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The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife is a Webnovel completed by Xiao Qi Ye.
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Chapter 356: Feng Ruqing was Shocked I

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yan’er, which one do you like? A son or daughter? If she’s a daughter, she must look like you. I’ll give her all the love in this world. She must be the most exceptional girl in this world as she is my daughter.”

“Yan’er is so outstanding that our daughter must be very exceptional too. When she’s born, we will name her Ruqing. What about that? Feng Ruqing. A girl who is so exceptional that she is unbeatable in this world.”

There were multiple voices in Rong Yan’s mind. Those voices were clear at first but they became rather chaotic toward the end.

Rong Yan vomited a mouthful of blood and she fell forward on the bed.

“Yan’er!” Tang Luo was shocked. He quickly went and held Rong Yan’s body. There was anxiety in his eyes. “Yan’er, what’s wrong?”

After a while, Rong Yan recovered her senses. There was a smile on her pale face.

“It’s okay. I’m just sick. I’ll be fine after a few days. If you want the Five Spirit Gra.s.s… I have it. Can I go and give it to her?”

In fact, Rong Yan did not understand the reason why she wanted to give the Five Spirit Gra.s.s to Feng Ruqing.

But, she knew clearly that she would regret it if she did not give it to Feng Ruqing.

Tang Luo looked at the eagerness in Rong Yan’s eyes. He was suspicious.

‘Yan’er never liked strangers. Yu’er had also spent ten years with her before Yan’er accepted her.

‘Why did Yan’er mention that she wants to meet that girl?’

Tang Luo remembered the resemblance between Rong Yan and Feng Ruqing. He lowered his eyes. Then, he used his gentle voice and said, “Yan’er, you’re sick now. You can easily transmit the disease to others. You don’t want that, do you?”

Rong Yan was stunned. She lowered her head despairingly.

‘I don’t want… I don’t want to transmit my disease to that girl.’

“Moreover, she’s here in Tang Residence. She’ll not leave. I’ll bring you to meet her when you’re feeling better. Is that okay with you?”

Rong Yan’s eyes brightened at this. She smiled beautifully. “Fine.”

Rong Yan did not see the coldness in Tang Luo’s eyes at that time.

“You can take the Five Spirit Gra.s.s.”

Rong Yan took out a Five Spirit Gra.s.s from her storage bag. Then, she put it in Tang Luo’s hand.

Tang Luo looked at the Five Spirit Gra.s.s in his hand. He was having mixed feelings.

He never thought of resolving the issue with Yan’er’s help.


Tang Luo held the Five Spirit Gra.s.s in his hand gently. There was deep darkness in his eyes. But, it was not shown on his handsome face as it was covered with a gentle smile.

“Yan’er, would you marry me after this incident?”

Rong Yan looked at Tang Luo blankly. “I’ve got a husband and children. Why do I need to marry you?”

Tang Luo had difficulty in breathing.

He stayed by her side for ten years and still he could not beat the man in her memory.

Even though she had forgotten about him, Tang Luo still did not dare to force her.

Rong Yan was still strong and determined even though she had lost her memories. There was a great determination in her even though she was crazy sometimes.

The result might not be pleasant if Rong Yan was forced.

“It’s okay, Yan’er. I don’t ask for anything much in this life. I just hope that you’ll stay by my side forever… and not leaving me behind.” Tang Luo closed his eyes slowly. After a short while, he opened his eyes and got up from the bed.

He did not know what he was afraid of. He was nervous that Rong Yan would leave him behind when she met Feng Ruqing.

So, he came to Rong Yan and intentionally mentioned Feng Ruqing’s name.

Rong Yan’s reaction made him even more cold and distant. Something dark appeared in his eyes.


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