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Chapter 1127: Over and Over again VI

Fu Yu’s face took on a ghastly expression. His cold gaze was locked onto Fu Qingjiu who had fallen to the ground. When he looked up again, his cold gaze was even more piercing.

“Murong Yang, what do you mean?”

Murong Yang put on a sober face, no longer as rakish as he was before.

“The young master that Princess Qingjiu brought back to the palace is married. His wife and children are here to look for him, but Her Highness does not want to let him go. If the people out there know this, I am afraid it would ruin the reputation of Haitian Kingdom.”

At this time, the crowd was abuzz with chatter. Everyone was shocked—eunuchs, servants, or even children of the officials— after hearing Murong Yang’s words.

‘Fu Qingjiu stole someone else’s husband?’

‘Is that real?’

‘Her Highness has always held herself with a n.o.ble bearing. Why would she do this?’

‘She doesn’t need to do this.’

“Shut up! Murong Yang, don’t you ever think that you could wag your tongue freely because I have always treated the people in the general manor well. My daughter will never steal someone else’s husband or tear a family apart.” Fu Yu’s face was cold and stern.

Seeing Fu Yu lost his temper, General Murong turned his head to glare at Murong Yang anxiously.

“Murong Yang, come here and plead for mercy now. How could you spoil Her Highness’s reputation just like that?”

“Haha! General Murong, you have guided your son so well. When he can’t win Her Highness’s heart, he spoils her reputation. Her Highness stealing someone else’s husband? That’s total nonsense!” The official next to General Murong sneered.

“Chancellor Lin, you…”

Blazing with fury, General Murong wanted to retort the humiliation, but he could hardly say a word. His face twitched, his resentful eyes locked onto Murong Yang once again.

‘This ruffian has ruined my face before Lin Yao. If only I know that this thing will happen, I would never have attended the flower banquet.”

Fu Yu took a glance at Murong Yang disappointedly, shook his head, and heaved a sigh.

Murong Yang had always been Fu Yu’s favorite young master. He had never expected that Murong Yang would do this.

“Qingjiu, is what he said real? Is the young master that you brought back married?”

Fu Qingjiu’s frail body wobbled slightly. Under the setting sun, her face was ghastly pale, her thin lips reddened.

“He lost his consciousness when I found him. Hence, I brought him back for some treatments. I have no idea if he is married…but I am sure that the lady in the chamber is not his wife.”

“Oh? Why are you so sure?”

“If the lady were his wife, she would not have laid hand on him when he is unconscious.”

‘If the lady were his wife… she must not do this. She could sleep with him anytime, but now.’

Hence… Murong Yang was trying to ruin Fu Qingjiu’s reputation.

Thinking of the ear-piercing sound, Fu Qingjiu could no longer hold back. She staggered to her feet and rushed toward the side hall.

Perhaps Fu Qingjiu could stop it before it was too late… She would not allow anyone to lay hand on him. She would not allow anyone to sleep with him when he was unconscious.

Fu Chen quickly rushed toward Fu Qingjiu and blocked her. His eyes were icy cold, his young face darkened. His voice was clear and stern.

“Stay away!”


Fu Chen gave Fu Qingjiu a kick in her chest.

It happened way too fast that none of the people present could react. They could only watch the whole scene unfold as Fu Qingjiu was sent flying in the air, before finally falling into the crowd.


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