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“Ahhhh!” Rizie exclaimed and abruptly sat up on her bed. She looked at the wall clock and sighed seeing it was almost midnight yet she could not sleep at all. Dion said he would tell her something interesting but by the time they reached home, he declined saying that it was already late and he would tell her everything the next morning.

“Shhh! What a bluff!” she complained as she grabbed her mobile phone to message Dion. 

[I can’t sleep. Meet me in the cafeteria near our building. I’ll wait there. You should tell me everything now or else I will bug you directly at your place.]

She then quickly got up from the bed and changed her sleepwear into a short and casual shorts then she wore a jacket. Dion lived nearby, only a walking distance from her building.

“How dare he kill me with suspense after bringing the topic up and igniting my curiosity!” she mumbled as she entered the elevator to go down and out. She even left her love interest Dr. Dee because of the excitement she felt when Dion said that he would tell her his connection to Yera over a cup of coffee.

She entered the cafe 24/7 open cafe and ordered her favourite coffee and blueberry cheesecake. She was looking at her mobile phone and was startled when it suddenly rang. It was Dion so she quickly answered.

“Where are you?” asked Dion in his serious tone. He could not believe how uncontrolled Rizie was when it came to digging someone’s truth. She could not contain her curiosity for even a single night.

“What do you mean where I am? Of course at my favorite cafe… I messaged you right, don’t tell me you didn’t read it. h.e.l.loo…” she hissed because she was still irritated at Dion for leaving her hanging. 

She heard Dion sigh before he murmured, “Alright you nosy body, I’m on my way! Why go there before getting a response from me!”

Rizie rolled her eyes and mumbled, “Stop complaining and just meet me instead. I’ll wait here.”

Dion quickly put on his s.h.i.+rt and almost ran towards the cafe. He was so vexed with Rizie for going out so late at night like that. Thankfully he checked his phone before drifting off to sleep, which he rarely did at night, and saw her message to meet at the cafe. He used to put his mobile phone on silent mode often before sleeping, so even if  Rizie would call him, he might not notice it, unless he intentionally checked his mobile phone.

He was panting when he arrived inside the cafe. Rizie greeted him with her crumpled face but it softened seeing the sweat beads all over his face. “Did you run in here? Look how you are sweating.” Rizie mumbled and immediately grabbed some tissues and stood up and unconsciously wiped the sweat from Dion’s face.

“Why did you run, you dummy! It’s so near. You could have just walked over…” Rizie commented with twitched mouth as she continued to wipe the sweat on Dion’s face who stood frozen at his spot. Rizie’s body was too close and Dion felt something alarming. He cursed inwardly because of the electric waves he felt running all over his body, for no reason, and his face blushed.

“Your cheeks are red. Wait are you sick?” Rizie burst, concern was plastered all over her face. She touched Dion’s forehead and cheeks and touched hers.

“Weird, mine is warmer and yours seems cold,” she whispered. Dion immediately turned his face away and sat on the chair.

“What’s with you? Why can’t you wait for the morning? Look at what time is it already. Aren’t you supposed to report early with Yera?” Dion buzzed, changing the topic to hide his reddening. 

Rizie sat and countered, “You know that I won’t be able to sleep after you left me hanging with such a big secret. Geez we’ve been together long enough for me to know that fact, so you better spit it out now so that I would at least have that four to five hours of sleep.”

Dion sighed and was about to call the waiter but Rizie stopped him She smiled and said, “I have already ordered your favorite macchiato,” followed by a wink at him.

Dion was smitten and he immediately erased the thought in his head. ‘What is wrong with me?’ he mused, totally irritated at himself.

“So tell me now and let me at least sleep later!” mumbled Rizie with her sweetest smile at Dion she even had her eyes blinked several times as a pleading gesture that almost choked Dion with his own saliva.

Then cutting around the bush, Dion directly said, “”She’s my sister, half siblings. We have the same father.”

Rizie who was at that time drinking her coffee spat it accidentally on Dion’s face.

“Oh c.r.a.p! I’m so sorry!” Rizie apologized and grabbed the tissues to clean Dion’s face but the latter pulled the tissues away from her hand. “It’s okay. I’m used to your grossness.” Dion nonchalantly commented. Rizie had even sneezed in his precious handkerchief before his eyes and it was not the first time she spat something on his face accidentally.

“Next time try farting on my face,” Dion sarcastically whispered that made Rizie laugh. 

“That’s a good idea. Don’t worry I’ll do that next time since we are the best buddies!” Rizie stated. 

Dion pursed his lips and two words echoed loudly in his ears, ‘Best Buddies’. Who? Him? Best buddies?

‘Who wants to be Best Buddies with you?’ he annoyingly mused.

His conflicted thoughts were interrupted as Rizie asked, “How? I mean give me more details because I have never heard that Yera has any siblings. And I a.s.sume she is also not aware?”

Dion nodded and narrated everything to Rizie. After the serious talk, Dion walked Rizie back to her condo. Rizie was still in awe with the information she heard and was still absorbed in digesting all what she had heard, she walked out of herself and did not notice the bicycle that almost hit her, if not for Dion who quickly pulled her towards himself.

“Hey! Be careful next  time will you?” Dion shouted at the man because the bicycle was not in the right lane. 

The man apologized and Rizie only noticed that Dion still carefully held her by her shoulders. She tilted her head and saw his jawline. “I just noticed that you’ve got a nice and s.e.xy jawline,” she simply commented and touched her fingers there, moving them from his cheeks towards his chin..

Their eyes met and both felt something unusual. It was like the two were pulled together by a magnetic force. Dion bent his head down and Rizie thought that he was about to kiss her so her mind panicked. 

‘What is going on?! No! No!’ she shouted silently as she closed her eyes hard but to her surprise she just felt fingers on the corner of her lips and heard Dion hushed, “Are you a kid? Who eats like a kid? Smudging your face like that.”

She quickly opened her eyes and saw Dion’s expression as if he saw something gross. Rizie twitched her mouth and iritably said, “Tsk! You’re just too vain! Go home, I can manage from here!” Without a second thought Rizie turned around and walked faster inside her building.

Dion on the other hand looked at Rizie’s back and made sure she was already inside her flat before he turned around to walk back to his condo.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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