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The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife is a web novel made by Xiao Qi Ye.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 1758: She is a Beastman III

“I don’t know… I’ve had a bad feeling since this morning. I thought something happened to Suyi, but after I left Wu Shang City, my heart started beating faster…” Feng Ruqing clutched her dress more tightly.

Her breath grew heavy.

“Qing’er!” Nan Xian saw Feng Ruqing’s face was slightly pale; he held her cold, trembling hand. “What happened?”

Feng Ruqing closed her eyes, trying to calm her racing heart.

A voice echoed in her mind and whispered into her ears.

“Ninth Emperor, my name is Chiyou.

“This is the mark of our Tianling Clan. If there is an afterlife, I will come back to you. You must wait for me…”

Her pale face was covered in a cold sweat. “Xia Xia!!!”

Feng Ruqing quickly rushed back to Wu Shang City.

Her eyes were filled with anxiety and madness.

“Brother Fu Chen, these people want to kidnap our Little Sister!”

Little Qing Han was anxious. She wanted to rush toward those people, but Fu Chen stopped her. “Tian Ya is probably already on his way back. It’s safer here, so you stay here. I’ll go after them.”

Light suddenly surrounded Fu Chen, and a moment later, his small figure had grown into a young man.

Without any hesitation, he chased after them.

“Brother Fu Chen seems to have grown up some more…”

She was the only one who was always short as if she could not grow tall.

Qing Han turned to the woman in green. “Bad woman, why are you taking my sister away?!”


As the spiritual energy surged out, more vines came out of the ground, like countless tentacles.

“It won’t do her any good if she stays. Everything we do is for her!” The woman’s voice was cold.

“As for you…” The woman turned to look at Tang Yin. “They asked me not to touch General’s people, but the appearance of the beastman will affect the mainland. To prevent unnecessary war on this land, I have no choice but to demolish your power.”

All men in this mainland would fight to get the beastman and use her as a slave to boost their strength.

However, the beastman could only have one man in her life, and only her lover could make a breakthrough when he was with her.

However, there had been no beast in love with a human in the last thousand years, and no beastman had ever appeared.

She was the only one…

She could not bear to see this girl being used by men in the future. Destroying her ability was the best option for her to live peacefully…

The woman raised her hand, and a long sword floated in the air. She held her sword tightly and raised it high.

“Aunt Tang!”

Qing Han’s face turned pale. She could not keep up with the long sword’s speed with her speed, so she hurriedly sent the vines wrapping around the sword.


The long swords sliced through the vines and thrust straight through a woman’s chest.


She spurted out a mouthful of blood, sprinkling all over her face with red.

Tang Yin was stunned.

Her gaze fell upon the woman who was falling to the ground in front of her. An extreme pain came, making her tears flow like fountains.


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