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Read The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife Chapter 699 – Tang Yin’s Ancestry II

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Chapter 699: Tang Yin’s Ancestry II

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“It’s because Yin’er is… a beastman1!”

‘A beastman…’

Feng Ruqing froze right there and then.

A beastman was the product of a human and a spirit beast.

But, spirit beasts and humans were not of the same species. They rarely consummated.

However, if they did have a child, the child would surely have all the talent and strength of both species.

A beastman could be in the world as a human and no one would know the truth. Similarly, they have the power and long lifespan of the spirit beasts. Furthermore, they would have even inherited the advantages of both the human and spirit beast. The strength of beastmen was potentially vastly powerful.

It was the same case with a mixed-blood person. They were naturally much beautiful than ordinary people. It was the same with beastmen. They were stronger than ordinary people.

“She’s not only a beastman but one of her parents is even a savage spirit beast!”

Savage spirit beasts were one type of spirit beasts. But, the ordinary spirit beasts would never take the initiative to attack humans. However, the savage spirit beasts were different.

They were not only strong, but their natural instincts were savage and ferocious. They treated humans as food especially those humans or spirit beasts who intrude their territories. They would all become the beastmens’ food.

Hence, the mainland separated the savage spirit beasts from the ordinary spirit beasts in the past.

‘But, Tang Yin’s not related to the savage spirit beasts.’

“What about that?”

‘That’s right. What about that?Read more chapter on our

‘I don’t care about Tang Yin’s true ident.i.ty. I just know that I’ll never betray her!’

“I understand what you have said. Don’t worry. I’ll never leave her behind.”

Tang Yi breathed a sigh of relief and could finally relax after looking at the girl’s determined facial expression.

He had gathered up all his courage just to come and tell Feng Ruqing the truth.

He did not want Tang Yin to be left behind at such a dangerous time. He also did not want to leave Feng Ruqing unaware of the truth when they did face danger in the future. That was the reason why Feng Ruqing had the right to know about the truth.

The young girl’s choice did not disappoint him.

“Princess, Yin’er is not strong now. The ordinary people will treat her just like any other human. But, she will become very powerful when she breaks the seal one day. She’ll have a lot of enemies then…” Tang Yi paused before continued he talking, “Furthermore, I’ve got no clue as to why Mu Ling from the Mu family would know about this.”

The people from the Tang family knew that Tang Yin was special because Tang Yi had mentioned it one time or another. They did not know the details.

He had hidden Tang Yin in the Tang family these past few years. She was even prohibited from leaving the Tang family because he was afraid that her true ident.i.ty would be discovered by someone else.

He never thought that Tang Yin would leave the Tang family without his permission and had even met Feng Ruqing.

“Mu Ling?”

‘Nan Xian’s father? He’s not supposed to have existed then.”

“Did he agree to let Nan Xian have an arranged marriage with the Tang family because he knows about Tang Yin’s true ident.i.ty?”

“That’s right.” Tang Yi seemed serious now. “The beastmen are highly talented. Mu Ling is an ambitious man. Surely he wants Tang Yin close to him. I’m just worried that he’ll most probably spread the news about Tang Yin’s true ident.i.ty given that Tang Yin will not become one of them now.”

Feng Ruqing’s heart grew heavier slowly.

She gazed upon the bright blue sky. She was calm.

“I won’t allow anyone to hurt Xiao Yin!”

‘The Mu family… They’ve done Nan Xian and his mother too much harm.

‘I don’t hope for another strike from him. If not, Mu Ling will never be able to compensate for what he has done.’

Tang Yi wanted to say something but eventually, he did not manage to voice it out.

After a short while, he said, “Princess, I’ll leave Yin’er with you. If you face any troubles in the future, I’ll definitely come to help you even if I’m a thousand miles away. Now, at least I still have my life even if I have nothing else.”


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