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Read The Dragon Prince’s Wife is a Translator 1351 Chapter 38 Xi Xue love story

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Read WebNovel The Dragon Prince’s Wife is a Translator 1351 Chapter 38 Xi Xue love story

1351 Chapter 38 Xi Xue love story

Xi Xue slowly brushed Bíng Huo’s nape.

The soft skin rubbing against his skin just lit something in his heart. The man’s eyes turned red, and his fang popped out.

“Hey, Bíng Huo.” Xi Xue poked Bíng Huo’s neck, trying to wake her up.

‘If I get her consent, it will be fine, right?’

“Mmm…” Bíng Huo nodded and slowly opened her eyes. “What is it…are you done?” The girl looked at her reflection on the mirror but saw her hair was still like before.

The girl rubbed her eyes and grumbled. “Why you haven’t do anything– ”

“Can I bite your neck first?” Xi Xue suddenly asked straight to the point. The guy gently caressed Bíng Huo’s neck with his finger, sending an electric shock to the girl.

“Mm! What are you doing, ah??” Bíng Huo jerked? She was about to turn her head around, but Xi Xue held her shoulders.

“Don’t move.” The guy tightened the grip on the girl’s shoulder as his face inched closer to Bíng Huo’s left ear. “You can see me from the mirror…right?”

The guy’s question baffled the girl. Bíng Huo blinked in confusion when she slowly realized Xi Xue’s eyes were red. A small pair of fangs popped out of his mouth.

! Why is he in that mode again?

“You– your eyes.” Bíng Huo shuddered. The girl’s heart pounded faster, but it’s not because of fear. Sweats trickled down the girl’s face, and she suddenly felt her stomach tightened.

‘Ugh. No, no, don’t fall for this guy.’

Bíng Huo shook her head when Xi Xue suddenly bit her left ear. He just used the least energy he had, as to not hurt the girl.


Bíng Huo instantly flinched. “What are you– ” Her face turned red. The girl wanted to move but found her body refused to budge.

It seemed that Xi Xue put a particular spell on her.

“Can I…bite you?” Xi Xue whispered straight to Bíng Huo’s ears. His breath hit her ear, and his deep, magnetic voice sounded like a dangerous trap.

His voice was so different from the usual. This one sounded low and menacing, just like a devil from h.e.l.l.

Bíng Huo felt her body temperature suddenly flared up. Her heart won’t stop beating fast, and there’s a tingling sensation in her body.

“Xi…Xue.” Bíng Huo closed her eyes. Her breath turned rough, and her face looked feverish.

‘What’s with me. Why I feel so hot and uncomfortable…’

Xi Xue’s eyes flickered. The guy paused for a moment.

‘Did she….just react to my pheromone?’

Xi Xue slowly circled his arm around Bíng Huo’s neck. “Bíng Huo. You…”

‘If she reacts to my pheromone then…aren’t we a perfect match?’

Xi Xue just released his pheromone without the girl knowing, and the way he did it was through voice. Since he’s a bat, he’s more sensitive to sound than sight.

He also had a sensitive nose, thanks to being a vampire, but the sound is more sensual for him.

Whenever a vampire in this world wants to mate, they usually find prey that would react to their voice. These prey would then get into a heat period.

From then on, it would be so easy for the two to mate and create babies. Sadly, since vampires are usually violent, the ‘prey’ would die in the process of mating.

Thus, it was so hard for a male vampire to get a descendant. If they didn’t do it with another vampire, the chance of getting a descendant would be so low.

At this moment, Bíng Huo was precisely the ‘prey’. She reacted to Xi Xue’s distinctive voice.

“What…did you do.” Bíng Huo grabbed Xi Xue’s arm and turned around. Her eyes turned red, and she was panting heavily.

“Xi…Xue.” Bíng Huo closed her eyes and bit her lips. Her body temperature kept rising, and she felt like a fire was burning her inside.

“I’m sorry, I…” Xi Xue gritted his teeth. “I just released my pheromone, and you…react to that….” Xi Xue pulled Bíng Huo up and immediately embraced her.

‘I shouldn’t have tried to do that. I thought she wouldn’t react to it as not all people will. But to think she actually fell for that…’

“…I don’t understand…” Bíng Huo clung to Xi Xue’s neck and suddenly rubbed her cheek to his chest. “You..feel so cold. Comfortable.”

The girl didn’t want to let go of Xi Xue and just hugged him tightly. At this moment, Xi Xue felt like a huge ice block for the girl.

Xi Xue’s body stiffened. The guy tightened his fist and inhaled sharply.

“I have to take responsibility.” Xi Xue snaked his hand around the girl’s waist and suddenly lifted her.

“Wah!” Bíng Huo shrieked. The girl hurriedly clung to Xi Xue while tightening her grip around his neck. Xi Xue almost died from suffocation, if not for his st.u.r.dy body.

“I really shouldn’t test you.” Xi Xue suddenly regretted his action.

‘I just want to tease her and ask if I can bite her. If she allows me, I’ll only bite her neck and suck her blood. But…to think she will have this kind of reaction.’

“” Bíng Huo blinked softly. Her eyesight blurred, and all she could see was Xi Xue’s face.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Xi Xue slowly brought the girl and put her on his bed.

‘Once prey gets into heat, they have to reach climax else they will suffer from inside. They will feel like being burned in a fire for days and night!’

“Bíng Huo. Do you trust me?” Xi Xue slowly climbed the bed, creating a creaking sound.


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