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Chapter 1038: One Year III

The spirit beasts that had lost their beast king were like a swarm of dragons without a leader, and soon all the territories were invaded by humans.

The worst thing was the human emperor back then was determined to annihilate the spirit beasts. But he was also afraid that the spirit beasts would regain equal privileged strength as humans. So, he had poisoned the water sources of the spirit beasts and prohibited them from leaving their territory.

In that case, there were only two options, the beasts would either die of thirst or drink the water and limit the speed of their cultivation.

In other words… the spirit beasts that could break through the first level in one year would need ten years to achieve that after drinking the water!

The emperor also knew that spirit beasts generally have a long lifespan. The spirit beasts also have certain strengths that could be utilized by humans. They were growing slowly and would not threaten humans.

Feng Ruqing, by coincidence, came upon a lake and walked to the edge of it.

She crouched down and gently cupped her hand in the lake water. She sniffed it and frowned.

“The Grade-6 Saffron Bloom powder!”

The poison in the water source was easy to cure.

But the spirit beasts had no idea about the spirit herbs. Over the years, the spirit herbs had been contributed to someone called ‘the Lord’, so there were even fewer spirit herbs to cure the poison.

In spite of that…

They needed to wait until Feng Ruqing had made a breakthrough to Immortal Warrior tier before she could cultivate Grade-6 spirit herbs and cure the poison!

“Let’s go. While I am here, no spirit beast will be allowed to drink this water. As long as you don’t drink it, after seven days, the toxicity of the Saffron Bloom will disappear.”

The effects of Saffron Bloom’s toxic were not continuous. Otherwise, it would have been unnecessary to put the poison in the water source. They could have just forced them to eat the poison.

The toxic attrition would take seven days to process.

If one did not drink this water for seven days, one would inevitably die of thirst.

But once he drank it, the toxicity would remain.


The big rabbit tilted its head and stared at Feng Ruqing with a puzzled look.

Feng Ruqing laughed. “Have the spirit beasts dig up a water lake but don’t link any water sources with it. I will give you new water.”

Within the medium, there was not only ordinary water but also the eye of the spirit spring.

To avoid wasting the spirit water flowing out of the eye of the spirit spring, she had dug out a lake in the medium earlier and filled with spirit water.

If she mixed ordinary water with spirit water, these spirit beasts would not only solve the water source dilemma but would also be able to increase their strength faster.

Of course, as long as…

“Oh yes, by the way, ask the spirit beasts to queue up and sign a contract with me one by one. I can’t take you away, but in this place, I am your lord.”


The big rabbit responded cheerfully.

In the future, would they have a new water source? Do they never have to drink that poisoned water again?

“One more thing…” Feng Ruqing thought for a moment. “If you have nothing to do, go and take more baths. You can also cultivate in the lake, don’t waste it.”

When spirit water was put into the lake, even bathing in the water lake could enhance the strength, so it must not be wasted.

After saying this, Feng Ruqing took Qing Han’s small hand and continued to walk forward.

Her brows furrowed, but she held onto the hand. Wondering what she was thinking about…

“Mother, what’s wrong?”

Little Qing Han tilted her head in confusion and looked at Feng Ruqing.

Feng Ruqing loosened her brow. “It’s nothing. I think… The beast forest still lacks a formation.”

“Mother, I remember that Brother Fu Chen once had a book that was filled with martial arts. Back then, Brother Fu Chen was obsessed with martial arts and had ignored me, so I hid the book.” Little Qing Han smiled. “If Mother wants it, I’ll go to the medium and find it for you.”


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