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The Doomed And Blessed, 13th Young Miss is a web novel completed by TLCsDestiny.
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I was lured away, by both man, and put in a personal room on the second floor.

The second man leisurely sat down, after they were left alone, and I looked at him…

I could not deny it! He was like candy for the eyes!

A main character to the book, ‘Candy for the eyes.’…Or ‘I’m real, do touch.’ Haha.

“…Looked enough?”

Raising my eyebrows, I let out a sigh, then went to the window.

What’s the point of looking, I’ll probably never see this main character again! Compared to him I’m like a character that doesn’t even have a name…h.e.l.l, I might not even be in the book!

Silence fell inside of the room and I happily sat on the window seal, not caring too much for etiquette.

“Do I not deserve thanks?”

Matthew had been sitting here for a while, waiting. Normally females tend to want his attention, but this la.s.s was the opposite. It was actually a nice change for him, not to worry about the flirtatious ways of woman, and be able to sit in a room with one with none of those troubles. The only thing she had done, was stare, but after that…Sigh…He felt as though he’s been totally dismissed!

After another couple of minutes of silence, Matthew started to get more interested in her calm, laid back stature and used his spiritual essence to try and have an idea on what she was feeling. Strangely, he didn’t see too much that was out of order and retracted his spiritual essence and continued to watch her. After another few minutes, he couldn’t take it anymore, it was like he didn’t exist!

That was why he broke the silence…


I finally turned to the man and bluntly said, “Thank you.”

When I turned back to the window, I heard him let out a small laugh.

Silence filled the room once again, until the drinks arrived.

I put my hand out, not intending to get up.

Both males stared at me, making me impatient!

“It’s called customer service.”

The one holding my drink looked angry, but the other man laughed heartily.

After I got my drink, I looked at it. Distractedly, I gave my thanks, before I smelled the liquid. Then, I tasted a small amount and made a face, to which I heard laughter again.

Looking up, I smiled cheekily, then drank a mouthful, surely making me look like an alcoholic!

Yeah, I miss that too…

It was very different to modern Earth alcohol!

I sighed, as I looked out the window again.


This la.s.s is a strange one!

The man still in the room watched me as he also drank. Having done his business, he was quite willing to continue to stay here for now. Seeing how interesting this little la.s.s was, he wasn’t sure when he would continue with his plans to what he would have done, before he had seen her.

How can she be a second rank cultivator at such an age!?

Still unable to work out her good fortune of being able to be a second rank cultivator, he drank some more.

Actually, he felt very much at ease, even though there was only silence. It was such a strange concept to think that a little girl could actually be someone that could make him feel this way…

For a short time, Matthew thought it was the room instead…

What he didn’t think was, his eyes seemed to like this girl very much. Yet, he knew that she was not at marriageable age…

He couldn’t deny the fact that she had made him laugh. It wasn’t even like she was trying to either, she did it by just being…

Perhaps I should look into this little la.s.s…

For a moment, Matthew was surprised that he hadn’t thought about his problems since coming into the room. And, he couldn’t even remember the last time he had laughed so easily…

Probably when Isabella…

Giving a small snort, he felt a bit of disbelief. War was just outside this room! Yet…Inside…

He continued to stare at the la.s.s, still sitting on the window seal and looking through the window.


An hour went by and I felt great!

Seeing such a different scene then the usual, and being happily drunk, I felt like singing!

I didn’t sing well, but once I started, I kept going and forgot that there was another person in the room…

The songs weren’t of this time and place, and he sat there listening curiously, wondering from where the songs had come from.

I did fumble and not know some words, so I would suddenly go from singing to humming instead. For the man watching, it was quite a spectacle, as he had to contain his laughter. He didn’t want to interrupt her and stop this easy-going flow!

But…He did occasionally furrowed his eyebrows sometimes to my voice! Shaking his head, he wasn’t able to stop one small chuckle escape his lips.

This la.s.s is like a fresh breeze in spring…Who is she?

Watching her, his curiosity continued to grow…


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