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Read The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 518 – The Four Kingdoms’ Emperors Who Were Scared Off of Their Pants I

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Chapter 518: The Four Kingdoms’ Emperors Who Were Scared Off of Their Pants I

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Nalan Yan looked down expressionlessly at the youth who was kneeling at the inferior side of the room.

It was as if she was looking at a stranger.

Nalan Yan had actually spared a thought for Qing Yuan out of courtesy of their old friends.h.i.+ps. However, their friends.h.i.+ps faded along with Qing Yuan’s words.

“Are you sure?”

Qing Yuan’s heart slowly sank.

To him, Fengyun Manor was his home. A home where he would never want to leave for the rest of his life.

Every member of Fengyun Manor was his family.


He was the only person Ziyan had in this world.

Would Ziyan not be all alone if he abandoned her? How could he bear to leave her alone…

“I’m sorry, Manor Master.”

Two streams of tears ran down Qing Yuan’s cheeks as he violently knocked his head against the ground. Even if he had kowtowed until his forehead bleeds, still, it was not enough for him to express his guilt toward Fengyun Manor.

Nalan Yan looked cold as she said, “Will you not regret it?”

“Your courtier… does not regret it!” Qing Yuan lifted his head that was covered in fresh blood. His handsome face looked resolute but was filled with agony.

To choose between Fengyun Manor and Ziyan… Finally… he decided to go with Ziyan.

“You would still not leave her even if you have to turn your back on my Fengyun Manor?” Nalan Yan finally broke into a smile. Her smile was as bright as the moon, and her eyes were as s.h.i.+ny as the stars.


His face looked as pale as paper. It seemed like Qing Yuan had used all of his strength to say that last word as he gritted his teeth tightly.

“Qing Yuan, I really admire your infatuation with her. I hope you won’t regret it… in the future.”

It was such a pity that Qing Yuan had dedicated his pa.s.sion of love to the wrong person.

Nalan Yan would not keep him in Fengyun Manor anymore because of Ziyan.

Ziyan, such a woman, all of her schemes would be exposed with only a sentence. However, Qing Yuan held her too dearly to see her true colors.

If that was what he wished for, she would give him her blessings as that was the least she could do for him before their friends.h.i.+p ended.

From then on, Qing Yun and Fengyun Manor… would not be related anymore.

“Mother.” Feng Ruqing gently smiled as she stepped forward. “If you have finished speaking, it’s my turn to speak now.”

Nalan Yan was shocked as she remained silent. She took two steps backward and gazed at Feng Ruqing with her dazzling eyes.

“What do you want to do?”

Ziyan asked with her gritted teeth and screwed-up face as she saw Feng Ruqing approaching.

Feng Ruqing gently smiled. “Nothing. I just wanted to be sure if you are really in love with him…”

If everything did not come out of the wash, she might have already abandoned Qing Yuan as soon as she was aware of Nalan Yan’s ident.i.ty. Then, she would pin all the blame on her father for breaking the engagement with Nalan Jing.

However, Ziyan was not that stupid to the extent where she would still believe that Nalan Jing would still choose her after so many things had happened.

Therefore, her eyes were sparkling in resoluteness while facing Feng Ruqing’s questions.

“I’ve mentioned before that I’m a woman who does not cling onto status and power. I love him not because of his status in Fengyun Manor, and I love him only because he’s Qing Yuan… If one day, he’s not a member of Fengyun Manor anymore, I’m still willing to be with him even if I have to starve with him.”

Even if Qing Yuan was not Fengyun Manor’s guardian anymore, he was strong enough to protect her in this mainland. She would be free from the worries of living in a suffering life.

“Oh.” Feng Ruqing seemed to be smiling. “He had defended a sword attack for my mother in exchange for your life. Therefore, he is even with my mother now. However, there’s still something that he owes Fengyun Manor, and he hasn’t paid it all back yet.”


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