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Read The Dragon Prince’s Wife is a Translator 465 Chapter 465 “Jar of Vinegar”

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465 Chapter 465 “Jar of Vinegar“


Hearing Long Ao Zhen answer, Li s.h.i.+ Ying heart felt like being p.r.i.c.kled with needle. She knew Long Ao Zhen was honest as indeed the food is delicious.

But…the fact that the one making it wasn’t here but Meng Yue Ming…made her heart bleed. In novel she read, usually male lead would start considering about a women especially the female lead when she cook.

She had read something like that before when the female lead was a good cook. She made the male lead thought of her as a good wife candidate!

When she read it at first she thought how cute it was for the two of them but now when she saw how it happen in front of her eyes…she couldn’t feel happy at all.

Not to mention Long Ao Zhen in the novel was described as a foodie. The food that Meng Yue Ming cook was delicious wouldn’t that make Long Ao Zhen have a little bit of his interest piqued?

Poor Li s.h.i.+ Ying didn’t know that Long Ao Zhen only thought the food was delicious. Nothing more. He even actually thought about a future where his bunny would cook something for him even if it ended bad, he would still be super happy to eat it.

Li s.h.i.+ Ying glance at Long Ao Zhen again who was eating calmly and elegantly. She couldn’t help but had this doubt in her heart. Should she still try to chase after him?

Li s.h.i.+ Ying was immersed in her thought as she silently resume her eating while trying to shut her heart for this matter when suddenly Wei Zhuang who sat next to her, raised his hand.

“You have sauce here” Wei Zhuang casually wiped the edge of Li s.h.i.+ Ying lips with his thumb before he licked the sauce he got on his finger instantly shocked everyone around him.

!! W-whaaat?? ?

Li s.h.i.+ Ying couldn’t help but blush a little when Wei Zhuang wiped the barbeque sauce on her lips. She didn’t realize she had sauce at all on her lips!

Wait that’s not the problem. Wei Zhuang did something like this in front of the others! H-how embarra.s.sing!!

The people around Wei Zhuang all had dumbfounded look including a certain dragon. They were just eating their lunch but why the heck they had to witness this lovey dovey scene in front of them?

They didn’t even know Wei Zhuang had this kind of feeling toward Li s.h.i.+ Ying!

Chu Songshu who sat beside Li s.h.i.+ Ying also couldn’t help but blush a little seeing this kind of intimate scene in front of her. It looks like what a couple did no?

Since when Wei Zhuang and Li s.h.i.+ Ying??

Everyone other than Chu Songshu also thought the same. They were wondering what happened between these two. Could it be that they are dating??

Of course even though they were curious, no one dare to ask anything because right after that scene happen, they could felt cold aura coming from a certain highness over there.

Even though they didn’t know why that certain highness suddenly emit cold aura, it still made them freeze and unable to talk at all. They were s.h.i.+vering from fear okay??

“What are you doing?” With a cold and deep voice, Long Ao Zhen threw his gaze over Wei Zhuang instantly sent s.h.i.+ver down his spine.

“What? I just help wiping the sauce” Gulping nervously, Wei Zhuang try his best to stay calm even though his leg was shaking and his arm went numb.

He just felt incredibly heavy pressure coming from Long Ao Zhen directed to him! That cold gaze in his eyes actually contain a hint of bloodthirsty.

This man thought of killing him no?!

“Don’t act indecent in front of me” Long Ao Zhen turned his head around refusing to see both his bunny and that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Wei Zhuang anymore.

He was afraid he would kill this guy on spot if he look at him for even a minute longer!

When Long Ao Zhen saw how Wei Zhuang dare to touch his bunny right in front of him, he actually was about to explode and chop Wei Zhuang to pieces.

If not for his rather good mental strength, he might already kill that b.a.s.t.a.r.d right in front of everyone! How dare he touch his bunny?!

Long Ao Zhen felt immense hate for Wei Zhuang as a flame of jealousy was being lit inside his heart and probably nothing could extinguish it.

The atmosphere around the two group instantly turned awkward after Long Ao Zhen ‘scold’ Wei Zhuang for being indecent in public.

Well they too wouldn’t like to see such indecent behaviour so they didn’t think much about this but the girls all thought differently from the guy.

Especially Meng Yue Ming. When she saw how Long Ao Zhen aura change just because of Wei Zhuang act, how could she didn’t know what that mean?

Wasn’t Long Ao Zhen jealous? It’s obvious! That look he had in his eyes when he look at Wei Zhuang really explain it all. He seemed like he was about to explode and kill Wei Zhuang!

What else it could be other than jealousy? Long Ao Zhen acted strange just after Wei Zhuang wipe Li s.h.i.+ Ying lips.

Isn’t this mean…he have feeling for Li s.h.i.+ Ying??


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