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The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife is a web novel completed by Xiao Qi Ye.
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Chapter 1604: Befuddled Helian Yue VIII

“The spirit gathering stone is powerful but fragile, and the thing it fears most is flames…”

When Feng Ruqing raised her hand, flames fiercely burned the spirit gathering stone.

The flames only burned the stone, not hurting the empress’s hand.

But this scene… Caused everyone present to be scared silly.

“What are you doing?”

Qi Fang was also a bit furious. “That’s a spirit gathering stone!”

‘This woman knows that the gathering stone could not be touched by fire, but she still uses fire to burn it?’

Qi Fang hurriedly wanted to go forward. However, he had just taken two steps when the empress suddenly snapped.

“Get out of here!!!”

Qi Fang was stunned, and he subconsciously stopped moving. His eyes were filled with anxiety. “Empress, do you know what that thing is? It’s General Tian Ya’s life!”

General Tian Ya was the only Warrior King of Tianling Kingdom.

If his most precious thing were destroyed in front of him, that old man would be sad and leave this place…


Who would protect Tianling Kingdom from the four kingdoms then!

Qi Fang was on the verge of tears. If he could, he would rather be the one who was burned on the empress’s hands.

“I trust Maiden Feng. You are not allowed to come over!”

The empress was expressionless.

Qi Fang looked serious, so was Yu’er, Qin’er, and the empress.

And Feng Ruqing was also serious as she said, “I will only say this one last time, call me Lady Nan!”

The crowd was speechless.

‘This doesn’t seem like the right time to say that, is it?’

‘This woman has destroyed General Tian Ya’s jade necklace. When General returns, he’ll kill her!’


In the next moment, everyone’s faces froze.

The spirit gathering stone gradually disappeared from the empress’s hands, turning into dust as if it had never existed, leaving only a necklace braided with red rope, lying in her palm…

What about the spiritual qi?

The spirit gathering stone was so powerful because the stone was made of spiritual qi.

It would release all its spiritual qi when it was burned.

But until now, they had not felt anything.

Even Qifang was stunned.

‘This necklace is fake?’

Feng Lianyi’s face darkened. “No! This is absolutely impossible! I got this necklace from General. There’s nothing wrong with this necklace. It was Helian Yue who stole my jade necklace!”

Helian Yue, who had just been scared silly, was now finally able to hold her small head high again.

“I’m a young lady of the Helian family. Would I steal a fake spirit gathering stone? Feng Lianyi, when Grandfather Tian Ya returns, I’ll tell him all about it!”

Feng Ruqing patted Helian Yue’s shoulder and smiled at Feng Lianyi, “Are you sure that the piece just now is the jade necklace you were talking about?”

Feng Lianyi bit her lip.

She only had this one chance today. She must not let these people go.

“Yes! I know how it looks like.”

“But they just said that the piece of jade stone in Tian Ya’s necklace… Is a spirit gathering stone…”

Feng Lianyi sneered. “The spirit gathering stone is rare to come across, whether it exists or not is still unclear. General told me before that he once had another jade necklace that is made of spirit gathering stone. He left it at his home before he came to Wu Shang City. The old housekeeper also knows that the necklace was made for his family, so why would he bring it here?”

The old housekeeper was silent. Indeed, the necklace was made by General for his family and not for him.

“General misses his family, so he made the same jade necklace but replaced the spirit gathering stone with an obsidian stone…”


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