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Chapter 105: Conflict Resolved Over A Pot of Wine I

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Tang Zi frowned slightly as her body was surrounded by a cold chill. She looked indifferent, and her face was taut the whole time.

“We, Iron-Blooded Troop, submit ourselves only to the empress in our whole lifetime. After the empress’s death, it’s only natural for the Princess Royal to a.s.sume command over us. Second Princess, please leave now.”

“Tang Zi!” Feng Rushuang’s smile ceased. “Are you sure you want to help a villain do evil? Won’t your decision today damage the military’s glory and prestige which Empress Nalan had fought for so many years? My concubine-mother is just concerned about the whole nation, but you choose to be loyal to somebody who has committed countless crimes!”

If not because of the troop commander, Tang Zi, who was steady and firm, Feng Rushuang would have succeeded in her attempt to bribe and win the troop members’ heart. Then, they would have gotten the troop’s acceptance much earlier which they did not get even after holding the Iron-Blooded Token for so many years.

“You shut up!” Ling Yun shouted in anger as her expression changed. “You are n.o.body to interfere with whatever decisions made by the troop. Don’t poke your nose into our business!”

Feng Rushuang sneered and turned to look at the rest of the troop members who were there.

“You can ask these people, how many of them are willing to submit themselves to Feng Ruqing?” She mocked.

Everyone was taken aback and looked at each other without saying anything.

After a moment of silence, someone from the back suddenly spoke. It could be heard clearly in the quiet courtyard.

“Commander, actually what she said is not totally wrong. We are the army of Iron-Blooded Troop who are supposed to fight for our homeland and protect our people. All of us are aware of how the Princess Royal has behaved previously. If she wants us to oppress and bully people, wouldn’t it tarnish our reputation?”

Nevertheless, Feng Ruqing had done countless of crimes and misdeeds.

She did bully the weak and oppress poor people.

Due to her status, n.o.body in Liu Yun Kingdom dared to go against Feng Ruqing. Imagine if she had the military troop behind her, who else would be bold enough to resist her command?

Empress Nalan had been striving hard through the war for many years before they had managed to build their reputation today. They would never let the princess tarnish it.

“All of you shut up!” Tang Zi glared sternly at the group. She reprimanded sternly, “No matter what happens, the Iron-Blooded Troop will only submit to one person! Unless we die in the war, I will never leave!”

Everyone went silent. They never thought of betraying the empress, but the princess’s att.i.tude had disappointed them.

They would rather live without any accomplishment their whole lives than following her around to bully the people.

Tang Zi diverted her cold glance to Feng Rushuang. “You better leave now. I will pretend that you never came here today. Please bring your ginseng along, we do not need it.”

“You…” Feng Rushuang clenched her palms tightly in annoyance.

As the princess of Liu Yun Kingdom, she had never been humiliated in front of others except for Feng Ruqing. How dare this b.l.o.o.d.y Tang Zi belittle her!

“Tang Zi, do you think I came here for fun?” Feng Rushuang suddenly laughed. Her eyes were beaming with delight and tenderness. “I accidentally heard about her conversation with a palace maid. She personally said that she took back the Iron-Blooded Token to oppress and slaughter the innocent civilians. You will end up as her partner in crime eventually. Why do you want to be a sinner and be condemned by history?”

Tang Zi knitted her brows again. She glared at Feng Rushuang coldly.

“The Princess Royal has just dropped by to show her solitude to us not long ago. She has personally sent us some the Divine-Spirit Fruit.”

Feng Rushuang was stunned. That good-for-nothing rogue was willing to buy precious spirit herbs for the Iron-Blooded Troop?

This time, she was serious and seemed to have put in her blood and sweat.

“I have heard of the Divine-Spirit Fruit from the imperial physician. They are just Grade-1 spirit herbs which are not extremely expensive despite its small amount available in the market. Never thought that the commander of the Iron-Blooded Troop could be bought by a mere Divine-Spirit Fruit. Can’t you see that she’s just trying to win you over?”


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