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Read The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 631 – He Disowned All His Relatives and Friends for Her IV

The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife is a Webnovel produced by Xiao Qi Ye.
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Read WebNovel The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 631 – He Disowned All His Relatives and Friends for Her IV

Chapter 631: He Disowned All His Relatives and Friends for Her IV

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She had never controlled the actions of the spirit beasts. She was only looking for workers who worked full time for her.

They waited for a long time but she never came to hire more forces.

Until that day, the news was spread in the Forest of Spirit Beasts.

They screamed, shouted, and roared.

Numerous spirit beasts responded. Although their voices were soft and weak, they still wanted her to hear their determination.

She was their savior!

They were more willing to be her long-time workers instead of being treated cruelly by their enemies who had slaughtered their families. At least… they were free and they could still run wild in the forest.

“Do you see that?” Feng Ruqing sneered and turned to look at the middle-aged man. “They are my spirit beasts now!”

The middle-aged man seemed anxious. He did not understand what was wrong with the spirit beasts.

It was clear that the spirit beasts were unwilling to be enslaved to the humans just now. They had no choice but to harm them so that they would not be captured. Now, they had agreed to bow down to Feng Ruqing just because of what she had said.

The black dragon looked at Feng Ruqing. “Ninth is still adored by the spirit beasts.”

She was also adored by the spirit beasts in her former life.

It was because her mother in her former life was someone from the beast clan.

Her body was filled with the n.o.ble blood of the beast clan. Hence, the spirit beasts had always adored her.

But, Little Ninth’s parents in this life were ordinary humans. Still, she was loved deeply by the spirit beasts.

In fact, the black dragon did not know that Feng Ruqing was adored by the spirit beasts because of her Divine-Spirit Fruit. They did not like her for her.

Moreover, Feng Ruqing was totally different from them.

They were the ones who aimed to ruin the Forest of Spirit Beasts while Feng Ruqing came to save them.

The spirit beasts knew perfectly well whose side to choose at a time like that.

Nan Xian looked at the black dragon calmly. His facial expression became worse and cold when he saw the deep infatuation reflected in Black Dragon’s eyes.

“Master.” Qing Zhu stuck its little head out. It seemed that Qing Zhu just wanted to cause trouble. “Do you want me to kill this dragon?”

“No need.”

‘It’s just a spirit beast.

‘Qing’er will never fall in love with a human beast…’

However, Nan Xian’s facial expression grew much colder when he turned his gaze upon Jiu Ming.

“Who is he?”

Qing Zhu blinked. “He might be the one who came and met the princess a few days ago. Although I did not see his face that day, I recognize his clothes and hands. I guess that he’s just how a bad guy looks like.”

Nan Xian said coldly, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Qing Zhu was quiet for a short while. “I told you before. You just asked me to keep an eye on the palace maids only. You said that guys won’t matter.”

‘Isn’t Master worried about the palace maids only? Why now…’

Nan Xian did not say anything more. He still fixed his calm eyes on Jiu Ming.

He was staring daggers.

Eventually, Jiu Ming realized that he was staring. He turned slowly and looked at Nan Xian. There was a soft smile on his face.

“Xiao Qing’er said that I’m beautiful.”

Nan Xian was expressionless. “She said that she wants to sleep with me.”

“Xiao Qing’er said that the mark at the corner of my eye is beautiful too.”

“She said that she wants to sleep with me.”

“Xiao Qing’er even said that I can braid her hair for her in the future.”

“She said that she wants to sleep with me.”

“We’re enemies now. What else could you say instead of that?”

“She said that she wants to sleep with me.”1

Jiu Ming was speechless.

He almost could not maintain his smile. He could only find his own voice after a short while. “Xiao Qing’er is just too indecent. She said that before because she saw your face. But, it might not be like that in the future.”


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