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Chapter 1886: Going Home IV

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Outside Nan City.

Tianya stood calmly with one hand resting on his back.

A black dragon hovered in the sky, looking down at the people below coldly.

“Where is Nan Fang? Tell him to get out!”

Tianya’s voice was cold, and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

A group of guards stood outside Nan City.

They looked at the old man in red robes in the sky with caution in their gazes.

Two years.

This old man’s strength seemed to have improved a lot again.

Now that their master wanted to deal with Tianya, it might take even more time.

“Master is not in the city,” the guard said expressionlessly.

Tianya sneered. “Oh, then I’ll go in and see whether this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is here or not.”

Tianya raised his hand, and a long sword appeared out of thin air.

The bitterly cold wind blew relentlessly, filling the whole city gate area with a cold aura.

However, without waiting for Tianya to strike, a strobe of white light burst through the sky and landed in front of him and Big Black.

Big Black saw the white phoenix at a glance; it was stunned and asked, “Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be at home guarding Little Nine? What are you doing here?”

The white phoenix, who was perhaps running all the way wildly here and looked a little out of breath, did not even glance at Big Black before turning to look at Tianya.

“Little Qingqing is awake.”

In fact, Feng Ruqing had already woken up a few days ago, but she had gone out to find Feng Chen, so they did not tell Tianya. Now that Feng Ruqing had brought Feng Chen back with her; they should come to inform Tianya.

Tianya’s hand holding the longsword trembled. He suddenly stepped forward and grabbed the white phoenix. “What did you just say? Qing’er woke up?”


‘Qing’er has finally woken up!’

Tianya laughed out wildly.

No one knew how he had spent the past two years, but he could not accompany her and wait for her to wake up like the others.

He had to go and avenge her!

Therefore, he forced himself to leave General Manor and came to settle the score with the Nan family.

Now Feng Ruqing… Had finally woken up!

“Nan Fang is lucky today. I’ll let him go now, but I’ll be back soon.”

Seeing his precious granddaughter was important now.

Tianya did not stay any longer. His body moved as fast as the wind. In a moment, he had disappeared into the sky.

Big Black froze, its heart filled with incomparable excitement.

It looked at the tightly closed city gate behind it and stayed no longer. It flew into the sky and disappeared, too.

The entire city gate instantly fell silent.

Even those guards of Nan City were a little dumbfounded.

Just a moment ago, Tianya was so aggressive… How come he had run away in the blink of an eye?

However, they did not think anymore as they turned around and closed the gate. They had to hurry to their master to report this matter.


Inside Nan Manor’s study room.

Nan Fang sat calmly and expressionlessly.

His face was cold and serious, and the wind around him was bitterly cold.


The guard hurried in and knelt in front of Nan Fang. “Tianya and Black Dragon have left.”

“Left?” Nan Fang frowned. “With Tianya’s character, how could he leave just like that?”

“It seems like he left because Feng Ruqing has woken up.”

‘Feng Ruqing…’

This name made Nan Fang tremble with rage. ‘It’s her and Nan Xian who came and took my Suyi from me…’

He would never forget that!


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