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Read The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 263 – The Warmth of That Kiss III

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Read WebNovel The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 263 – The Warmth of That Kiss III

Chapter 263: The Warmth of That Kiss IIITranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fallen leaves spread all over the front of the altar.

Covered in blood, Qin Chen lay on the fallen leaves. His breath was weak but never stopped. All the maple leaves under him were stained red.

Fu Chen was stunned.

He helplessly watched the figure in white s.h.i.+rt descending from the sky, pa.s.s through the b.l.o.o.d.y area, and pull the young girl who was in a coma into his arms.

The blood stood out against the man’s white s.h.i.+rt. He had a handsome and distinguished countenance without peer.

n.o.body could be better than him in terms of good looking or the aura of divinity.

He stood on the green lotus, just like a banished immortal. He surpa.s.sed the secular world, so pure that nothing could taint him.

The man caressed Feng Ruqing’s hair and gently moved her head near to his eyes. He looked down, and he lowered his lips to be pressed onto her pale lips.


As his lips fell on that young girl’s lips, an infinite spiritual power flowed from her lips into his body.

At first, the spiritual power was inexhaustible that Feng Ruqing could not take all of it. Then, there was a place to accommodate the spiritual power at the moment, so the power surged up like a swarm of bees.

Qing Han’s eyes popped as she looked at the man without unblinkingly. “Brother Fu Chen, is that our father?”

Fu Chen looked at the man with some complex feelings.

He was p.i.s.sed off to have a mother for no reason, now even a father…

Should he call the emperor ‘Grandpa’ when he encountered the emperor in the future?

That was too terrible!

“Brother Fu Chen, is Father here to save Mother?” Qing Han’s big eyes blinked as she said, “But why did Father bite Mother? Does Father like biting as much as I do? ”

Fu Chen was speechless.

Your biting… and Father’s rewarding bite… are different.


The red glow that surrounded Feng Ruqing dissipated after quite a while.

Nan Xian slowly put the young girl he was carrying onto the ground.

The young girl’s hair fluttered along with the breeze. The cracked wounds on her hands had slowly recovered. As she was still unconscious, her hands were left swinging on both sides.

He was gentle and slow. He gently put the young girl on the ground and lay upon the thick, fallen leaves. Then, he looked at Fu Chen and Qing Han with that dim and cold eyes.

Qing Han ran toward Nan Xian smilingly and said, “Father, finally you’re here to save Mother.”

Nan Xian said nothing.

He looked down at the young girl who lay on the fallen leaves. His eyes flashed dimly.

He did not reply to Qing Han, but he did not deny how he was being addressed as well.

As usual, the man’s voice was slow and gentle but indifferent, he said, “Don’t let her know that I was here.”

Qing Han blinked her big eyes, innocently. “Why?”


Nan Xian lips lifted indistinctly. “I’m afraid that if she knew what had happened… she will try to kill herself.”

Qing Han was stunned.

Mother would kill herself. Why?

Fu Chen quickly tugged at Qing Han’s sleeves and replied, “I understand and please don’t worry. I won’t tell Mother that you were here before.”

He was not that ignorant Qing Han who knew nothing. He was a clever one.

So he knew well how vital was virginity to a human woman.

It was true that Mother was always flirting with Father. But if someone had really hara.s.sed her, she would kill herself.

After all—

That day when Mother was drunk, she had slapped Father as Father had wanted to get close to her, which implied that she valued virginity very much.

She must not know this!

Nan Xian looked down at Feng Ruqing again. He turned around and vanished under the sky.


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