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Read The Dragon Prince’s Wife is a Translator 1328 Chapter 15 Xi Xue Love Story

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Read WebNovel The Dragon Prince’s Wife is a Translator 1328 Chapter 15 Xi Xue Love Story

1328 Chapter 15 Xi Xue Love Story

“…uh…sorry my grandpa is like that.” Bíng Huo scratched her cheek and grinned. The girl then crooked her finger while turning around. “Let’s go, follow me!”

Xi Xue blinked for a few times before slowly following the girl. He speeded up so he could walk side by side with the girl.

“This academy is quite large,” Xi Xue mumbled as he went past a few students. They had walked for 10 minutes but they haven’t arrived yet.

‘No wonder I saw someone using a flying sword instead.’

“When will we arrive…” Xi Xue poked Bíng Huo shoulder and pouted.

‘I want to just fly…’

“It’s still a long way to go.” Bíng Huo shrugged. “Do you want to use my owl to fly?”

“I can fly…” Xi Xue grumbled.

“Ugh, I know but I want to show you around the academy. This way you won’t get lost.” Bíng Huo rolled her eyes on Xi Xue looking cute and grumpy.

‘Why is this man suddenly sulking…’

Xi Xue paused and sighed. “Can’t I join the same department as you?” The man cast his eyes low. “I don’t know anyone here.”

Seeing this, Bíng Huo didn’t know why but she suddenly tip-toed and patted Xi Xue’s head. “There there. You will get friends soon. You are handsome and strong, you will be popular!”

Xi Xue was stunned. Warmth entered his body and the man smirked. “But I only want to be your friend.” He pouted and put his hands on the waist. “Others are usually fake.”

Bíng Huo could only laugh at the man and sighed. “Okay then, you can come to get me in the morning or after cla.s.s ends, how is it?”

“…not enough.” Xi Xue flung his sleeve, throwing tantrum.

“But you aren’t an alchemist ah, you can’t just enter that department…”

“Is there any beast taming lesson in your department?” Xi Xue suddenly asked as he kept walking.

“Hmmm no?”

Hearing this, Xi Xue lowered his head. His face looked gloomy and a dark aura enveloped his head, making the guy looked even more miserable than before.

Bíng Huo suddenly felt her heart ached for the guy. She went silent for a few seconds before whispering,

“Actually, there is a pair system here.” The girl reluctantly revealed a secret.

“Pair?” Xi Xue’s eyes brightened.

“Yes, and the pair should be from the same s.e.x but different department.” Bíng Huo nodded. “This way the students will be safer and can complete each other.”

“Hmmm so does pair get to be together all the time?”

“Well, no, but they got the same room dorm. There’s a special one made for ‘pair’ and it’s not fixed for a certain department.” Bíng Huo scratched her cheek.

‘What the h.e.l.l I am talking about? I can’t possibly be his roommate right??’

“Then how do we become pair?” Xi Xue tilted his head. “If we can be a roommate and go to the cla.s.s together, play on the break together…I want to…”

‘I can’t get separated from this girl in case I lost control.’ Xi Xue told himself.

“We just need to ask the headmaster-”

“Then you ask your grandpa, ah.” Xi Xue grunted. “I’m sure, I can protect you and you can heal me using your alchemist skill.”

The man winked. “We will be a perfect pair. How is it?”

“But the room-”

‘Ah. Forgot she’s a girl.’ Xi Xue went silent but the urge to keep the girl by his side kept popping.

“What’s wrong with that? We are both men…” Xi Xue blinked innocently. “Or are you…” He scanned Bíng Huo from head to toe.

Panicked, Bíng Huo hurriedly refuted. “I’m used to sleep alone!”

“If you don’t want to be my roommate then why you bring up that pair system.” Xi Xue looked away and puffed his cheek. The man stomped, really throwing tantrum like a little kid.

He was 180° different from before.

Seeing Xi Xue sulking, Bíng Huo bit her lips and recalled the room for pair. The room was quite large and they would get their own bed.

There were also a separate bathroom and everything was separated.

They were given private s.p.a.ce even though they were in the same room.

‘…this shouldn’t be too bad? But still…’ Bíng Huo glanced at Xi Xue who was kicking the Peebles.

‘This is my first time sleeping in the same room as a man! What if…’ Bíng Huo gulped.

‘What if Xi Xue discovers my true gender??’

“Hey, hey, just tell me if you don’t like me.” Xi Xue suddenly pinched Bíng Huo’s arm. “You must get a lot of friends. And I’m annoying I know.” The little vampire tugged on Bíng Huo’s sleeve.

He looked really pitiful like an abandoned little vampire, tugging Bíng Huo’s heartstring.

“Okay, okay, let’s be pair! I’ll get you to the pair dorm then.” Bíng Huo took a deep breath and dragged the man to the pair dorm.

She then wrote a letter to her grandpa and sent it through her owl.

“I’ll get my things from my previous dorm first, you stay here and after this, I’ll get you to the beast tamer department.” Bíng Huo left Xi Xue in a large room for two.

“Don’t make a mess.”

The girl slammed the door and disappeared, leaving only Xi Xue in the room. Once she was gone, Xi Xue flopped to the bed.

“This…is bad,” The young man grumbled.

‘I have to quickly see that ice eagle else I might like a human instead!’

“That…can’t happen. It won’t happen.” Xi Xue swore to himself.


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