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Days pa.s.sed and the day when Lyndon’s verdict would be read arrived. Yera and Xander got ready to witness everything. The couple was escorted in tight security from the Yang mansion up to the venue.

“Nervous?” Xander asked while they were inside the armored car.

“No… I’m excited actually. It’s our first time to go out and be on a private island.” Yera gushed with a wink.

Xander chuckled and said, “I guess I’m really contagious… I love it when I see you loosening up like that… Winking… Clingy… Sweet-mouthed… I should give you more such ideas  often so you can copy me anytime…”

Yera gave him a make-face next and Xander grinned ear to ear seeing her cuteness.

After a few minutes, Yera curiously mumbled, “I wonder if Jam will be here too. I haven’t asked her doctor about her health this morning…”

Yera was actually aware that Jam was constantly visiting Lyndon and she was grateful that Jam stayed with him. Yera somehow felt empathy for Lyndon because she believed that while they were engaged, Lyndon had genuine feelings for her. He did not want to harm her but still because of his reckless move she got in trouble and in the end every wrongdoings had its consequences. She knew Lyndon was a very good man at heart.

They arrived at the court in time in very tight security. They immediately caught the attention of the media seeing the uniformed military-men escorting the couple.

There were almost all media houses present to cover this high profile case verdict, at the court. 

Rumors had been circling that the successor of Life Hospitals and Yang Globals were already in a relations.h.i.+p, but none of the two had confirmed it yet. No one, not even any of the reporters could get near Xander and Yera how much ever they tried.

It was Xander’s a.s.sistant Ron who was answering all the questions they had for the two outside the courtroom.

“We are implementing tight security for our CEO at this point because we received some intelligence that all the accidents he had been into  were intentional and directed towards him. Someone wants our CEO dead.”

Ron stated the incidents on Xander they considered as intentional to the media.

Many gasped, hearing that. “You mean the collapse of the Dami Bridge too…? It doesn’t make sense at all. Many people died in that incident…” one of the reporters who was in shock insinuated.

“Yes, but we have to wait for the final result of the investigation. Though it was initially reported as an accident. Our group contradicts that and we will legally get to clarify the point very soon. It’s a suspected terrorist attack and the military in connection with our government’s crime unit and investigation are closely working together to get to the bottom of this. But one thing is for sure, whatever happens to our CEO at this point will not be considered as an accident. Someone will have to pay for it…” Ron firmly stated.

Before Ron left the media, he added, “We will get in the media as soon as we have a confirmed report on the situation so we strongly request for your cooperation for not invading the privacy of the couple, our CEO Xander Yang and Dr. Yera Han. That’s all. Thank you.”

The reporters were mumbling, “He said ‘couple’ right? So it is really confirmed that the successors of the two competing hospital chains are currently in a relations.h.i.+p.”

Ron sighed and entered the courtroom. His Boss’ Xander personally wanted to announce his marriage with Yera and he had set a specific date for that to be done in an extravagant way and everything will be telecast live for the entire city to witness along with his wife.

Inside the courtroom, Yera saw Jam on the other side who gave her a half smile and nodded. She could sense that Jam was feeling awkward in greeting her because all along she was bowing her head, trying her best not to meet her eyes.

Jam looked good and had gained more weight. The doctor she a.s.signed was updating her about Jam’s health too and she was grateful that her condition was already good.

“Liam said, the minimum years Lyndon could have at prison is five years…” Xander whispered into Yera’s ear who nodded.

Yera looked at Liam who was the attorney representing their side. The lawyer laughed at her when she asked him to help Lyndon get the most light punishment he could. Liam told her that she was the most generous client towards her perpetrator he had ever had in his entire life of being a lawyer, asking for a lighter sentence for the accused. 

Her gaze s.h.i.+fted to her husband who was now listening as the proceedings started. She was glad Xander was supporting her in every decision she made. He did not question her at all while he heard her request that she made to Liam about Lyndon’s trial.

Yera couldn’t help but ask him, “I thought you want him to pay for everything in a severe way… How come you didn’t disagree when I asked Liam to make sure Lyndon gets the lightest sentence possible?”

Yera felt Xander lovingly squeezed her hand he was holding and muttered, “I realized that I owe Lyndon a lot… So agreeing with you is the least thing I could do to show him mercy.”

“Huh?” Yera did not get him.

Xander had a grin on his face and whispered, “Darling, if not because of Lyndon’s stupidity… We would still be enemies for sure at this point of time. You see if he did not happen to do what he did, then I wouldn’t have had the chance to be with you like this. But of course, I’m not saying I’m happy about the trauma that you experienced because of that but the fact remains that his actions gave way for me to meet you and be with you as your husband in this lifetime. I think that’s called fate, right! Things always happen for a reason…”

Yera gave her husband an agreeing smile. Yes, though she never told Xander this but, if given a chance to change her life, again, Yera would not change anything at all. She was willing to experience the same circ.u.mstances knowing that at the end of the road, those rocky roads throughout her journey would lead her way to Xander Yang.

A sigh of contentment followed Yera’s beautiful smile. No matter what… She was his… And he was hers…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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