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Dion picked up Rizie and brought her to one of his favorite private restaurant. “Wow, you sure you are going to treat me?” Rizie asked once more because the restaurant looked fancy wherein the chef would personally cook and serve the food on their table.

Dion rolled his eyes and said, “I told you, it’s your first day at work so it’s my treat. But if you feel that it’s too much then let’s split the bill…”

Rizie quickly snaked her arm into Dion’s while she said, “Nah… You’re more loaded than me so you better pay for it.”

Dion looked at Rizie’s arms and frowned. “Hmm, don’t be so clingy. Please remove your hands,” He commented. Rizie pouted her lips and replied, “what? It’s not the first time I have grabbed your arm. Are you being demure like now? Aren’t we best buddies? Stop frowning and be proud that such a beautiful lady  is beside you and walking with you like this.”

“Why do you always praise yourself?” Dion simply said. Rizie laughed and bluntly said, “I’m just stating the fact ghostbuster…”

“Stop that, you’ve been dropping several weird aliases on me…” Dion complained but was stopped by Rizie’s finger. “Shhhhh… Alright, stop complaining and let’s eat.” mumbled Rizie with twisted mouth.

“I’m not complaining but I feel it’s a bit too much already calling me various aliases.” Dion muttered, the worst one that he hated was the words ‘best buddy’. He was really feeling irritated whenever he heard that.

The two were guided by the waitress to their table and as soon as Rizie was seated, she looked at Dion who was busy checking the menu and she could not help but wonder why Dion was suddenly grumpy unlike his usual calm quiet self. They had been meal buddies for too long and he was not like this, he would only nod or answer yes or no whenever she talked, how come he was taking back at her a lot like now?

She narrowed her eyes and blurted out, “Do you have some problem? I mean you seem like you’re not in a good mood lately. Why don’t you tell me? You do know that I’m quite good at giving advice, right? Tell me, talk about your problems and I’ll listen patiently.”

Dion always listened to her blabbering so Rizie thought that maybe she should let Dion talk this time and listen to him. She realized that she was the one who always did the talking during most of their meetings, about herself, her family and other things. Then it suddenly dawned on her that she had never asked much about Dion at all.

“Hmm, tell me. How’s your mom? Are you having a hard time spending your days after being jobless these past few days? If you want you can always bug me whenever you feel bored like what I always do to you. Please help yourself.” said Rizie. She heard Dion released a sigh before he told the Chef the menu he wanted him to prepare for them. When it came to food, Rizie let Dion to always decide since she was not a picky eater and she did not want to bother thinking what to order at all.

Rizie stared at Dion intently. He had those s.e.xy square jawline and strong chin that she really admired. That chiseled jaw made him look masculine that was enhanced with a mysterious aura because of his Dion almost had the same feature like her dream man, like Dr. Dee, too bad because she already had her eyes fixed to the gentleman who lent her his handkerchief.

“Stop it,” she heard Dion whined. “Stop what?” she asked with knitted brows.

She heard another deep long sigh from Dion before he said, “Never mind…”

“Why do I feel that you have some problems. Is there something wrong? I mean what’s bothering you?” asked Rizie with concern.

“You!” Dion wanted to voice out. But he was afraid that Rizie would change if he opened up to her what was bothering him because he himself was a bit confused with the mixed emotions filling in him.

Dion stared back at Rizie and out of the blue asked, “Why do you like Dr. Dee that much?”

Though caught off guard, Rizie quickly answered, “Because he was the gentleman who lend me his handkerchief and gave me encouraging words during my most devastating time…”

Dion furrowed and said, “Just because of that? What if it’s not Dr. Dee who lent that handkerchief? Did you see his face? Are you sure?”

“Hmm,” Rizie coughed. “Honestly I didn’t see his face back then but I clearly saw his name on his lab gown, Dr. Rui Dee was clearly embedded.”

Dion rolled his eyes should he tell Rizie that it was not Rui but him? What would be Rizie’s reaction? Would that be a good idea? What for?

So many questions filled Dion’s head with a lot of probabilities but in the end he chose to remain quiet because he knew he was still confused so he needed to sort things out himself first.

“Wow!!!” Rizie burst in happiness when the chef served the starters that contained a cla.s.sic dish with various vegetables and seafood sided with a dip while they waited for the main course to be served.

Rizie picked some lettuce wrapped some shrimps and potato in it and dipped it in the sauce. She noticed Dion was still s.p.a.ced out, lost in himself so she got another piece of lettuce wrapped it in the same way and dipped it in sauce like the previous one. But instead of eating it herself she moved her hand towards Dion to feed it to him.

“Here! Eat first. Maybe you’re just hungry…” mumbled Rizie as she unconsciously pushed the shrimp with potato dipped in his mouth with her fingers.

Dion was caught off-guard and immediately opened his mouth because he could feel the food touch his lips already. But when he took the bite in, he felt the soft fingers of Rizie in his mouth and he unconsciously licked her fingers while taking that bite from her.  Probably he opened his mouth too big or Rizie pushed the shrimp and tomato deeper in his mouth that he got to suck her fingers.

“Oh sorry…” Dion whispered.

Rizie winked at him as if it was nothing before she picked another set of veggies to dip and eat like it was nothing, she even sucked up the sauce in her fingers.

‘This is so frustrating!’ Dion complained inwardly.

“Oh, it looks yummy,” Rizie burst to change the awkward mood while she looked at the next dish in the menu prepared by the Chef that was called seared scallop with brown b.u.t.ter and lemon pan sauce. She wondered what was that tingling sensation she felt a while ago but quickly brushed it off her head.

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