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Read The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 605 – Subduing the Lightning Spirit

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Chapter 605: Subduing the Lightning Spirit

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Hong Luan, finding herself in such a precarious situation, was spooked out of her mind. She clenched her jaw, and as a layer of blue crystals appeared on her body, her soul was instantly crystalized.


A light crisp sound echoed as her crystalized soul body was shattered into countless splinters, which flew all around.

“Good! You are the first one who managed to force me to destruct my soul.” Hong Luan’s shout echoed from among the countless splinters. It was filled with fear, resentment, and hatred.

“I will immediately transmit this news to my true body, then let it descend down here. At that time, I will see what you can do once you are facing my true body.” She was just a part of Hong Luan’s soul, and because of the Intervention of the Fairy artifact, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Hong Luan, who was outside, had no idea of what was happening here.

But, if a part of her soul managed to escape and return back to its real body, then all that had happened here would be known by her. Although the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion could prevent Divine Masters from entering it, it might not necessarily be able to prevent an All Creation Realm old monster from doing so. If an All Creation Realm old monster came here, even the Dark Su Yu would be annihilated by it!

Myriad splinters flew in all directions, and it was impossible to chase after them or obstruct them.

“Soul s.p.a.ce!” The Dark Su Yu’s scarlet eyes turned into a snow-white color, and a white dragon image flickered in them for a moment. During that moment, the surroundings experienced drastic changes.

The Dark Su Yu was in the current snow-white s.p.a.ce, while all of the splinters, which had just escaped, were in the range of the snow-white s.p.a.ce. That snow-white s.p.a.ce was sealed, and all of the splinters were confined within it.

“A s.p.a.ce that was made by your soul? Hiss! How can you achieve this? this is the Ancient Spirit Body’s soul clan’s unique skill.” Hong Luan was overwhelmed with shock.

As the Dark Su Yu waved his sleeves, all of the countless soul fragments were forcefully gathered together. They formed a crystalized soul, which was filled with cracks, and not even a single fragment of her soul was left out, as all of her soul fragments were taken by him.

Su Yu was an existence tantamount to a G.o.d in this s.p.a.ce. As such, he could control everything in it with just his thoughts. At this moment, resentment and hatred disappeared in Hong Luan’s face. It was also filled with despair and fright.

“Hehe…” The Dark Su Yu smiled and bit her, then swallowed her down.



A miserable shriek echoed for a moment, then stopped suddenly, while a solemn All Creation Realm old monster’s soul was swallowed down. After he swallowed a part of Hong Luan’s soul, the Dark Su Yu revealed a satisfied evil smile.

As his laughter echoed in the sky, a destructive disastrous thunder descended down from the sky.


A loud explosion sound was heard, and as his soul s.p.a.ce bore such an intense attack, it started crumbling down. The surrounding s.p.a.ce started recovering back to its previous and former appearance. The only difference from before was that there was now a small beast, whose body was flickering with lightning, that was baring its teeth and glaring at him.

It was a lightning spirit, who had the most righteous power in the world. In contrast, the Dark Su Yu was the extremest of evils! As such, the lightning spirit instinctively abhorred him, so it naturally attacked him!

“Disastrous thunder’s spirit…hehe!” Su Yu laughed and waved his hand at the ground.


A ma.s.s of flesh flew out of the ground. This ma.s.s was Sheng Xuelian’s shattered body!

Then, a black jade pendant flew out of the flesh and was taken by Su Yu into his palm. As Su Yu pinched it with his finger and crushed it apart, several light spheres came out of it.

These were the Real Spirit Dragon Veins, the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s sapling, and the prototype Fairy artifact, the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal!

Su Yu firmly held the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal in his palm and said, “A prototype Fairy artifact… It still lacks disastrous thunder, and you are quite fit for it!”

The Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal’s might was dependant upon the lighting and thunder that was sealed within it. The reason why it wasn’t able to fully display its power was that it didn’t contain disastrous thunder. Hence, the disastrous thunder’s spirit before him was the best nutrient for it!

It seemed like the lightning spirit understood Su Yu’s words, and as it realized that it may be in danger, it rolled its eyes, then immediately fled. Since its body was just a ma.s.s of lightning, it was able to instantly travel a hundred thousand miles. So, in just an instant, it disappeared from sight!

Seeing this, Su Yu coldly sneered, while a crimson light flickered around him. He then teleported himself, overtaking the lightning spirit in an instant. While laughing evilly, he thrust his fist at it.

As the lightning spirit detected danger, it roared and spouted a crimson lightning ball from its mouth. The lightning ball contained a destructive power that could deter even Divine Masters, but the Dark Su Yu just calmly pressed his palm on it and annihilated it.

The lightning spirit miserably shrieked, as it was beaten down into the ground by the Dark Su Yu. The demon, who had an unparalleled might, was destroyed by just several strikes of the lightning spirit’s disastrous thunder, but while facing Su Yu, the lightning spirit was incapable of withstanding even one of his blows!

“Absorb it!” Dark Su Yu threw out the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, which immediately emitted a multi-colored light screen that engulfed the lightning spirit within it.

The lightning spirit viciously roared, and as the surrounding lightning rumbled, nine claps of terrifying disastrous thunder fell down from the sky. Each clap was able of annihilate any Half Fairy Realm expert!

But, Dark Su Yu, who activated the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, was safe and sound. So, he let the disastrous thunder bombard him as it wanted, as its effects were completely absorbed by the seal.

The lightning spirit was crazily struggling, yet it was confined by the multi-colored light screen that had sealed it within it. After a while, the lightning spirit was forcefully absorbed into the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

Su Yu suddenly furrowed his brows. “Eh, you still didn’t die?”

While he was subduing the lightning spirit, he suddenly felt the presence of a soul fragment within his body. It was a fragment of Hong Luan’s soul.

All of the other fragments of her soul had already been refined and destroyed by him, but a fragment was preserved by her via some unknown means. At this time, as Dark Su Yu was fully operating his prototype Fairy artifact, he didn’t have the time to chase after the soul fragment.

As a blue light flickered, the soul fragment managed to escape from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. As it did so, a voice that was filled with hatred and resentment transmitted throughout the whole pavilion, “I want you to die without a burial site!”


The soul fragment crossed the void and returned back to its main body. Everything tha had just happened here was still known by Hong Luan’s main body, and what awaited Su Yu was the arrival of an All Creation Realm old monster!

Dark Su Yu, whose whole body overflowed with evil energy, coldly sneered, “Do you think that I will just obediently wait for you to come here?”

“Absorb it!” Dark Su Yu shouted in a low voice, while he poured a boundless energy into the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

The lightning spirit was angrily roaring, yet it was still forcefully absorbed by it. As this was happening, a beast imprint immediately appeared on the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal’s bottom. It was slightly protruding out, and it unexpectedly had the appearance of the lightning spirit on it!

However, the lightning spirit’s imprint was unceasingly shaking, and it wasn’t stable. It was obvious that the lightning spirit within the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal was struggling, trying to free itself.

“Hehe, do you still want to escape? Just obediently let yourself be refined!” Dark Su Yu slapped the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, and an evil energy immediately permeated into it, then engulfed it.

The lightning spirit’s struggle immediately waned. The Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal was the bane of all evil and demonic magical treasures, yet it was still sealed by an evil energy.

“When this evil energy became incapable of suppressing it, then the lightning spirit should have been already been completely refined, and at that time, the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal would become a true prototype Fairy artifact. But, such a prototype would surely be wasted fi wielded by such a body!” The person who was speaking was surprisingly not Su Yu…


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