slightly!

In an instant!

An unusually dazzling ball of ice glow appeared.

The Divine Ice Ring slightly trembled, making a sound like it was cheering.

Countless Divine Ice Threads shot out, weaving and forming a fist the size of a head.



A pitiful shriek could be heard!

Li Hao’s hideous grin froze, and what replaced it was pain and horror!

Upon colliding with that strange fist weaved by those Divine Ice Threads, the bones in his right leg were instantly shattered. The blood and flesh on his leg had been frozen and blasted away!

After the collision, the blood and flesh in his right leg became indistinguishable, leaving half of his right leg handicapped!

An immense pain a.s.saulted his soul, as Li Hao squealed pitifully like a pig that was being slaughtered!

Stumbling for a few steps, he lost his balance and sat on the ground with his b.u.t.t.

At that moment, Li Hao’s heart sank!

A wave of horror engulfed his heart!

Su Yu walked over with his hands clasped behind his back, with the floating Divine Ice Threads floating behind him. They were so numerous and uncountable that they were able to blot out the sun and cover the sky.

It was like they were guarding a king, dancing wildly in all directions, freezing all enemies in who dared to come close!

“Don’t tell me… a divine artifact!” Li Hao’s squinted his eyes and had an epiphany, as he spurted out words which even he himself could not believe.

Su Yu had actually controlled a divine artifact, something which even the Supreme Elders might not necessarily possess!

That divine artifact was Su Yu’s hidden trump card!

Li Hao’s heart thumped madly as it sank!

“Even after utilizing your full strength, you are merely like this.” Su Yu lightly shook his head as he said indifferently.

In the past ten days which he hiding, Su Yu had been secretly training. His had shown vast improvement, near the boundaries of Lower Tier. Just a bit more, and he could achieve Lower Tier Realm.

Even so, it was able to display a sliver of the Divine Ice Ring’s true, terrifying might!

Li Hao felt incredibly humiliated that he.. he had actually been defeated by Su Yu! Defeated by the man who s.n.a.t.c.hed his fiancé away from him!

Su Yu, the person who had been deemed to be someone that he could easily toy till death, was actually stronger than him!

Following which, the humiliation within his heart was soon replaced with the danger he felt from this perilous situation!

Su Yu, who possessed a divine artifact, was as difficult to overcome as a gigantic mountain!

Upon successfully escaping, Li Hao would then devise attacks from the shadows to get rid of Su Yu and the people close to him, and exact his revenge! In addition, that s.l.u.t, Yun Yan, must never be let off the hook!


Materialising his spiritual energy as wings, Li Hao attempted to escape via the skies!

Should a Fourth Level Holy King have the intention to escape, his speed would be too fast to catch up to.

However, when Li Hao turned his head around out of vigilance, Su Yu remained in his original spot with his hands clasped behind his back, and did not chase after him!

Right as Li Hao was still in a state of bewilderment the Divine Ice Threads started to move!

Swoosh swoosh—

Like they had received orders from their king, the Divine Ice Threads surrounding Su Yu’s body suddenly weaved and formed a terrifyingly cold arrow!

The ten feet long arrow pointed to the skies, locking onto Li Hao!

Li Hao felt gooseb.u.mps all his body. “What…what kind of divine artifact is that! It can turn into anything?”

However, he did not have much time to think about it!

Swoosh swoosh swoosh—

The ten feet long arrow shot towards Li Hao at an incredible speed, piercing through the clouds and shaking the skies.

It swept across with a coldness that could freeze everything, and destroyed everything in its path!

Li Hao’s face instantly changed, as he swerved to the side, in an attempt to dodge the incoming projectile.

However, the coldness emitted by the arrow caused the surrounding air to stagnate. This made his movements dull and stiff, unable to dodge the arrow!


The arrow pierced through Li Hao’s armor. Its might was so great that it had nailed Li Hao into a stone wall!

An excruciating pain caused Li Hao to shriek pitifully.

Seeing Su Yu walking on air in his direction, with his hands clasped behind his back, Li Hao was overwhelmed by terror!

The fear of death caused his entire body to s.h.i.+ver!

A deep sense of regret enveloped his heart. If he had the choice, he would not provoke Su Yu!


Screaming in pain, Li Hao actually tore his armor, severing his right arm in a bid to free himself from the arrow.

After which, he fled frantically like he was a dog who had lost his home.

“Su Yu! As senior and junior disciples of the same Faction, why must you be so ruthless!” Li Hao turned around and shouted, while he was trying to escape. “You and I may call it quits now. I swear, I will not find trouble with you or your friends… And as for Yun Yan, if you want her, I can also help a.s.sert pressure on the family, and force her to marry you in subjugation!”

Su Yu chased after him indifferently. Without turning his head, his palm grabbed towards the direction of the stone wall.


The Divine Ice Threads, which had turned into an arrow, once again turned back into a ball of thread. It flew obediently and wisely back into Su Yu’s hands.

“You have already forgotten, this is an endless death until one of us dies!” Su Yu’s expression remained calm as usual. With a mere flick of his finger, the Divine Ice Threads in his palms had actually weaved and created a thousand feet long chain!

With a flicker, a chain appeared out of nowhere!

Having sustained heavy injuries, Li Hao could only channel his spiritual energy to protect the area surrounding him, blocking off and preventing the chains from reaching his body beyond thirty feet!

Looking in the distance, Li Hao had been trapped within the chains from head to toe, without any chance of escaping.

Battle endlessly till one’s death?

Just mere moments ago, those words only meant one thing to Li Hao. Only with Su Yu’s death, would this battle end.

Yet, at that moment, the meaning had been completely reversed—if he did not die, Su Yu swore he would never ease up!

Feeling the threat of imminent death, Li Hao roared with his blood-shot eyes. “Do you really want to be so ruthless! There is always a need for one to leave behind some room for maneuver!”

“Leave behind room for maneuver?” Su Yu’s eyes were completely ice cold. “I don’t like to kill people, but you must die! For Jingyu, for Xianer, and for… Yun Yan!”

If Su Yu had allowed such a treacherous and evil snake to get away, they would be the victims in the future.

How could Su Yu become soft-hearted when it came to the task of slaying the evil? Should there be a day where they were harmed due to this, Su Yu would never be able to live with a peace of mind for the rest of his life.

With his last sliver of hope completely shattered, Li Hao shouted with great hatred. “Su Yu! I will not let you off even when I turn into a ghost….”

“In that case, I’ll make sure that even your spirit is completely destroyed!” Su Yu’s expression remained calm, completely unshaken by that shout of hatred. After which, his finger lightly pointed!


The surrounding chains had split into countless sharp and transparent silk threads in an instant. As more power was channeled into them, the silk threads suddenly tightened!



Li Hao’s spiritual energy, which protected his body, had been sliced through on the spot. Countless silk threads which could cut through everything penetrated his body.

Instantly, pieces of uniformly cut minced meat started falling from the sky… It was actually a death which was extremely miserable, not even a corpse was left behind!

Removing Li Hao was akin to removing a lurking peril, causing Su Yu to feel much more at ease.

Li Hao was a thorn in Su Yu’s flesh and had caused him much unease for a very long time. Su Yu would never let what happened to Zhao Guang previously, take place again!

Retracting back the Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu descended and found w.a.n.g Li’s token.

As a result, Su Yu had slain a total of three members from the Empire of Darkness.

The Fourth Level Lower Tier Holy King beautiful lady, the Fourth Level Upper Tier Holy King Cheng You, and the Fourth Level Peak Tier Holy King w.a.n.g Li.

Among the band of four killers, three of them had been slain by Su Yu single-handedly.

According to the credits system, he would receive a total of thirty-five points worth of credits, he could obtain thirty-five medium grade marrow cleansing elixirs!

The gains from the trip had completely exceeded his expectations.

Not only did he obtain Incredible Moon-Lit Demon Eyes, an incredibly rare secret technique of the soul, he had also obtained , an ancient secret technique regarding mastery of artifacts. In addition, there was also a remnant volume of Immortal Level cultivation technique, which he had yet to comprehend.

His cultivation base had also rapidly risen from Third Level Lower Tier Holy King, all the way to Third Level Peak Tier Holy King. He was only one step away from becoming a Fourth Level Holy King.

Should he be able to successfully obtain the high-grade marrow cleansing elixir rewarded by the Faction, he would be able to reach Fourth Level Holy King in one go, fulfilling the requirements of the Xianyun Contest!

Looking back, more than half of a month had pa.s.sed and there were only a few days left before the registration deadline was up.

“It’s time to go back and register!” Su Yu clenched his fist, as a smile of confidence appeared on his face. “Xianer, wait for me! The battle of Xianyun must have a place for me. The Phoenix Blood Elixir, I’ll definitely get it for you!”



Suddenly, a sound of intense fighting could be heard!

In the horizon, there were three terrifying figures charging forth!

Looking over, there was a snow lion, the size of a small mountain, which teamed up with a cold youth, jointly pursuing another youth drenched in blood!

The one being pursued was Song Qingshan, pursued by Li Xiaowei alongside that terrifying Snow Lion!

With their combined forces, how could Song Qingshan be a match for them? Suffering defeat, he could only flee for his life!

His clothes were in rags and tatters, and there was a terrifying claw mark on his chest, almost tearing him apart!

His abdomen also received a vicious palm strike, causing his blood and flesh to be indistinguishable.

Under such a pursuit, he was in a perilous situation!

Su Yu secretly felt that things were not looking good! The Coniferous Song Forest was one of the few places, where there were no alternatives routes to take when leaving Wolong Snowfield.

As ill luck would have it, Song Qingshan’s escape route had to be this!

Su Yu wanted to hide, but it was already too late!

What made Su Yu even angrier was that Song Qingshan had discovered Su Yu’s presence!

A vicious look flashed across his eyes, and he shouted towards Li Xiaowei who was in pursuit of him. “He is the one who killed your members, Su Yu. He is a fellow disciple of the Liu Xian Faction! He had also seen both the treasures inside the two jade boxes! Every injustice has its perpetrator, and every debt has its debtor. You should be finding him instead!”

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, he fled toward another direction!

Su Yu was furious!

Song Qingshan had, in a bid to flee, sold him out to the people from the Empire of Darkness!


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