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Read The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1593 – General Will Seek Vengeance For Her III

The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife is a web novel completed by Xiao Qi Ye.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 1593 – General Will Seek Vengeance For Her III

Chapter 1593: General Will Seek Vengeance For Her III

“The people behind you probably don’t have the brains to give you any good ideas, right?”

Feng Ruqing asked, smilingly.

Feng Lianyi’s expression changed dramatically, and she looked at Feng Ruqing with fear in her eyes.


‘It’s impossible!

‘How did she know?

‘Is she referring to General Tian Ya?

‘Yes, it must be General Tian Ya.’

“Lady Nan, you…”

Suddenly, a sword light flew over.

By the time Feng Lianyi noticed it, it was too late to dodge.

The sword light rushed toward her and sliced her neck, leaving a cut on her jaw.

But that was only a small cut…

She would have died had the sword light had sliced through her neck.

The crowd was startled, and their eyes all turned to the man on the seat.

The man’s robe was as white as snow, cold, and indifferent. “When Qing’er speaks, the mouth of anyone who speaks will end up like this.”

Feng Lianyi closed her mouth and trembled. The jealousy that she felt right now was like ants gnawing at her heart, making it unbearable.

In this life, she had never cared about any man.

Nan Xian was the first!

He was such a beautiful man, she had immediately fallen for him when she saw him back then.

But this man… He only held a torch for Feng Ruqing, and he had also embarra.s.sed her so many times for Feng Ruqing…

If she were Feng Ruqing… How could she still look for another man? She wandered around in front of Big Brother Feng, and the kids like the little prince were also swooning over her.

Therefore, Feng Lianyi could never understand why Nan Xian loved this woman.

Such a woman was not worthy of him at all!

Feng Lianyi lifted her head. She smiled bitterly as her fingers brushed the bleeding cut on her jaw.

Feng Ruqing squatted down and slowly picked up the spirit herb from the ground.

This spirit herd was like a rose; red and bright.

But it was not a rose… Because there was a vermillion red fruit that seemed as vivid as blood in the center of it.

“Grade-7 Lost Fruit… Empress, call the Prime Minister over, and ask him to check if someone has gone to General Manor’s storehouse to steal this Lost Fruit.”

Feng Lianyi’s face changed slightly, her expression suddenly became tense, and the panic in her eyes had become somewhat impossible to conceal.

Feng Ruqing took the Lost Fruit and smiled. “Grade-7 Lost Fruit… Tsk, a King Warrior, still can’t withstand the power of this Lost Fruit. Fortunately, you haven’t taken it yet. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you would have already died violently on the spot.”

The young man was stunned, and his face turned pale. He then rushed toward Feng Lianyi furiously.

Feng Lianyi dodged to the side and kicked the young man several meters away.

The young man spat out a mouthful of blood and raised his eyes, staring hard at Feng Lianyi. “You want to kill me… You actually want to kill me! Feng Lianyi, you are so vicious. You will surely get your karma!”


The young man laughed wildly. His smile was so horrifying, full of resentment.

Feng Ruqing smirked. “Feng Lianyi, if I were you, I wouldn’t even have wasted this Grade-7 Lost Fruit. I would have finished him off on the spot. You really haven’t done much harm before… You’re inexperienced.”

Hearing Feng Ruqing’s words, Feng Lianyi’s head exploded with rage, and her eyes were bloodshot. All the calmness that she had tried to fake in front of these people disappeared completely.


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